Van Turns Into Fireball After Crash on Snow Covered Road

Van Turns Into Fireball After Crash on Snow Covered Road

Car with a dashcam drives down a snow covered road in Russia, an oncoming van loses control and swings in the way of the dashcam car making an imminent collision unavoidable. The impact sends the van into a snow bank and ignites leaked gas, turning the van into a fireball.

Between the crash and the fire, the van went from being a usable vehicle to being an instant write off.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Van Turns Into Fireball After Crash on Snow Covered Road”

    1. @GoreBruthaFromAnothaMutha- Funny!!! I would’ve been so scared if I were in that van! Thinking the van would blow any second like in the movies! Lol. Well, at least they lived and hopefully they got a new van outta the deal.

  1. It almost looks like that the van wanted to pass the big dump truck when they realized that the dash cam car was coming towards them.

    At that point they couldn’t steer back into their own lane and screwed everything up. Too fast, too shitty of a road condition.

    No idea if the dash cam car wasn’t driving with its headlights on but why can’t people just pay fucking attention to simple traffic.

    Besides the road conditions it wasn’t a very complicated traffic situation…

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