Two People Die with Blasted Heads in Motorcycle Crash

Two People Die with Blasted Heads in Motorcycle Crash

In an unspecified location (India?), a motorcycle accident left at least two people dead on the road with blasted heads. The double pointer guy looks like he took a bullet between the eyebrows.

No real backinfo to speak of. If you know more about the video, please share in the comments.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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42 thoughts on “Two People Die with Blasted Heads in Motorcycle Crash”

  1. Yes, that’s India. Had to mute the sound to keep my ears from vomiting.

    Besides sung Hindi, the only other redeeming factor of that atrocious language is the fact that their curse words are cute. Teri makichoot sounds like the name you’d give a pet rabbit, if you were pretentious enough to give a pet rabbit a first AND last name. Benchode, maderchode, and bakrichode sound like nicknames you’d give your pals; as a matter of fact, I’m sure they DO use those insults as nicknames.

    Oh yeah…person died, how sad.

    1. lol bakrichod wtf i don’t think we use this word, Maybe for Pakistani’s.
      Teri maa ki choot doesn’t have any single bit of cuteness you’ll probably get beaten to shit if you’d say it in front of any Indian.

  2. If i lived in that Country, i,d get a Rickshaw equipped with “Curry Popcorn” & shit, and would peddle like mad from accident, to accident with it. With the amount of people always showing-up at these events, doing fuck-all but just watching, you,d think you were at a Country Fair. Damn,,, i would surely make a Fucken Killing, (no pun),,, well maybe a little, lol.

  3. If that were here that entire crown would be trying so hard to be a hero. Have to wonder, if we didn’t raward people so well after they saved someone would first world countries become more like this. Though there is usually about 10 people crying for the victim even though they don’t them and that isn’t helpful so who knows.

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