Two Female Motorcyclists Attempt to Go for a Ride

Two Female Motorcyclists Attempt to Go for a Ride

I believe this video is from Indonesia. It depicts two kitchen deserters attempting to act out of their design.

I’m not being sexist. I’m sure a man filmed making sandwiches would look just as ridiculous 😛

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Two Female Motorcyclists Attempt to Go for a Ride”

      1. Don’t tell that to American insurance companies like AllState. They’re convincing everyone women are the better drivers, and they’re proving that by giving women drivers petty “driving bonus” checks. You know, like participation ribbons at school.

      1. @jack-doe Just because you’ve got a piano tied to your ass, instead of a working organ beetween your legs, does NOT mean your hands don’t work. So drag that piano out to the ktchen & make your own fucking sandwich. And hey…bring me a glass of wine when you’re done. Just kidding Jack. I know you’re too far away to bring me wine. lol (and I was only joking about the rest of it too, at least to my knowledge, but you know…turnabout’s fair play. Making her a sammie now & again instead scores you brownie points. Save them up. They might come in handy some day).

          1. Nah. My honey’s got a few saved up too – but he’s such a good guy he rarely ever does anything “bad” enough to need to cash them in. And for that I’m thankful (& I even tell him so at least once a day). And he makes great sandwiches too! And looks darling in an apron when doing the dishes (he lost a bet) lol – though he did say “Woman – WHY did I EVER agree to this?” then carried on his way.

      1. Look – Andrew Mongrel Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) were ALREADY OUTED by the FBI. Joshua Goldberg was a professional Jew propagandist, working with Rita Katz’s literal Mossad front SITE Intelligence, who had numerous fake personas, and was arrested by the FBI for inciting fake “ISIS” terrorism.

        There is no more question about what the goal of the (((Daily Stormer))) is. It’s all out in the open now. It’s always been a (((Hollywood Nazi))) fake, either directly run by the SPLC/ADL, or at the least cooperating with them.
        Their whole outfit stinks of gefilte fish for a reason.

  1. Not being sexist @happy? Kitchen deserters? Men filmed making sandwiches would look just as ridiculous? Surely you jest? The kitchen deserters are actually 2 of the med students that were viewing the autopsy in an earlier post. Some of the finest chefs/cooks/sandwich makers it’s my privelege to know are men. And I learned to ride on a Honda 750. On GRAVEL, which is a hell of an incentive to learn to ride well. Quickly. So I did. Not a feminazi. Love men. Think everybody ought to own one. They’re (supposedly) good for two things, and the OTHER thing is cooking bacon. And most of them can’t do that worth shit either.
    And now that I’ve yanked YOUR chain… only parts of the above are true. Laugh. It’s good for the soul!

      1. Well @gnat – prior to a bad wreck I used to run a fairly large, successful business. I know what kitchens are. I used to make toast & coffee there every morning. And the occasional brunch on weekends. As for the rest – thats why one hires cooks. When you work 12-18 hours/day…someone ELSE makes sammies for YOU!

    1. @bluesy yep the finest chefs I’ve cooked under are guys and I make 75 or a 100 bad ass sandwiches every few hours and people pay top dollar for the privilege lol still it made me and the wife laugh for a bit,kichen deserters, instant classic

      1. @queeg0909 You’ve got that right….instant classic indeed. And absolutely nothing wrong with men making sammies, or anything else. One of the toughest men I know can sew up a storm, & now uses the skill to do custom upholstery work in the antique vehicles he restores as a hobby. He used to make matching dresses for his wife and daughter, with coordinating shirts for he & the son. I wholeheartedly embrace the idea that the ines are blurred & it should be the most qualified and/or educated person – regardless of their gender. We all have potentially untapped talents & could bring a lot more to the table if there still wasn’t so much “but that’s a man’s/woman’s job!” sentiment. Fortunately, the tides have been changing.

    2. Bluesy, You sound like a real annoying cunt. Let’s just be realistic now, women are good for 1 thing (besides making sandwiches): shooting out babies. That is their only worth in modern society. Take a look at a history book, you’ll get what I’m saying…And please shut the fuck up about a lame ass Honda 750, like you’re some hardcore biker bitch or something.

      1. Take a look @ a history book? Who has started all the wars? The majority of the riots? Caused the fall of empires since these things started being recorded? Caused the collapse of banks & the economic recessions for the last 100 years (at least)? It was men, hon. Just sayin’. And I do not profess to be a hard core biker bitch, I’m really too soft & cuddly. And the lame ass Honda 750 was the friend’s bike my lame ass LEARNED to ride on, not the bike I ended up owning @cannedkittens

        1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, – Feminist trash I have hear before. It is easy for women to sit back and criticize men for everything bad that has happened in the world, because women have done nothing. If this world had been run by women it would be gone by now.

