Two Women Ride Motorcycle, End Up Mangled on Road

Two Women Ride Motorcycle, End Up Mangled on Road

Two Peruanas left their dignified place in a kitchen and instead took a motorcycle for a spin. Predictable happened.

According to the information I got, this happened in the city of Tingo MarΓ­a, in the Leoncio Prado Province, Peru. The women collided with a truck and died mangled on the road – one with crushed head, the other with twisted lower body.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Two Women Ride Motorcycle, End Up Mangled on Road”

  1. hey @trust me fancy meeting you here, I’ll take the sports page if you don’t mind. did you order me a drink yet?

    speaking of sports, there was actually people protesting outside opening day baseball game ,with signs against Syrian bombing. at the game! opening day! doesn’t get much more anti-American than that

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    1. @desp This just goes to confirm, & continues to show-us how George Soros, and his Jewmurican Establishment Driven Agenda, continue to shove Bullshit Propaganda down our throats, and shown all over the world on their owned, operated, & controlled Mainstream Media Airwaves. But most of the worlds “SHEEPLE”continue to swallow it whole, just like a Virgin on her Prom Night.

      1. “I’m American and I agree.
        Mainstream media is for sheeple.
        Is for people who can’t view the gore.
        The harsh realities of war.
        And whine and moan about bigotry.
        And may I add I can not stand trump.
        And I can’t stand the clintons either.
        I only care for our constitution.
        And keeping all of our rights in tact.
        I don’t care about other countries.
        In fact it is quite the opposite.
        I understand this is my country.
        We should be wary of other countries.
        The mainstream media doesn’t though.
        They cry about letting people in.
        I say take a look at Germany.
        I want the whole World to have our rights.
        Freedom of speech the right to bear arms.
        Alas that won’t be for a while.”

        1. yes, the midia hardly rpeort on this staff and it goes on every day every where,,

          strange,,, the brain washing staff works, so people denny there is a problem,,

          this buses and trucks can easily be fitted with with a device that pushes people out of the wheel path,, but is not hapeninig, i dont know why

    1. Yeah, she would most like still have some idea of what was going on around her, but there is a likelihood that she may not be feeling much pain or even understand the severity of her condition at that point of time.

  2. See,,, all you B-G Beauties,,, if you were in the Kitchen making me a Sandwich, and fetching me a Beer, while a roll a fat blunt, instead of Sluting around on a Motorcycle, this would never have happened to you both. And you,s would be alive today in order to do my Laundry, Wash The Floors, and Give me a Blowjob. Now, i have to pay for a French Maid to do all of this stuff FFS. πŸ™
    Ok Ladies, most of you Gals know me by now, and know that i am just kidding. πŸ™‚

  3. That’s not a motorcycle, that’s moped. lol

    You can’t get more careless than this when you’re literally walking around in a dead persons body parts.

    Disgustingly ignorant and respectless behavior!

  4. I gotta be honest and say although I understand this website is a no holds barred non-politically correct place to freely air our views – I really dislike the anti-female stance on here. When all is said and done, when you look at crime statistics more women suffer at the hands of men than vice versa. Then look at all the countries where women are second class citizens. I understand some of you feel women are privileged, get everything when getting divorced, can be manipulative but trust me all that is balanced out by the lack of power they have in society.

    1. bullshit behind every asshole there’s a woman willing to put up with the shit he dishes out to people. In certain countries you only get dirty looks from women when you cheat, here it’s an everyday thing.

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