Victim of Fatal Road Accident with Hardly Any Head Left

Victim of Fatal Road Accident with Hardly Any Head Left

And it’s not just his head. Left leg is also destroyed from above knee down.

I don’t have any backinfo about the video, but it shows the aftermath of a road accident. A motorcycle is shown at one point too, so I believe the yellow shirt, pink pans, and black socks wearing man was the biker who got in a collision. Whereas he probably wasn’t wearing a helmet, there’s hardly anything left of his head.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. 😀 good one, thanks you really have good eyes to be able to read it all off this blurry text

          His left hand points a finger to the direction he was going. Reminds me of those old classic kung fu films when someone says their last words while pointing a finger at something… That’s how he went out… Someone should follow in the direction he pointed, maybe there’s an omen, maybe they’ll find something if they keep going and looking 😀

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