Two Young Men Perish in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Two Young Men Perish in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Triple triplets. Not only is this the third video from Indonesia today, but it’s also the third video of a traffic accident from Indonesia and the third video of a traffic accident from Indonesia filmed vertically. I’d also say that all three videos feature two dead people, but that would screw with my triple triplets remark. Unless of course the backinfo I got is incorrect and there is a video among them that’s not from Indonesia.

This video shows two young men who apparently perished in the fatal motorcycle crash. One is planted down on the road, while the other overhangs on the motorcycle. I wonder how long that watch stayed on the road after the video stopped.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. 25 people mowed down on the sidewalk in Toronto today by a van….. at least 10 deadsky and more in critical condition…. but wait…. it gets better…. it was Yonge St….. the longest street in the world (Guiness Book of Records)….. but wait…. the intersections Yonge/Finch and Yonge/Sheppard where the “terror” attack happened is little Jew Town….. like little Italy, little Greektown, little Chinatown, little Jamaicatown, etc…. this was little Jewtown area….. FYI….. likely many Jewish victims….

    Also in the Canadian theme, Vinny, a Canadian got lynched in Peru yesterday…..

    2 good posts hate to see go to waste…..

      1. oh damn i was a bit cheery for a while (well almost) still it’s not so bad they’re still dead, just would have been the icing on the cake them being jews. That’s something we need to ask for, more jew material, i think the brazilians and south east asians are contributing “above and beyond” that’s the new term to get us all working like dogs “above and beyond”

        1. Yes, I heard the intersections and immediately thought terror attack, and this time IN direct to the Jews….. they are around but their main zone is a bit west of that at Bathurst/Sheppard area….. so it isn’t even considered a terror attack…. just an autistic computer nerd who graduated last week and then sent messages to all the students telling them off….. maybe they bullied him because he was autistic and had a “twitch”….. he had a tic where he always flicked his arm and tapped his head…. maybe he drove himself crazy, then went for a joyride…..

          I just thought wow, an actual terror attack in a Jewish area….. but not so! Better luck next time! There’s always a next time!

          1. I feel for the lad, he tried his best, went to uni, did all the right things and got bullied by a bunch of cunts. I do hope the jews get theirs soon.

          2. polluted…. Yes, it looks like he had posted to fb just prior to his road rage, he had praised the guy in US that had shot some chicks at a University and said the revolution has begun….. ie. revenge on sluts, in a sense….. he wanted to be celibate until marriage, find a nice pure girl, but couldn’t get a date that wouldn’t screw…..

          3. brEa5tGr¤PE_/♡♡/\` couldn’t get a date that wouldn’t screw…wow! How times have changed. I saw the dad on the news, poor fellow. The lad had some problems, it’s always something to do with the mother, in time you’ll see, young lads who do these mass killings are always fucked up by the mother.

  2. The accents sound like coming from somewhere around northern Sulawesi province. I could be wrong because he said “boro-boro” which could mean “hurry up”. This word more likely used somewhere else too. But it’s Indonesia for sure.

    1. “boro-boro” is on the menu at my local cantonese restaurant. It’s a bit like chicken in a tomato sauce with black beans. I often ask Chiu (that’s the waiter’s name chiu) what meat it is and he just looks at me like he doesn’t understand.

        1. Hi, Plaster! Sorry for my comments last year being out of synch, ie. the Australian tranny w/axe, etc…… I had originally came to this site when I got online with a cell phone and late at night I had the “light” contrast on the cell on low because the glare on the eyes in the dark at night was hard on the eyes….. I couldn’t see the lines for the board because I had the contrast low as it would go, just enough to see the words of comments, but not see the lines with the black backdrop….. saves battery life too by having cell on low light contrast….. then one day I turned the contrast up and wow all these lines appeared keeping threads in order….. I had been simply using a tiny cell screen and trying to line my replies up in order of the view on cell….. if my reply didn’t show under the comment I replied to, then I would delete it, and rewrite it under a different “Reply” box until it fell in line….. but now I see that my replies were out of whack to the comments I replied to…. as you told me….. so now with bright light on cell, I see all the lines now that I couldn’t see before…..

          So anyway, I wanted to sometime go back to that Tranny w/axe post and redo my comments in line, because that was funny stuff. Funny as a rubber axe!

          1. brEa5tGr¤PE_/♡♡/\` Ha! that’ll teach you to think you can use modern technology. I bet that turned out to be quite an interesting conversation. : )

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            Also, I guess lots of comments I was reading were replies to other comments besides the one they’d intended….. but it seemed to basically make sense just reading it all down scrolled…..

          3. polluted….. Yes, now I can use mod. tech. and go back to those old posts and repost my replies in order to the proper comment I intended….. looks like Vinny is slowing things down here for awhile while he takes a deep breath and practices yoga and gets his wits back about him….. so I will have some time to redo my old comments for posterity sake…..

            Been a while since I seen a comment by plaster….. reminds me of the good old days! I just checked out the Tranny w/axe attack at 7-11….. dethbyplaster changed her name there to “The Artist Formerly Known As Dethbyplaster”……

          4. haha that’s quite funny and i can see the need to explain things to plaster, I don’t have a dumbphone, that’s what i call them, i have an old style flip phone, cost very little and just texts and makes call, i use a pc at home and that’s i. i admire you for keeping away from technology as much as possible. I bet some of those comments made absolute sense to people with a cryptic sense of humour, it would have been hilarious to see them and wonder wtf is going on : ))

          5. Itsplaster won’t respond to me….. I remember once she said she didn’t like me….. (??) Well, maybe she’ll like me now that I reply in correct pattern to proper comments….. I have told her the situation…. it’s up to her to open her heart to me now…. ♡♡

  3. Did driver wished adrenaline no mater what or this is simply accident?
    I know one thing: ONE side wanted for sure and got his adrenaline rush with big price.

    I remember the guy with cam on helmet, running very very fast on clear road but one car driver moving on his side of road which caused direct crash and dead. Motorbike guy just said one “Shit!” before impact.

    If someone know the name of it on BG(Mother of died man agreed that video should be released as warning for others..)?

      1. I drive thing on 2 wheels myself and i want my fellow bike drivers who drive fast to check Best Gore sometimes to see unfortunate heated heads scattered on road and, to be aware that they can be the next.
        No worries however, fresh content will still arrive!

  4. The lighting in this video made it look really cool, gave it a twinkly show-biz look. There is something super creepy about seeing someone with a helmet on with trickles of blood flowing out… You can’t see their face but you can be sure they’re fucked

        1. Hah!!! I’m from there lol… Well, 40 mins or so from there. I remember they were building new sea defense walls and one of the giant sections of concrete fell off a truck making a similar hole in someone’s house… Scary shit!

          1. xsookiex Ha! so those health and safety regs didn’t work. I bet the old girl never thought she’d go out like that. Why did i think you was an american? But you are american just living here. ?

          2. xsookiex I just pictured you in an american rural setting with your horses. I also noticed (and don’t take this as a criticism) but above you spell “Defence” like an american, with a S. It’s no biggie, just me playing Columbo and getting it all wrong. : )

          3. ohhhh i thought u were an aussie sookie, because once you said ‘bogan’ which is an aussie word.

            assumptions eh………

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