Two Men Die in Motorcycle Accident, One with Shattered Skull

Two Men Die in Motorcycle Accident, One with Shattered Skull

While I didn’t get any background information with this video, it has the South Asian feel to me. I could be off, though.

The video shows the aftermath of a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. Two men are shown, both appear to be dead. One of them had his head shattered and brain scrambled across the pavement. A brain stained beanie suggests the shattered skull dude wore that, instead of a safety helmet.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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125 thoughts on “Two Men Die in Motorcycle Accident, One with Shattered Skull”

    1. Someone could have the scariest carved out looking pumpkin to put in the window this Halloween. Damn that is so gruesome it looks fake!!!! We all know it’s as real as it gets!!!!!

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      1. I’m sorry for the boy crying in the backround though. Imagine finding your father with that messed up skull on the street wow can’t even look him in the eyes for one last time cause his eyes are too far apart from each other lol

      2. Absolutly. If BestGore had “Video of the Year” contest, this would get my vote hands down. Everything is almost perfect : photography, camera work, sound work… and with the grieving moaning human in the back… what more can we ask for. Davros would be delighted!


      1. @thedre lol you’re probably right. when I was about ten with my friends at the park we found a dead crow and for whatever reason we decided to try to crush it with a boulder. nothing happened so I poked it with a stick while it was under the boulder and its intestines shot out like a streamer.

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  1. These guys made a quick exit, and went on to meet their maker. I can handle just about any gore, but when i hear a grown Man Sob uncontrollably, because of the death of a relative, or his child, i find it hard, and feel for them, as it makes this so much more intense and real, as if you knew them, and were actually there on scene with them, witnessing it all.

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        1. yerstoopid – They are beautiful. I don’t know if I’ll ever accept the SAT trans. That clutch just HAS to be there for me lol. I played around with a Diablo yesterday in my car. His engine was shot to hell or I may as well have been on a bicycle. ha But it was definitely a fixer-upper he had. Great body though.

      1. Hello my dear goy 😉 it’s been a bit since we last spoke, how have you been? Notifications are not working again so I find it difficult to keep up and find out if someone has replied to a comment I make. Have to use my Jewey intuition and guess by checking once every few hours lol 🙂

        1. Ha,ha. I,m doing as good as expected my girl, with my getting old & all. But it,s nice to see that you are always your happy go lucky, Jew-Goddess 🙂 Yea, but in all fairness, our brother Mark has been crazy-busy lately which could explain the notification thing.

  2. That face…curious.

    It looks like one side of him is mournful, while the other half is freaking out. Man, to think there’s only a thin shell of bone protecting my precious brain from the elements, but at least I don’t go joyriding at 80 mph on a motorcycle, inviting calamity like these two dopes.

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      1. And that’s actually EXACTLY what I meant to remark in my original post. It DOES look like one of those masks, except that instead of comedy and tragedy, it’s calm acceptance and shrill horror.

  3. This reminds me of this 80’s death shockumentary from Japan titled “True Gore”. It opens with a paraplegic suicide victim. I think it was produced or directed by a noise musician named Monte Cazazza. Has anyone else seen it?

  4. Too many of these lately have been holding the camera verticle. Nonetheless, props to the cameraman for the great footage. And totally impressive head split. You think either of them would have lived wearing helmets?

  5. This is a very, very nice post. I love it! My first gore love is presented in truly beautiful form. I really savor the post that involve brain matter or the human eye.

    I will be honest I do enjoy posts that involve massive trauma to the skull and brain…… Followed closely by any attempt to destroy the eyeball itself. I really just want to see a eyeball get totally fucking smashed one time…..Those little fuckers always make it out seemingly unscathed…..

    However that being said watching a human brain in any form outside of the skull is almost obsessive….

    Best Gore had made me aware of my fixation on mushy brain matter and infuriatingly uncooperative eyeballs (uncooperative only because I really really wanna mash them or poke them with a stick) and for this I am surprisingly grateful.

    Now that I have confessed I can share how exciting this clip is. The color or the blood is exhilarating. The way that the skull split open and sprayed the brain matter over a generous area of road is just beyond what I so humbly deserve…..Just stunning.

    Then the wonderful way the victims eyeballs stayed in the head but appear very different is mesmerizing for me.

    Last but not least the quality and calm hand of this hero with a camera documenting this lovely carnage is enough to entrapture me completely.

    The closeups give me such enjoyment that I feel guilty for not sharing this joy given to me but Best Gore and the amazing contributions of Gore Heroes such as this fine Lady or Gentleman are the reason I haunt this site many times everyday.

    That you Best Gore and all who contribute.

    1. Unfortunately, the human eye is famous for being “nigh-indestructible”; it’s one AMAZINGLY tough piece of human anatomy, but all you get when it gets squished is blood mixed with vitreous humor, a clear jelly, so you’re not missing much.

      Your enthusiasm for gore is palpable, for it to require several paragraphs to be expressed. My personal passions are head shots and beheadings where you get to see the victim’s face afterwards. I like to study the person’s facial reactions; how each one reacts to the fact of irrevocable death. There might be a slim chance that you could recover from a head shot, but once your head has been separated from the rest of your body, it’s only a matter of time before your brain’s supply of oxygen is depleted and you die.

      But with head shots, it’s the expression just before the gun goes off that fascinates me. To quote from the movie Phone Booth: “You know like in the movies just as the good guy is about to kill the bad guy, he cocks his gun. Now why didn’t he have it cocked? Because THAT sound is scary.” How do you reconcile your life, the trail of actions that led you to that place, in those precious few milliseconds that stretch between the time you hear that sound, and the time the trigger is pulled? Testosterone, masculinity, balls, code of honor or lack thereof…all that shit is trivial once you hear that sound.

      It almost makes the bullet mystical…like I wonder who else handled that bullet before the moment it was used. Someone at the factory, maybe, checking for quality assurance.

      A close third is any kind of torture. Torture is an art in itself. To quote from the James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies: “According to Eastern philosophy, the body has seven different chakra points; the energy centers, like the heart, or genitals. The purpose of these implements is to probe those organs, inflicting the maximum amount of pain whilst keeping the victim alive for as long as possible.”

      Just how much pain can a human being endure? I mean, many of us have stubbed our toe, hit our funny bone, sprained our ankle, maybe even broken a bone, and we think THAT is the worse pain a human being can experience. How about having your arm bones broken and then having those splintered bones shaken vigorously, not just once, but several times? In that video (which was posted recently) the pain seemed to be SO overwhelming that the victim actually stopped screaming halfway through.

      And then there’s the other video of the guy with his face peeled off and his hands cut off…that’s among one of the things very FEW people on this planet Earth (I’m talking about ALL people, since human beings evolved on this planet) have ever even had to consider, and yet here it is. Human ingenuity has given us information that travels in the blink of an eye; it’s given us symphonies, bridges that span kilometers, scanning-tunneling microscopes, hydrogen bombs, brain-computer interfaces….and it has given us a young man with his face and hands cut off.

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