Two Guys on Motorcycle Struck and Run Over by Truck in Hyderabad, India

Two Guys on Motorcycle Struck and Run Over by Truck in Hyderabad, India

On March 30, 2017 at Begum Bazar, a marketplace in Hyderabad, India, a pair of guys on a motorcycle was struck and run over by a truck. Both 26 year old Anil Shreewstav, and 24 year old Jeevan Sharma died from injuries on the spot.

The video contains both the CCTV footage of the collision, and the aftermath of it. Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Two Guys on Motorcycle Struck and Run Over by Truck in Hyderabad, India”

    1. If the truck dude didn’t run, he most probably would be lynched by a blood thirsty mob.

      Seriously, in a situation like this the best option is to keep going. If you’re caught later you can deal with it by the presumably more civil justice system

    2. If it’s like China where people have to pay reparations for those injured during the rest of their lives I can comprehend what he did, as he was on the right as the guys on the motorcycle recklessly entered the intersection out of nowhere, at a high speed and when they didn’t have the right to go. Considering that laws are usually overtly favorable towards motorcyclists it’s understandable why he did that. I still would like to see the outcome, that is, what happened afterwards to the driver, if he was caught or no one was able to identify him and so on…

      1. He ran away because he didn’t want to get lynched by the public. In almost all cases in India, bigger vehicle is deemed responsible for the accident by the public by default. CCTV footage and witnesses come later on only after the driver is beaten to a pulp. So he made a wise decision. The best course of action is to surrender himself to a nearby police station so that he can get police protection and expect to get a fair trial because he is anyways going to be tracked down by the police and can’t be on run forever.

    3. Nothing to see here…another idiot on a suicide vehicle in India…plenty of people left to take his place….he will be burned in a lot Wednesday and all the cities wondering cows are expected to attend the burning..

  1. Why do people continualy drive like nothing can ever happen to them? A motor vehicle when used dangerously is the same thing as a missle, the both can kill.
    Be a defensive driver all and dont commit road rage.

    1. Yes ! Cent percent agree with you !!

      To the bestgore admin , your website made me to pay much attention while driving.After watching tons of videos on Ur site whenever a truck / bus comes in opposite direction or is moving parallely i slow down my vehicle n wait until it goes further.

  2. This shit happens to you when you forget your parents teaching to look left and right before crossing the road… I look on both sides even on one way. I you had helmet your face wouldn’t be wrapped up in the funeral. The truck driver will face hit and run charges. Should’ve stayed and got some beatings to only face charges of not slowing at the intersection.

  3. WTF?!? Was moto man wearing his helmet facing to the back of his head or how did he not see that titanic truck with that panoramic view…
    WTF happened to the brakes too…
    Dumb motherfucker deserves to be roadkill for being a dumb ass…

      1. That’s a good idea. But the babes might not like being driven around in a lorry.
        And it’s very unwieldy in thick traffic.
        Plus, a lorry might cost 5 to 10 times more than my bike.

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