Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed

Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed

Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed

In the city of Thane, in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region of India, a pair of dudes on a motorcycle crashed under circumstances unclear. Both dudes are alive in the video, but whether they lived on is anyone’s guess.

One of the two had one of his legs and his junk crushed beyond repair. His other leg is partially crushed too. The other dude appears to have a broken ankle, and other trauma to the legs, plus injury to the back of his head probably from slamming it on the pavement while landing.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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87 thoughts on “Two Men Injured in Motorcycle Accident, One with Leg and Junk Crushed”

  1. Holy-Shit Mark,,,.
    Now that is carnage man!

    See how this poor guy wants so badly to have some type of human touch, or contact while extending his hand?
    Man, that is so sad, i would not be able to not kneel down beside him, hold his hand and give him a warm smile until help arrived, or until he passed away, which ever happened first. But i,ll be damned if i left his side until then. 🙁

      1. Yea i hear you, as I Myself have contacted Hep “C” from dressing what i’m sure has been a couple of hundred wounds while being A Construction Site Supervisor for 25 + years.

        Either that, or i could have also gotten it from one of The Dozens of Surgeries that i have had over the Years, but who knows eh?

        The Good Thing is that Hep “C” is now 100% curable if your Liver Is Strong, & Well enough, to go through, And Endure the 3 Mts. of Treatments Required in order to Rid Yourself of it. So my prognosis At This Time looks less grim lately! 🙂

        I Could Never Turn My Back on A Fellow Human, or even An Animal cause i fear getting some disease, or strange infection, it’s just who I Am.

        And i am not saying this to make anybody look good, or bad cause you are the smart one in all of this by making sure to not get sick, or potentially infecting family members if God Forbid you ever Ended-Up catching something, because you helped someone out, my good man.

        What i’m saying is that once i signed up for it i did so because of my love of Living, and Breathing things, and With my many Years of Intense Training, with The Red Cross, and Saint John’s Ambulance, not helping-out would just Feel all kinds of Wrong Brother.

          1. @thedre I was. It was about some nonce getting whipped. Shit I didn’t read the post about jewgle. Sorry, it was that browser. Best I start using Firefox or tor. Anyway of deleting my comment then posting link again using Firefox?

          2. Good Job Brother, as Jewgle,,, i only use as a very last resort, if TOR Happens to be down, or something, which is almost ever!

            Glad to hear that your problem has been resolved brother. 🙂

          3. @fred1212 Yeah he got beat good. Glad you got to watch it.
            Like you said it’s not quite clear if he is a drug dealer or a nonce.
            If a kiddy fiddler I hope they done him slow the sick fuck.
            If you can upload it to here it would be appreciated as I don’t know how to.

            I tried one of the suggested ways, but when i paste link it just said loading please wait. Half an hour later, still please wait. So i gave up.

      1. @skidmark
        Relax dude, and Breathe brother. Or you wiull end-up with A Huge Skidmark in Your Underwear Brother.

        As for being fake,,, Nope Dude, it’s All real. Many Thousands of People Worldwide have survived tragic accidents just like these, and are still alive today with only half a body.

        The reason why it seems to always happen in India is because of their Overloaded Trains,,, high rate of suicides,,, and the sheer amounts of people as @hopingfornemesis says below,,, poor, or lack altogether,,, of traffic signals,,, divider lines in the middle,,, from speeding, and of course from reckless driving.

        All of these factors come into plat making it the worlds best Half, & Halfs Anywhere, lol. 😉

    1. I know hey! He just wants a hand.
      But the real question I got, how the fuck did this happen? The other guy is barely hurt&The bike wasn’t banged up at all. Like his leg is obliterated no body parts scattered around.
      Ffs someone hold his hand before we all cry 🙁

      1. I know I do. There’s good sex and then there’s bad sex. I’d rather jerk off than have bad sex. I’ve also been with chicks who aren’t that good in bed and I’ve had to relieve myself afterwards because it was lame.

  2. Right near the end of the video and starting at the 2:14 mark,,, you can clearly see what looks like the Guys Cock on the far left center of the screen, and it’s all by it’s lonesome, no balls to be seen, as it is just short of about a foot away from his mangled crotch. 🙁

    1. Oh, hell, that would have to be the worst. I’ll take your word for it, and I hope that’s second hand information.

      I remember as a kid going to the Broadway Market in Buffalo. That beef tripe looked really, really bad, and they’d be buying it by the pound. Damn.

      1. It’s first hand, I’ve mentioned here before how as a kid in Mexico I was at the arcade loitering when a Corona beer truck lost control and threw a guy into the air where he got sliced by a guard rail. Me and some whipper snappers ran toward the caRnAGE and the smell was totally sick. Yes we were wearing flip flops.

  3. oh, damn! that’s some impressive carnage right there. and he’s still alive? if only they had enid from the walking dead to lop off the lower half of his body! he may just make it through, and he lost a little weight on top of it! win-win!

  4. i dont know about you but paki speak is fucking annoying as fuck, just shut the fuck up.

    and give the cunt some Sag Aloo with some Sultana Naan bread and he’ll be ok…. looks like a manageable wound.

    what a pussy.

  5. WOW! The forces involved in shit like this are insane and once it begins it’s over in a split second and you’re left lying there trying to sort shit out until the pain ultimately sets in. One second you had an intact leg and the next it’s splattered, spewed and flattened into a bloody mass the size of another complete human!! Living organisms are very fragile things!!

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