Two Little Brothers Crushed by Cement Truck in Singapore

Two Little Brothers Crushed by Cement Truck in Singapore

Hot off the press – a tragic accident which just happened a few hours ago left two little brothers – one 7 and one 13 year old – dead with their heads and a bicycle crushed on the road. The boys were hit by a cement truck near Dunman Secondary School, at #45 Tampines Street in Singapore. 56 year old Singaporean driver of the cement truck has been arrested and charged with causing death by reckless act.

Because the accident happened just outside the school, chances are good a whole whack of school children got a visual of two kiddy heads splattered on the road. The younger of the brothers was wearing a Tampines North Primary School uniform.

Props to Best Gore member defi4nc3 for the first pic and faithinink for the other two. Thanks a lot guys:

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49 thoughts on “Two Little Brothers Crushed by Cement Truck in Singapore”

  1. I’ve said this before with accidents like this one. It takes the actions of MORE THAN ONE stupid person for this shit to happen.
    Feel bad for the kids, but then again it’s Singapore and who knows if either kid would have been anyone worth anything later in life.

  2. This one feels bad, man. I mean, in the grand scheme of things we do need a population cull, but there are so many more worthless little cretins who have been given a chance and fucked it up.

    RIP Little ones.

    1. the cull needs to start in meh hee koh, for starters, that place is the best reason for a compassionate use of nuclear weapons to wipe the slate clean

      the second place there ought to be a cull ranges from china to india, 2.8 billion people devouring the earth’s precious resources, why the fuck did their governments allow their population to increase that way?

      the 3rd would be in the fucking middle east, all those mother fucking muslims shouting ala akbar and shit,
      their fucking killing each other as of now, just fucking take them all out of their misery and distribute the oil to freedom loving societies

  3. This sort of thing always upsets me. As soon as I saw the picture I was left shaken because it hit too close to home for me.

    When I was eight years old I let my brother borrow my bicycle to go to his friends house and that was when the accident happened, I ran to the scene and what I saw still haunts me today, lying on the ground, mangled, beyond help, was my fucking bicycle and standing next to it was my grinning cunt of a brother, completely unhurt.

  4. Stellar comments, thank you guys…..I check out these gorey posts while eating my lunch at lunchtime at work. Lots of laughing too. Choking on my chips…..but when I check out China stuff I notice myself chewing with my mouth opened, like they do……I am reminded of the movie Maximum Overdrive when I see these accidents. Emilio Estivez is around somewhere….

      1. I have been staying here for three days now and hey,I am still alive! Let’s see what happens when i get back 1girlcup.. or… maybe i can meet up with some bestgore members here.. Anyone willing to meet up out there guys??? 😀

    1. Here in one of the safest country in the world, locals thought it is safe to just drive, walk or bike around like an idiot on the road (not that safe for me) . If you live in a place with asians like us, you’ll be spending your time saying “oh shit!!!, oh fuck!!!!, what tha fuck?!, or fucking idiot…” everyday. I’m already used to it.

  5. Hey I thought Bestgore was blocked here in singapore?! Well I can browse via mobile in the hotel.. haha. I think only starhub and singtel(2 of the service providers here) blocked it.
    Nice… 😀

  6. Horrible thing to have happen to a kid. How is it that just about anybody that gets hit by a vehicle seems to get a splatted head. These big trucks must have some kind of headhunting mechanism built in. Drivers have leagues similar to fantasy football.

    “Who are you sending out this week? I think Jimmy he is due for a headsplatter. Ole Domingo got lucky with Thompson. Scored 2 splatters this week now he is tied for first place behind Duncan lucky fucker”

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