Two Uniformed Stooges Run Red Light and Kill Pedestrians in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Two Uniformed Stooges Run Red Light and Kill Pedestrians in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Two Uniformed Stooges Run Red Light and Kill Pedestrians in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Best Gore member @texmex has the backinfo:

The CCTV video of two uniformed stooges in Bloemfontein, South Africa skipping a red light, dodging a polo and striking two stationary pedestrians.

Both male and female are relieved of life, one died in hospital and the other died on the scene.

Cops with no regard for human life? Color me surprised. ACAB, no matter the part of the world. Many thanks for the video, @texmex:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Two Uniformed Stooges Run Red Light and Kill Pedestrians in Bloemfontein, South Africa”

  1. Definitely resisting. Those cops must have feared for thier lives. It’s time to support our boys in blue, out there doing the Good Work. I’m humbled by their sacrifice. I guess I resisted once, because I wound up with broken face bones and partial blindness. Thank God the police did that. They must have been terrified. What the fuck does ACAB mean?

  2. Had there been NO video evidence. The Pigs could have just been acquitted of the CRIME by bullshitting a report to the “Sounds Good Enough TO Me Police Department” by stating that the DRIVER fell ill with a COVID symptom right BEFORE the light turned red resulting in the LOSS of 2 more Native Niggers. Well…maybe in the good old “I’ll slap ya on the fuckin’ wrist just this ONE time” U.S.A. that could HAVE happened. Oh wait…in the States…the Pigs would HAVE just received a 1 month-suspended vacation PAID FOR by the REAL-working people who DON’T run niggers over WHILE also receiving a retirement pension that would DEMAND that MORE taxes be PAID specifically FROM the families of the ALL niggers they’ve shot…in all fairness…sounds like a liberal-COVID cover up.

    1. Is Covid-19 even real? Most websites don’t even allow full discussion on this subject. They are shutting down and banning anyone who speaks against the mainstream.

      1. For all we KNOW this entire pandemic COULD have been a hoax. WHY the fuck have I NOT been in quarantine my whole fuckin’ life because of the god damn MOSQUITOS? I have a BETTER fuckin’ chance of getting aids after the same mosquito HAS passed on the infection from another diseased-fucked human. Nothing more than to just PUT the fear into the people and to drive the Economy into the fuckin’ ground until there is NOTHING left of us. I bet the liberal-commies can NOT wait for that shit. How many people die year-round from the common flu compared this new virus? Nothing more than a world of bitch-ass pansies who want to overreact to what the Media HAS to report on. In fact, this MOST likely would have NEVER been a pandemic had there ALREADY been a vaccine-cure for it. Because what happened to the H1N1 Swine-flu back in 2009?? That MIGHT as well had been the SAME shit we are dealing with today. Only difference is they already HAD a vaccine for it. And NOW the world is on lock down because we don’t have a fuckin’ cure to put in a god damn syringe. What a bunch of fuckin’ crap.

          1. Fencing is used to contain one’s niggers and prevent them from swarming and attacking livestock. Vet bills. And you certainly don’t want your sows to be whelping before spring, or your coonlings will have to be drowned. No meat.

    1. Waiting for the cops spin on this first.
      Initial reports said they were just rolling down the highway when this happened. Apparently they couldn’t turn fast enough to avoid the victims.

      1. Just in…

        Cops report that the victims were Hammered, shortly before impact. However, the judge still wants the vehicle imPounded, Bumping up more problems for these officers. Witnesses also state, that fecal matter was found on the windshield, indicating the victims were struck in a handiCrapped parking area. The judge ordered the officers to stay away from the crime area, to avoid a Big Stink from the general public.

        Personally, I think the cops were part of a Cover Up scheme, with a Sir VEILlance program going on in the area. Thinking they’re so smart when in fact, they just need to keep their Knows out of everyone’s business. It is my opinion, that even the Well Seasoned officers need to do Thyme, when crimes like this occur.

  3. No one even approached the victims to try and help, or to even get a good look, hell the negro cops just took off.
    Maybe it’s like the Kitty Genovese syndrome, or just plain “don’t give a shit” syndrome like seen in Asia. Can’t be bothered by something as minor as a dead body, or someone bleeding to death.

  4. اليهود و البشرة السوداء لا يستحقون العيش فوق هذه الارض
    كان يجب ان يحكم العرب العالم لم اعلم كيف سقطنا بهذه القوة هل كان السبب الدين ام غبائنا اتمنى ان نحكم يوما ما العالم و سوف يصبح كل شئ افضل سوف نمحي اليهود و سوف يصبحون كالعبيد سوف يدخل الزب في مؤخراتهم

          1. people that deserved it? Yes, I will get my bass pro shop camp chair, cold coca cola, and a bag of wavy lays with French onion dip and enjoy the show. innocent people getting bullied? No sir I’m not having it.

