Two Guys Chopped Up After Crashing Motorcycle Head-On with Car

Two Guys Chopped Up After Crashing Motorcycle Head-On with Car

On the BR-101 highway in SΓ£o Miguel dos Campos, Alagoas, Brazil, a pair of guys on a motorcycle collided violently head on with an oncoming car. The accident left both of them chopped up. Driver of the car disappeared.

It would appear that it was the plastic from the motorcycle that chopped up both victims. One was sliced in half with both legs amputated, the other only lost one leg, but due to countless other internal injuries, died on the spot as well.

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    2. Could these guys be the ?two guys on a motorcycle? that have been seen shooting certain people to death all throughout a bunch of these articles features on BG. Deatils of the death, a lot of them say witnesses says they saw two people on a motorcycle come up and shoot the victim or chase and shoot the victim etc etc?.. Lol, is this them?? Haha

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      2. Do ya’ll remember all those people that had to jump out of the building because the fire and smoke would certainly have killed them. Lets hope we never have to go through that shit! Imagine… “So do I stay and get smoked/ burn to a crisp or do I take a chance by jumping 90 floors to the ground.” They chose to jump. Wow! all those people must have been scared shitless. They must have known the fall would kill them but chose to do it anyways. No pain death I’d guess. It is pretty much common knowledge that being burned alive is far beyond painful.

        1. I agree it’s a tough decision. There was a video year or two ago on here that a car caught on fire and two brave dudes came to the rescue pulled one burning guy out through the windshield but couldn’t get the other guy. He was screaming. I still shudder

          1. @Re-pete, oh yes, there must be some seriously deranged people that come to this site. I can remember a couple of years back this guy used to write “fap, fap, fap” at all the child murders/accidents etc. He kept that up for ages, he meant it, every now and then someone would pull him up for it, he would also write some normal comments too, but you’re right, there are all sorts on here. So be it, freedom of speech and all that, you cannot tell people what to say or tell others not to talk to certain members, imagine whinging constantly about other peoples comments…..

  2. Oh my lord what a mess! I see by the typical footwear laying next to him, if his last thoughts were “I should have flipped instead of flopped”. By the way I’ve been an observer of this site for almost two yrs now but this is the first time I’ve signed up tonight and got an account. Looking forward to joining you guys in adding my two cents now. Lol.

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      1. @dutchy thanks for the welcome. Lol. And no I’m definitely not a Muslim for sure. Spent time in service in the Middle East and have seen a lot of gore up close and personal. And yes my opinions are delusional and a little demented too. I suspect that I am in the right place and finally have come home. Haha.

    1. Those guys could have driven a little faster and done the job right. But yeah, that’s about as tough meat a plastic knife would cut through. Heaven knows they work so well at a bar-b-que on paper plate.

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  3. Guy in the green shorts is such a pansy. His buddy got it way worse but he tries to play it off like he got hurt as bad. He just needs a tourniquet for that missing leg, a little aspirin for the internal boo-boos and a few staples to fix those shorts. No one likes a buttcrack flasher.

          1. @Trainwreck hey baby girl!!! Sorry I’ve had alot going on lately I don’t mean to disappear for a few days at a time but sometimes its hard, hell the other night I was so frustrated I went outside in the pouring rain and shot a full mag. into the ground at 2 in the morning just to relieve a bit of stress πŸ˜‰ works every time.

          1. Damn your good @amnyc ! How bout…. BR ~ Brazilian Reality, as much as I don’t believe that it is their fate to die from incredibly horrific and violent accidents in that country.

          2. Same here @Dutchy, as far as I’m concerned fate and luck are the residue of design. If you hop on a 2 wheeler with your drunken mate and go flip floppin it on a poorly lit major highway you’re pretty much gonna end up residue on the road. Hey, there’s another one, Brazilian Residue!

      1. LOL I wouldn’t mind being called those, seriously. I mean, hell. It’s the truth!

        And I absolutely adore the idea that you got my reference. I love that movie sooo much.

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          1. Oh no. I did not descend from any westerner at all. My parents are purely Filipino and I have never stepped foot outside the country before. Actually, you can yell ‘chink’ or ‘gook’ aaaaanywhere in Asia and no one will bat an (chinky) eye. Mainly because English is not a widely spoken language and people wouldn’t understand what those are lol. Nobody really gives a shit at Asian slurs. However, we do hate other Asians and would insult them by stereotypes and not by derogatory words. The Asian culture can be a very ethnocentric one and have the tendency to feel superior so it’s a nationality against one sometimes. I don’t embrace it that much because I think it’s unreasonable but I am speaking for the general/average Asian.

          2. @stacee ~ I was on tumblr using some porn and I came across this site where the Asian woman really got off on white men calling them all kinds of racially derogatory names and also high lighted how Asian men have small cocks and that Asian women love white men because many have x large cock and the Asian women finally get a satisfying fuck and can finally cum during sex. The moderator of the site called it ‘race play’ and insisted it’s not racist when only said in the bedroom as a sex ‘toy’ for two consenting adults. Have you ever heard of race play and does that kind of thing really appeal to Asian women?


          3. @Dutchy I’m inclined to think that that is some sort of fetish porn. Seems like a little bit of masochism in there and I have never heard that before. It’s very new to me.

            And hm, I don’t know. A lot of Asian men do not please their women not because of their penis size but because of selfishness. They don’t really care about how satisfied women are in their sex lives as long as their satisfaction are met.

          4. @firstinline Dutchy, my, that was certainly some interesting reading. Most of the Asian women I am acquainted with would rather be known for their brains, not so much their bodies, but these girls are pretty hot. I got interested in some Korean television soap operas, “My dear cat” and “My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox”, these were really good.

          5. I’ve seen Asian women in all sorts of sexual predicaments and they all look at sound like it’s painful and they don’t like it. Like oooh no no no…cry cry cry…high pitches then no shaking their head…..really off the cuff stuff

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  4. It seems to me our current road system is flawed, we drive past each other at tremendous speeds with only a couple of feet or a metre between each other. It was alright when we used to pass each other in a horse and cart…. but now we have very powerful vehicles that can, and do hit each other head-on with catastrophic consequences. I bet even the horse and carts collided occasionally?

    1. Only happens now in Amish communities. “There was a 3 buggy pileup at the only intersection in town when Jedidiah’s horse threw a shoe. You won’t see more on the 11pm news because you do not have TV’s.. and now back to Ezekiel with the crop forecast”.

    2. @tas-tiger Yeah, flawed for sure, but we are accustomed to convenience. I think about that when driving on a country road at freeway speeds. Somebody distracted by a text, then swinging slightly into oncoming traffic. Or somebody whacked out and wanting to end it all.

  5. I cannot believe how the bike is in pretty good shape compared to the riders. It continues to boggle my mind how these road accidents result in such utter destruction of human bodies. This one was especially gruesome but at least these guys must have died quickly.

  6. Billy Da Silva always wanted to be taller. He grew (stretched) about a foot after the accident.
    Johnny Dos Santos has a tear on his ass. This can only imply that he was driving and Billy was sitting behind him shoving his thing up his butt. This is just a working theory here. I’m not saying that this is what happened, but why else would this two guys on a motorcycle have crashed liked that. Remember, one of the motorcycle rider wears a faggity colored helmet, maybe the guy in the green is the one that wears the faggify colored helmet.

  7. Could these guys be the “two guys on a motorcycle” that have been seen shooting certain people to death all throughout a bunch of these articles features on BG. Deatils of the death, a lot of them say witnesses says they saw two people on a motorcycle come up and shoot the victim or chase and shoot the victim etc etc….. Lol, is this them?? Haha

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