Two Motorcyclists Collide Head On in Thailand

Two Motorcyclists Collide Head On in Thailand

It takes a lot of douchebaggery to collide head on on an open road when you’re the only two motorcyclists far and wide on it. Obviously, no problem in Thailand.

Since they drive on the left in Thailand, the chief douchebag was the oncoming motorcyclist from the viewpoint of the CCTV camera. He was not on his side of the road. He also had a passenger riding pillion. The motorcyclist he collided with appears to have ridden alone. But after the crash, his wrecked motorcycle took out two guys riding behind him. They checked if crashed bikers were OK, found out they weren’t so they drove away. What a pair of losers, leaving helpless accident victims on their own.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Two Motorcyclists Collide Head On in Thailand”

    1. yeah, when I first saw the collision I thought it was their bodies getting torn apart like that. that would have been awesome to see Thai guts and flesh just explode all over the road in a rain of twisted metal….fuck yeah.

  1. Beautifull………….. I think this is the first head on video I’v seen on BG with 2 bikes at this speed 🙂

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong and/or point me to a better one 😛

    1. Double whammy,,, get into a head-on collision because of your own stupidity, then get ripped off by the two others who were less injured, but still because of you. Now that’s what you call HAVING A VERY BAD DAY ! right obli ?

      1. You got it DRE.

        I can’t believe how litigious people are for the sake of $$

        I could be wrong but I get the impression that the US is the most litigious shit rivet country on the planet.

        Let it be known that I won’t comment on anyone’s response.

        This is based on the fact of my Bizarre law.

        This threat is of some ridiculous lawsuit based purely on trying to suck as much money as is humanly possible is astounding as always.

        Blow me 🙂

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