Two People Injured in Accident in Colombia, Girl Loses Eye

Two People Injured in Accident in Columbia, Girl Loses Eye

Accident from Colombia leaves two people injured on the street. The first is an older, grey-haired man with a man purse who, despite looking a little roughed up and bloody, seems to have suffered no real serious injuries.

On the other hand, the younger female is face down in a pool of blood and when she picks herself up, we see a large gaping wound where her eye used to be. Now just a hole surrounded by ripped flesh. Despite it’s brutality, it doesn’t seem like she suffered any life threatening injuries. She is clearly still in shock during filming. Hard for me to determine her age, but she looks pretty young. Fucked up thing to have to go through.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink.

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        1. You are precisely right, my friend. @jonnieboy exhibits a profound lack of pertinent information. In his or her haste to demean people of color, he demonstrated how poorly informed he or she actually is. I think many people like @jonnieboy are convinced of their own superiority and wrongfully assume the world owes them or they have been aggrieved by the public at large in some way. I have acquaintances that have to pay more for obamacare but like how i t covers people who wouldn’t be covered otherwise

          1. Disgusting. Are your people so repressed sexually that a maimed child (of any race) is considered attractive? You will never change because no one can reason with your people. Your kind is convinced they have more human value than other human beings. With that attitude do u deserve to be here in this country, in this world for that matter?

  1. Is interesting how a lot of the videos where people have gaping wounds show them initially grasping at the area and messing with their injuries while in shock.

    It’s morbidly beautiful. Thanks Obli and Mrs.Pink. Great content as always.

    1. All the bystanders seem extra nice and helpful, other places in south america they just wait for you to die and then loot the flip flops off your corpse. I’m definitely going Columbia on my holidays

  2. I wonder how many times someone tells her they are going to skull fuck her after this??… If medical treatment gets to her before the shock wears off she should be ok the bleeding looks to have slowed by their time she raises herself up if you watch the lack of dripping on her arm. Infection will be the biggest concern, they will probably patch her up with a glass eye the color of her choice and life will go one. The first victim looked to have a fair size gash in his fore head and will probably haft a big ass bump there a few days looks to be a clean and stitch job as long as there are to fractures anywhere for either of them I’d say they were fairly lucky minus her loosing her eye but they both get to live on…. Wait is that lucky? or unlucky 😉

  3. What the fuck happened there? I’m assuming one of them was moving at a fair rate of knots thus causing a violent cranial collision, I’m thinking old dudes forehead into young girls skyrocket.

    Old dude wins!

    1. Skyrocket @bobcat !?. You mean he landed in her pocket ?.
      Oh hang on, yeah I get it, eye socket.. skyrocket.

      Anyway, when’s Spivey’s court case mate ?, are you still going to attend ?.
      What’s he being charged with ?

      1. @Stomper.

        Chelmsford magistrates court 30th and 31st of this month .

        He is charged with two counts of harassment without violence and two counts of sending malicious communications.

        All of which he can prove is false but as no accusers will be appearing.

        There is a petition because this is unlawful and unreported.

        Ill be there both days.

        1. @bobcat.

          Sounds like that’s going to get thrown out. Unless of course, there’s a stitch up afoot.
          Mind you, sounds like he’s been stitched up already.
          Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

          1. @Stomper.

            It’s stitch up mate, all the documents of his arrest ( transcripts of his questioning) are on his website as are all the Rigby articles.

            He is being denied justice, the right to face your accusers.

            If this sets a precedent were all fucked.

            All dissenting voices will be quieted.

            Cameron said It last year that we are non violent extremists! Just for having another opinion to the official narrative.

            That then makes you a homegrown terrorist. Police have the power now to arrest you if they “think” you’re a terrorist.

            The way it stand at the moment this is no trial, it’s just sentencing after four statements have been read out.

            Where is the justice in that?

          2. @bobcat.

            Seems like they want to keep this very quiet. Magistrates Court, no bells and whistles. They want to shut him up mate, and as we know, the law can be very flexible when required.

  4. She really felt the urge to poke what was once her eye, which must have seemed very surreal while being in a shocked state. At least the onlookers warned her on several occasions not to touch it.

    1. @Stomper.

      I don’t think she can help it , instinctive sort of thing when you start leaking from abnormal places!

      Like people with smashed limbs writhing around.

      Fair do’s though they’re probably in fucking agony.

        1. @Stomper.

          Ha, ha, bet that was proper freaky.

          My brother broke his forearm when he was about 8, looked like he had 3 joints in his arm. I ran off to get help and when I got back he was gone!

          I collapsed in a heap crying until someone found me and said he was sitting in a shop 20 metres away.

          I thought I was a dead man but it all turned out ok.

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      BTW, someone once asked me if I smoked after having sex. I answered, “I don’t know, I never looked.”

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