Two Men Get to Live Another Day Thanks to Light Pole That Stopped Flipped Over Car

Two Men Get to Live Another Day Thanks to Light Pole That Stopped Flipped Over Car

I don’t have any background info about this video. It’s a CCTV footage of an accident caused by a merging car cutting off a speeding driver that doesn’t seem to have the reflexes to do anything to dodge unexpected obstacles on the road.

The merger caused the speeder to flip over and uncontrollably slam into a light pole in the median. There was a couple of men farting on the median for uncertain reasons, who got to live another day thanks to that light pole. Had it not been there, they’d be badly hurt.

One of them limps after the slam, suggesting that his leg got hurt. Regardless, he proceeded to check on the driver and passengers of the crashed vehicle.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Two Men Get to Live Another Day Thanks to Light Pole That Stopped Flipped Over Car”

  1. Can we declare today as International Pole Day? The passenger slid out like a turd falling into a toilet. Those two lucky pricks should go gamble some serious money after that happened.

      1. If you’ve been to Los Angeles, you’ll see otherwise very bright guys being Very Prototypically Chinese on the I-5 last November 12 at 4:04 pm approx. I think that guy needed 4” Fucking Bot’s Dots. Those tractor trailer wind guards work. Sorry, no photo, Ektarina and I were shitting at the time. I’m a BG semi-pro, at best.

  2. This happened a few steps away from my home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The two people who were sitting on the median were painting it from the other side. The guy limping had broken his ankle. There were two people in the car, the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and suffered a horrendous head injury. He was bleeding profusely but conscious when the ambulance arrived around 5 or so minutes after the accident. No further info on his condition. The passenger (who was wearing the seatbelt) seemed to be doing okay with a few cuts and bruises.

      1. Well, I believe, it is basically for night driving. The authorities are overhauling the street lights in the area so they are not functional for the past month or so. These painted medians seem to be some sort of a stopgap.

  3. It kind of looks like Morocco. They are either the worst drivers in the world or the best. I was there for two months and every cab ride was a ride from hell. Two Lanes of traffic would become five, every man for himself and but only saw two wrecks. But it looks like Morocco.

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