Two Speeding Motorcyclists Cut Off by the Same Car

Two Speeding Motorcyclists Cut Off by the Same Car

Two speeding motorcyclists were cut off by the same car and crashed into it, but have no one but themselves to blame. Excessive speed gives motorcyclists less time to react, and is more difficult to predict by other traffic participants. It also looks from the video that the road on which the motorcyclists were speeding was already busy, which alone should have been the reason to keep to the speed limit. By cutting both of them off, the driver probably saved an innocent life.

It doesn’t look like the collision was fatal for either of the motorcyclists, which is a pity cause sheer arrogance motorcyclists demonstrate on the road is a good enough reason to want them all incapacitated. Motorcycles are not as safe as cars, but high incidence of accidents is primarily a result of reckless and inconsiderate riding, not lack of safety features.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Two Speeding Motorcyclists Cut Off by the Same Car”

  1. It isn’t all the fault of the bikers! the car should have waited for them but ride over the road halfblind. On the other hand the bikers could have avoid that if they wouldn’t have ride so hard. Fast bikes are fun but you need to know where and when your not the only one on the road you know

  2. still,, speeding is obvious, but i blame the white car driver. where da fuk his eyes? who says that those shadows is hard to spot, yeah thats right, but still you can. no fucking sleeping at the wheel. what if there were a speeding ambulance…

  3. reaction time. the faster you go the less you have of it. always a delicate balance. I had a bike capable of 180 mph speeds and I never went over 70 mph while riding. the temptation to open it up is great but so is the will to live or in my case avoid speeding tickets on the N.J. Turnpike. state troopers are real BASTARDS. unless you’re a hot chick pleading will not save you.

      1. @hunters. i’m an alive pussy and my driving record is spotless. you wanna be a hot dog on a bike cuz you is so bad ass go right ahead. I’ve seen lots and lots of crippled and dead bad ass bikers. or those who THOUGHT they was bad ass. guess i’ll see you soon on these pages cuz you ride at 180 mph mr bad ass.

  4. Everyone knows the bikes had the right-of-way, right?

    Sure, they were speeding in the video… as mentioned, it can’t be determined how fast they were going when the car “turtled” across the highway. What the hell was with that driver? Texting?

    If the bikes were speeding, then they could get partial blame (like 20%), but the car was definitely in the wrong.

    No one would blame the driver if it was a TRUCK that T-Boned that white-car-driving idiot.

    I don’t know why, but people love to hate riders.

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