Two Messed Up Motorcyclists, Dying One Believes Still Riding in Colombia

Two Messed Up Motorcyclists, Dying One Believes Still Riding

Two Messed Up Motorcyclists, Dying One Believes Still Riding

In Colombia, two motorcyclists are messed up on a road laying next to a large truck.

One of the two cuck-nuts has life unfastened by the wrench of Death.

The lone dier revieves a memo: live to ride, ride to live. It goes through one ear right through the other.

His brain definitely makes an F-Disk following the accident.

The moral of the story is to wear a helmet not a backpack for greater chance at survival. Also, for any possibility at a pleasant life.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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      1. Nice. I was offered a can of spray paint and a plastic bag to collect the fumes of the propellant, by a group of aborigines in Townsville once. The plastic bag was caked in the paint….I had to graciously decline their kind offer to join them.

    1. I think they’ll be ok if they have Geico motorcycle insurance.
      Clearly one in la la land riding was jamming to Here I go again …
      ….Here I go again on my own
      Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
      Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
      An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time
      Just another heart in need of rescue
      Waiting on love’s sweet charity
      An’ I’m gonna hold on for the rest of my days
      ‘Cause I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams…and agonal breathing….gggrrrrrrr.

    1. Yeah, one thing worth mentioning is that yeah, it’s much safer to wear a helmet. But one reason I don’t ride is that even if the helmet does its job, there’s nothing stopping your brain from being damaged, possibly internally decapitated as well. And though outwardly the helmet keeps your skull intact, there’s nothing keeping your brain from suffering damage from the consequences of rapid deceleration ending in contact with the skull as the brain is rattled around. I believe it’s called a “closed brain injury” if I’m not mistaken. The only protection from that kind of injury is to not ride at all. Until science and engineers can come up with a reliable mechanism that protects against that, you are still at high risk of at least mild brain damage. A seizure could very well be the least of your problem.

          1. @Eyeinthesky

            Yes Exactly B G Bro! I Love Your Username as it is in one of my Top Twenty Songs Of All Time. Also,, i think that i would not be alone if i said that This Song,,,, Was Alan Parson’s Project’s Best Ever Song/Work, as it’s About The Big-Guy Upstairs, and is So True In So Many Ways, my man. 🙂

          2. Yeah crushed skulls n soup for brains tend to regenerate quicky just slap some gauze on him n give hima tylenol every 4 to 6 hours, call the doctor in the morning. No problem

            He’ll be unifying Quantum Mechanics. And Relativity in no time

          3. @ZeeDevil My Good Bostonian B G Brother, what you say unfortunate,,, is too true. Cause We Are Left With A World Filled With Many Inbred Individuals, And The Like, lol. 😉

            Actually before calling You A Bostonian, i guess i should of asked first if you are From The New-England Area At All, or Just A Boston Bruins Fan. Sorry Man. But if you are from Boston Area Have You Ever Checked-Out @RichieFromBoston And I Mean His You-Tube Site??

          4. Born and raised, nope i havnt but ill check it out.
            Marathon Monday today avoided another so called “terrorist” attack… Sox suck, Go B’s!

          5. That Is Cool my man, as i have always found The Bostonian Accents as The Absolute Coolest Of All The American-Accents Bro! Massachusetts is one hell of a beautiful Atlantic Ocean Gem/Playground My Friend. And Boston Itself, Which The Wife, and I Plan To Visit Also Has So Much History i cannot wait to visit-it and it’s many cool museums. 🙂

          6. all he needs is a bottle of braggs apple cider vinegar, some probiotics, and a band-aid. maybe a little neosporin to be on the safe side. dude’ll be right as rain! 😀

  1. The one with the helmet should have survived just fine. The one throwing himself around in the foreground definitely expired. The arms stiff and tensed like that along with the seizing is a definite massive head trauma. Looks like he had the hippie hippie shakes before he kicked.

  2. … You’d think such an accident would cause severe brain damage, but I havta say, it seems to have improved his motor skills.. I mean… Look at’im fukn go!… He must be doin dozens lapse of memories around a racetrack right now… Am I right…?

        1. My profuse apologies Sphinx…I thought this was the guy who had mid-section intestinal rearrangement issues. In this particular case, this poor chap’s cyclelogical dilemma is secondary to his Phantom Limb Syndrome. Do you concur my learned colleague?

  3. Its damn difficult self/ kick starting a bike when its devoid of its vital juices . The man can’t believe his not so forsaken luck in trying to revv it up ; still feeling alive !

    With his hands on the air handle ; riding laterally side ways on the tar road , he’s gonna make it with or without helmet and that
    side kick of his , but by all means ;this ride is gonna end at the hell’s gate .

  4. Believe he did wear a helmet… When looking at the video on the 57 – 58 second mark you should be able to see the helmet in the top left part of the screen… Most likely flew off during the collision

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