  5. @hopingfornemesis

    You know Nem, it’s amazing how many people STILL don’t believe in Illuminati control:
    My uncle (Mom’s brother) became Dep. Premier of his State
    One day, he’s flying over Pine Gap US Nuclear Base, so .. he takes a pic out the window
    because very few people have an ariel pic of Pine Gap, right?
    Guess what?
    2 days later, that photo mysteriously dissapeared from his smartphone ..
    Never to be seen again
    What does this prove ?
    : That ALL pics you take on your phone are fed directly into a Central Data Bank
    either in Silicone Valley or China, do automatically determine whether or not it is
    deemed an ‘Illegal Pic” under Illuminati rules
    As you know, they can also switch on your smartphone remotely at ANY TIME to
    record your conversations
    Yet … it’s amazing how many people STILL don’t believe in Illuminati control:

      1. Actually, talking of my cunt of a mother, she recently got ‘kicked out’ of her Pentecostal
        Church which she’d been attending for 2o years
        We don’t know why yet, but I’m sure she’s been vile to someone, and asked to apoligize
        for behaving as an animal, and flatly refused to apologize (as she’s always done as long
        as I can remember)
        She has ‘disassociative disorder as well as sociopathy with some psychopath chucked
        in for good measure
        The most selfish person I’ve ever met!
        A real cunt!

        1. I have never we met a good ” Pentecostalist” yet! All deranged ,liars ,cheats and think they are better than everyone else ie God’s Elect. Our prime minister is just such a Tongue -babbler as is Pence and Pompous .Yuck!

          I am sure there may be some but I have not come across any and I’ve met a few and that means a lot!

          I feel for you ,a significant proportion of people here have had absolute monsters for mothers and I believe them . Slags ,mate! Slags.

          1. Oh yes, Nem
            You just have to look at some famous Pentecostal scum:
            Jim n Tammy (we love $ fraud) Baker
            Jimmy (I love hookers) Swaggart
            Ted (I like cocaine n cock) Haggard

            That’s just a few .. They are all $ lovin’ scum

            “Give to the Lord people, give now like NEVER before …”
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          2. That is exactly what I noticed as it is Christianity for moneygrubbers. They don’t even pretend to like ,care or help people . It is all about THEM .and how God only loves them . They are allied to kooky Christians who actually think they are the real Jews! Fuckwits. Allied to the British Zionists- not Jews of Britain mind you- but Gentiles who think they are the new Jews. We have a few here on BG as well.

            How you keeping up? Bored? Angry? Getting fat and stupid? Rooting ?

          3. HOW YOU KEEPING UP?
            Good so far

            No, watching Helen Mirren in “Midsummer Night’s Dream” 1970s

            Only at our so-called democracy of Fascist Illuminati controlled Bullshit

            GETTING FAT
            Very fat, I’m trying to walk it off .. but too much ale me thinks

            AND STUPID?
            Always was, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t

            ROOTING ?
            No .. I need a hot Jew Lass like Nat Portman or Baby from D Dancing to sit on
            My white face …

            How ‘bout you Nem?…..

          4. I’m going mad . I’m bored ,angry with everyone and everything and thus not much rooting .

            The good thing is that I get to watch a lot of my movies ,listen to music and catch up with some contemplative thinking ,but this all makes you fat. I wish I was on a farm so I could at least go shooting ,hunting or ride horses or something. This covid has killed citylife for good!

          5. Yeah Nem ..
            It’s become fucking Ground Hog Day (Round Pog)
            Every day I go get something from Coles, get some Ale, come home,
            go for my half hour walk (n see the same skinny chingy every time also walking)
            come home, do some light weights for tone, then crack a can & watch one of my
            millions of dvds I’ve collected over 1o years.
            I got docos, classics, arthouse, dance & ballet & singing, riverdance .. just alot
            of fuckin’ shit really …
            Today I was watching Mid Summer Night’s Dream & ‘The 2 Cellos’ concert
            Gee … I must be as bored as a fuckin’ boar
            Oh, I been watching some pig hunting dvds too, from that Kiwi cunt from
            “LIfe’s a Boar” magazine
            I’d like to take his compound bow and turn it on his Kiwi ass
            Then .. the blade …
            It’s a wonder that Kiwi PM hasn’t been shot for looking the same as a feral
            horse ..

          6. Haha. That Arden in Nz is also pissing me off too. Overexposed ,like you and me both lol.

            Need to ostracised her Ancient Greek style. We all write her name on potsherds and get her chucked out of the country for at least ten years. Bitch ,wearing headjobs and what not. Fuck off!

            I laughed at the pig- hunting vids. I’ve seen a few of them as well! Lol
            Which is your fave beer? You keep saying ale? Dark ale ,pom style or light ales like Aus -style?

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