Unexpected Head On Crash Kills Driver of Vehicle with Dashcam

Unexpected Head On Crash Kills Driver of Vehicle with Dashcam

The accident happened on December 8, 2012 at 12:30 pm in Zheleznogorsk, Russia. A driver of a Honda attempted to pass a vehicle on a slippery road, got his Honda into a skid and crashed head on into an oncoming Toyota. 47 year old resident of Zheleznogorsk who was driving the dashcam equipped Toyota died at the scene.

37 year old driver of Honda sustained injuries, but survived. In 2009 he had his driver’s license suspended for driving while intoxicated. The police are investigating whether alcohol played a role in this crash too. What a dumbass. The driver of Toyota didn’t even know what hit him:

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35 thoughts on “Unexpected Head On Crash Kills Driver of Vehicle with Dashcam”

  1. Ok so he is driving on a icy road (probably drunk) and he decides to pass a car without any idea what is in front of him. I can just imagine him right before the crash thinking: “Oh shit, oh shit! Fuck, fuck that may have not been the best idea under the current circumstances” Or something similar.

    Anyway honda bastard should have died as well, hopefully we can see him rapped around a tree or meeting a lamp post in the near future instead of someone else’s car.

  2. I passed a van yesterday when it was snowing like a bitch,,,,fuckin burning out like crazy with my little ass Honda 6 inches off the ground sliding all over the road. But, there wasn’t a car in sight. It seems some people pass even when they know they can’t do it safely.

    Vehicular manslaughter should be life in prison, or the death penalty, depending where you live I guess. I honestly think the family of the deceased should be able to stone them to death. ThaDRIP for president 2016!

    1. That got me thinking… Another camera mounted in the rear interior would clarify incidents as they pertain to the people inside the vehicle. The provision of two vantage points would certainly make documentation and evidence more thorough and comprehensive, no front swivel necessary! :>

      1. @brokes,
        I love a gent, I suspect this offer maybe because your thinking of a new career as a long distance driver though. Apparantly it’s one of the bests job you can have if your a serial killer and want to avoid detection. But then, you obviously know that already.

  3. I live along hwy 101 and in the past few months there have been in excess of no less that 5 wrecks within a two mile radius of my road. So far as I know there have been fatalities in these wrecks. The whole fucking hwy is dotted with crosses.
    And it ain’t even snowing here!

    1. Paint some sharp teeth on the grill of that bad boy, and holler “truck hungry!!!!!” Every time someone in front of you slams on their brakes or someone veers into a head collision with you. Battle cry; feeeeeeed the truck!!!!

  4. There should be zero tolerance for drunk driving by law enforcement. If you ever get caught driving while intoxicated, you should lose your license for good. There’s no fucking excuse for doing it.

  5. I’ve just never understood what the hell is the hurry to get somewhere so fast that you’ve got to do stupid shit like that? I know the guy wasn’t intending to crash or hurt anyone.. I think. But doing stuff like that on icy roads and rushing calls for disaster… And well for my joke: when your Russian for food there’s no time for Stalin.

  6. Imagine how much gore would be available If dashcams were just another device included in all cars, just like air conditioning system or radio. lt will also be useful tool to help police determinate who is guilty. Luckily, there is no snow or winter season where l live, so icy roads and stupid drivers cant bee seen together .

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