Two Girls Fatally Struck by Vehicle While Cycling on Road in Brazil

Two Girls Fatally Struck by Vehicle While Cycling on Road in Brazil

Video from undisclosed location in Brazil depicts the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. Two young women riding a bicycle down a road appear to have been struck by a passing vehicle, possibly a truck. Both appear to have sustained severe head trauma.

The girl shown in the video first has a major hole in her forehead, and is surely dead. The other is planted on the road face down, but pool of blood oozed out of her head also suggest fatal head trauma. But then, even if she was somehow still alive, the guy who picked her up only to slam her head on the pavement surely finished her up.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. Make sure to cripple her for life just in case she survives, pick a head/neck trauma victim up and drop them to the ground, fucking idiot.

      Sad how vulnerable we are, look at the twisted knee / shoulders, and the head home for the first girl + shoulder. Very sad.

          1. Okaaay. My very bad. I didn’t read through all the comments this time before replying & was therefore unaware that the girls were only 10 & 12 years old. I hereby rescind the ass chewings I dished out to folk dissing those making comments of a sexual nature about the girls. Apologies to all concerned. Comments both above & below, prior to 9:05 pm, Sept. 23/16

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  1. This happened on the BR-135 highway next to the city of Capinzal do Norte, state of Maranhão, north of Brazil.

    A Toyota Hilux went on the opposite direction, hit the children, whom were cycling, and dragged them. The first girl with a hole in her forehead was approximately 12 years old and the another one was approximately 10 years old. Both died instantly.

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    Never for the life of ,me its gonna get known as to why oh why Brazil is the place where lives come this cheap .
    I can look through the way these girls to have died
    the bicycle they chose to ride on the highway was a biggest mistake Jesus …………..why them and why not the killer biker duo who need to meet this fate is all I ask .

    1. I’d be very surprised to learn there are not unparalleled injustices right here in the States as well. The fundamental differences between us and Brazil (and many other shithole countries) is the utterly candid disrespect for humanity. I’m guessing that when shit like this happens before a crowd in the States and someone busts out a phone to start recording, they’d get the shit kicked out of them by civilians and law enforcement alike. Just my humble hypotheses.

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