Two Men Run Over and Destroyed by Truck in India

Two Men Run Over and Destroyed by Truck in India

I don’t have much information about this video, but apparently it happened in India. It shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident and shows two men destroyed on the road. One is ripped in half.

There is a police officer taking info off a truck, suggesting the carnage was carried out by the vehicle. BTW, how do you like the pointer in the pic above?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Two Men Run Over and Destroyed by Truck in India”

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    What movie is that from??

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    1. Nawwww… They were on their way to get squash however, they never knew they were going to get squished.

      I cannot understand why people still stand and gawk when this happens so often in India. Mind you, a lot of people still drive by without slowing down.

    1. Where is the pointer pointing at flip or flop?

      Flip jumped off the rail road track just to flop on a road where the F&F don’t meet eye to eyes.

      Fucking had a young 12 year old girl on their minds on the next bus …. looks like the girls survived another day if you ask me….

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  2. That cop could have turned to another splatter the way he so carelessly stood there behind the same dumpster jotting down details of the vehicle .
    There was a news reporter on the scene and one of my linguistic friend made a mention about some place called Moga in Punjab where this fatality took place . One of them was barely 12 years old he said and the age of the other wasn’t specified but going by the guess , he could have been a man in his 30s. or plus years.

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