Two Guys Livestream Motorcycle Ride on Tiktok Fatally Crash Later

Two Guys Livestream Motorcycle Ride on Ticktock Fatally Crash Later

Two Guys Livestream Motorcycle Ride on Tiktok Fatally Crash Later

I only have limited backinfo, and it says that the two guys were livestreaming a motorcycle ride on Tiktok, but later, during the same ride, crashed and died. I don’t know where the video is from, but they look South Asian to me, perhaps from India or thereabout?

We recently had a video related to Tiktok, and it also features someone from that part of the world. Does anyone sane use that shit, or is it just Indians and Pakistanis? Is looking faggy as fuck a requirement to join Tiktok?

Props to Best Gore member @ginhev for the video:

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90 thoughts on “Two Guys Livestream Motorcycle Ride on Tiktok Fatally Crash Later”

    1. Did that look like a banana peel at the front of the bike? Wtf? And it almost looks as if the boy-toy bunch were stacked on that bike. How in the hell can a bike crash or slip on a banana peel and the two occupants end up like stacked cord wood?

          1. Hey fred @fred1212……….They rode about as a pair and were kinda two fucking mates trying to mate like dragonflies ; just so they could be connected tail to head endlessly ……when the goddamn crash occurred.. guess what they were actually human flies as got figured out en masse.

        1. NEMS ……….Atleast that’s the way they had made a pinkie pact dieing ; making that typical pose . All in all , not a bad way to get solidly screwed , double decking on the highway .
          Most probably all that flea market chattering reminds me that it could be some place not any where else but within asia .
          I didn’t know looking heavenwards for two guys could be that tough …baffling isn’t it ?

          1. Hey fred it’s hard to keep away .remember I had echoed out that I would be back ……
            blucon would always be where the action is .
            Thanks ! well, I kinda had missed ya guys terribly .

      1. Banana peel Ha ha I was thinking the same thing. Fuckin around trying to have gay butt sex while filming selfies and then that pesky banana peel WHAM it would be awesome if that ambulance ran over everyone on the highway and kept going

    2. Looks like these bisexual wife-beating indian faggots like to ride in pairs….do everything together with men, and die in pairs.

      It’s their hindu culture based on thousand years of caste systems that got the world’s respects.

  1. “Does anyone sane use that shit, or is it just Indians and Pakistanis? Is looking faggy as fuck a requirement to join Tiktok?”

    Yes, there are people from all over the world on TikTok. People record themselves lip-syncing songs mostly or dancing. It has short videos like 30 seconds or so.

    Someone is said to have accidentally recorded a ghost on it as well and you can find a video about the whole thing on YouTube. It was interesting but probably just some trick to get more views.

      1. I don’t know what ‘fap’ is
        I mean, I KNOW
        But .. I don’t wanna know
        Still think it sounds like some kind of ice-cream from the 7os like
        the: Hazelnut Roll, or Chikito or some shit
        (Don’t mention the liquorice chew-chew bar, or I’ll vomit)

  2. TikTok and motorcycling done simultaneously is akin to mixing handguns and tequila.

    No helmets and carelessness cost them yugely.

    The truck up ahead is likely what they hit; both faceplanted into the truck’s back gate.

    They probably didn’t know what hit them; or, more accurately, what they hit.

    It’s an unfortunate waste. And so, so preventable..

  3. If they did hit the truck, it may have been stopped in traffic. The driver may have felt a mild jolt and heard the thud.

    Upon exiting his vehicle, he likely walked aft to see the pair in decerebration. They likely died soon thereafter.

    They hit something hard and fast. Knocked backwards, they fell and were “stacked” as seen.

    Little damage appears to have been done to the bike. Perhaps the front wheel of the motorcycle hit the right rear tire – and they hit the tailgate..

  4. The death pose/ diorama is spectacular in its otherworldly balance. The only reason they don’t slide off one another is because the guy in the checked shirt is embedded up to his sweaty, curry-flavoured bollocks in the anus of the guy who was driving the bike (he had a easy-access, slip-your-cock-in-panel stitched into his biker trousers). The checked-shirt guy’s manly trouser mauser is the beef-rebar securing the pair of them in their death pose.
    This is beautiful. Really beautiful. But in a gay biker kind of way.

      1. @asylumfreaker I think suggesting that there was “anything wrong with gay bikers” is perhaps the wrong question. Maybe more wise to ask “Is it advisable to be bumming the bike driver while travelling on the said motor bike at high speed and filming yourself?” … that is perhaps the more pertinent question.
        As for asking “is there being anything wrong with being a gay biker?”.. Well there was one of them in the Village People who were one of Amerika’s top rock acts in the 1970s. Does “YMCA” mean nothing to you? Or “Go West”? Or “In The Navy”? Is there anything wrong with being a construction worker who is “light on his loafers”? Is there anything “wrong” with being a left-handed Orang-Utan? Or a person who is “good with colours”? Or a lady who is “excellent at golf”? Or a man who is “good with flowers”?
        You could be here all day. Seriously.

          1. @asylumfreaker “Not that’s there anything wrong with gay bikers, is there?” “So thats a no”
            Well. What a generous soul you are to those chaps “who bake a light sponge” and have an “fully occupied salad drawer” in the bottom of their fridge. Next to their plentiful supply of “Greek Yoghurt”. They are often “good listeners and very caring” too.

            “Light on his loafers” is a phrase used to describe “a happy shopper”, you know… the kind of guy “who likes his kettle and toaster to match”, a guy who is “good with colours”. The sort of fellow who is “a fan of soft furnishings” and likes his “cushions and curtains to chime gently in the morning light” or something like that.
            I feel glad that you are able to express your support for gay bikers. That is what is so great about Best Gore. Everyone is welcome. I can feel the love from here.

          2. @asylumfreaker
            In this violent and unpredictable world it is a blessing to find someone like yourself who appreciates “a guy with nice nails”,”a chap who doesn’t play poker”, “who has great posture”, who “knows what’s in his flowerbeds”, who “bakes a lovely, light sponge”, is “usually first on the dancefloor” and is “often round at Freddy’s”.
            I could go on. And on.
            Please feel free to remain groovy.

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