          1. But @cannedkittens – it’s been on a one way slide to hell for some time. I am not criticizing men for everything that has gone wrong in the world – just most of it (I’m joking here).
            I honestly think we WOULD have less wars, and for the most part, atrocities like genocide, if there were more female leaders. It’s in our genetic makeup to be more
            compassionate and nurturing, and we generalize that to
            include others. If I was a mother I wouldn’t want my
            child, be they son or daughter, to go off to fight a
            pointless war, all beccause the war machine boosts the
            revenues of the country producing the goods to feed it,
            and as a woman I can more easily empathize with the
            parents of the children MY children would be fighting
            against. Woman can sit & discuss weighty matter
            s over coffee/tea, and reach an accord easier than 2 men
            in the same position. Why? Lack of testosterone. Women
            don’t turn it into a “mine’s bigger/more powerful/more
            expensive/faster than than yours” pissing contest,
            instead they try and find a common ground to build on,
            and take it from there. Which is not to say that a female leader
            should be a pushhover, but hopefully, rather one with an iron fist in a velvet glove, only wielding the iron rod in the spine when all other methods have failed. And yes, there are certainly cases of horrendous atrocities committed by female dictators, but they are far from the norm.

            And if women have done nothing, it’s for the most part because they’ve been repressed and held back – until they get tired of hearing it and rebel. I can’t recall exactly what year it was, but the women of Iceland went on strike (about 90% of them if I’m not mistaken) to prove that they were undervalued. The country came to a screeching halt. Buses, planes, trains, trucks all stopped running. Restaurants, stores, services of all types – closed. And shortly after they elected their (&Europe’s) first female president, and the 1st democratically elected female in the world. She held the position for 16 yr, then decided to step down. She remains the longest serving, elected female head of state in the world.
            Some of the innovations: All companies must have a minimum of 40% females on their boards of directors, and a minimum of 40% female employees. It has been proven that having such a high ratio of female-male employees improves workplace morale, productivity, and behavior in general. They don’t give out pussy passes – all employees are held to the same standard, and complaints are thoroughly investigated by an team of gender equal individuals.
            The country also had financial issues several years ago and all their banks collapsed, except 1. That one was, you guessed it, run by women; all the others by men. And there are many similar instances of countries/female leaders – it’s just that the Vigdis Finnbogadofir story
            popped to mind as there was a segment on her the other night in a documentary I watched at a friend’s house.
            Not all women leaders are like Merkel.

  2. Nice to have Mark with his traditionally hilarious commentary back. It’s what made Best Gore what it is. There is no substitute. And great to see great woman members who can take a joke instead of playing triggered feminists.

    1. I actually miss the jokes too. I am a 41 yr old lesbian but am far from a feminazi. I read the description and had a good laugh. Then I yelled to my bitch to go make me a sammich and bring me a beer! You men do not have the market cornered!

  3. i m an ant… i see an fucking ant just coming in front of me… we are both in an triple highway with nothing around….


    well, that what come in my mind after watching this fucking video… the girl dont know how to drive a fucking moped or they are some hidden maget on all moped on this country lol

  4. I know the scooteratte of that make are form YAMAHA and they don’t come cheap .
    Looks like the bitches were out and about for their maiden ever trip ………..deserting places to where they actually should have belonged and been in bed fucking someone with their dicks ball deep right up their butt and twat
    Imagine if all the slits do get licensed to ride that way then every man need to hide and not be there on the road or streets .

    Head ons have a way to climaxing a story ………..

  5. Huh? The girls were right to move into their lane on the left, after taking off from the other direction. This is Indonesia and they drive on the left. It was the other guy’s fault, who was riding into the left lane..

      1. you really going start this shit up again? You want to bring on personal attacks I hope we both get banned if you do.
        I’m wrong for not respecting your views, your wrong for calling people sheeple who don’t follow your doctrine
        Just chill the fuck out, keep out of my posts on here and I’ll keep out of yours

        1. I’m with @BoRo99 on this that was fucked up and completely uncalled for! We don’t hate at BG we laugh have a few jokes but you keep that racist shit to yourself! And come on now us white guys are the minority now so grow the fuck up!

  6. Excellent, now for the next lesson we’re going to learn to steer. You know those things you’re using as hand rests? Yes those in front of you, well done, now they steer the thing, left or right or just to avoid other vehicles. Then after that when you get out of hospital i’ll show you how to use the brakes, won’t that be fun girls?

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