Ugly Knee Injury Due to Motorcycle Accident in Thailand

Ugly Knee Injury Due to Motorcycle Accident in Thailand

Best Gore member manonmk had a motorcycle accident about a week ago while on vacation in Thailand, and provided pictures of the knee injury with the following commentary:

Hello! I had a motorcycle incident about a week ago, and I thought about this website to help me get through the pain and reassure me that “it could be worse”. My injured knee looks pretty bad, and after seeing other people’s submissions, I decided to send my pictures.

If you need context, I was the passenger of a motorcycle. My friend was riding, we were on holiday in Thailand, and we took a turn. We glided, on gravel and sand, and my knee kinda… exploded. We spent
2 to 3hours in a hospital to clean the injury. The surgeon cut the skin and tried to stitch it back together. As you can see, it’s not really neat.

Hope you will like the pictures!


Thank you for the pictures and backstory, Manon. And you’re right – it could be worse. Many tourists never make it out of Thailand alive. We wish you speedy recovery.

49 thoughts on “Ugly Knee Injury Due to Motorcycle Accident in Thailand”

    1. And you know what? @Der Kopfsammler? I have a good friend who wanted to start a new life. I learned it when I came back from my trip to Portugal, but, guess what country he chose? Fucking Tha?land…
      I swear I pray for him every night…lol

    2. Well if I had the chance to do it all over again, I definitely would! And the scooter was ok, my friend paid back the insurance but it was pretty cheap 🙂 Scooter still driving, only some scratches on the sides!

  1. Hope you recover quickly….let this Post forever remind you what you should have learned long ago as a member…don’t vacation in Thailand…bad things happen in the land of smiles, lady dongs and flip flops.
    Seriously hope you heal well.

  2. His knee looks like a large sausage with extra cheese, extra tomato sauce pizza.
    Looks yummy. I’m going to ask my mommy if I can order a pizza, but first, I’m going to spark the bong and stare at this picture a little longer. I like pizza. That white part looks very yummy!!!!

        1. Dude, I said that because there is a vagina in your avatar and some vaginas have sometimes been known to have a fishlike odour. Often they are the vaginas that look like the one in your avatar. You can’t tell me that is the cleanest looking vagina, the perineum is discoloured. Honestly I thought you were setting up a joke about vaginas. The mere fact that I made a joke about the way some vaginas smell doesn’t mean I don’t like vaginas. Vagina.

  3. Well, you’re in Thailand… I’m just sayin’, you know. Gotta at least anticipate that that’s gonna happen lol 😀

    All kidding aside, I hope you enjoyed your vacation and more than hoping the knee’s healing well. 🙂

  4. BestGore is where I learnt that Thailand is extremely dangerous for tourists, it’s simply not ‘spoken’ about in the media (they don’t want to be called racist?) Over 110 Aussies die each year in Thailand. Many die in Vietnam, the Philipines and Indonesia each year too.

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