Vehicle Explodes After Being T-Boned

Vehicle Explodes After Being T-Boned

I don’t know much about this video but it’s a CCTV footage of a vehicle that looks like a small pickup getting t-boned by a car that failed to stop before crossing the highway. The run into vehicle exploded upon impact into a huge and spectacular fireball. I speculate that the driver was transporting hazardous materials.

I think the driver of the pickup died in the inferno. Driver of the other vehicle may have died too, although someone is seen exiting the car through the passenger door.

38 thoughts on “Vehicle Explodes After Being T-Boned”

    1. excellent wasnt it the close up/slo-mo ?

      digs its way right under the van – ruptures the tank then boom!

      reminded me of the slo-mo’s of the themobaric/fuel-air bomb explosions that we’ve all seen on youtube?

  1. You gotta wonder how something like that could happen, I mean that car just flooring it straight through the t intersection like that. Crazy shit.
    It’s always the ones that cause the accidents that survive, it seems…..

  2. This is why I always advise my children not to wear a seat belt. If you are in an accident and the car catches fire, the seatbelt could melt and you will be unable to unlock it and escape the fire. Remember kids, seatbelts kill!

  3. Reminds me of the car accident I saw few weeks ago. Similar t-boning but no deaths. A lot of flames in one car, smashed up ford, another ford whipped ontop of a few other cars..

    Was pretty cool. Tried to send it to BG but it failed because I couldn’t upload the videos. I’ve got some pretty awesome content trapped on my phone that I’d love to share. Find some crazy things just walking down the street in my city. In the last two months. There’s been about nineteen accidents and seven resulted in deaths. Will try again at some point today to upload.

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