Victim of Fatal Traffic Accident Being Photographed and Bagged

Victim of Fatal Traffic Accident Being Photographed and Bagged

A fatal accident occurred in Luziapolis, a municipalities in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. The video shows the victim being bagged, but first he’s flipped on the side to have the fatal wound to the beck of his head photographed. A crowd of flip flop wearers stands guard.

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    1. I hear ya man. Sometimes I wonder if this is hell that we live in. And when we finally meet our makers does it get better. I really don’t believe in afterlife. Just figured I would bring that thought up for us to ponder on.

      1. And ponder on it I have done , on many occasion @nybadguy . To meet our maker is a nice way to put it , but who really knows what awaits us ? . Myth and legend would have it that we do continue on into another dimension , heaven or hell , the afterlife . Apart from those who have briefly passed and returned and shared their experience , we have no way of truly knowing what awaits us , if anything at all .

        One thing is for certain , we are all destined to meet that end , of this life anyway .

          1. Good mate thanks , how are you ? Hope your custody case is going OK fella .

            Yeah man , can’t wait just to chill for a week , step out of the daily grind and relax .

      1. i’m tired of saying this. there is no FUCKING AFTERLIFE!!! once consciousness is extinguished upon death there is no more YOU! this is our fate. accept it. it is a blessing that this ends. what would you do in heaven if you made it there? there is no JIZZING or FOULING of female fv there. without these things it sounds more like Hell!

          1. Haha seriously Mousey, I’ve never seen you this worked up, especially over something like the “Is there life after death” question! Hope everything’s ok buddy.

    1. That’s great man. I’m taking a few days off myself next month. Wife is going away for business. I can’t leave the kids alone all day. Custody is going man. So far its looking good for me. My ex not so much haha. Sometimes you got to teach these bitches not to be a cop caller and make bogus reports on the person that cares for the kids.

      1. Glad to hear it bud . Not the first time I’ve heard of an ex doing that little trick , really is one of the major ball ache’s of a mans life . Stick in there my man , it’ll work out in the end .

  1. If it sucks to be dead? Guess this depends totally on several factors.
    – your worldview (believes about life, afterlife etc.)
    – your personal situation (health, finances, quality of life)
    – the reality

    To summarize it as briefly as possible:
    If you are a materialist/naturalist, you don’t believe in metaphysics and thus no believe in a higher entity as creator or creating force. This concludes that there is no afterlife. As such, this life is all there is and actually we cannot assume that there is more; comparable to what you remember and know before you were born into this world….namely nothing. This life, this moment, thats all there is. (footnote: it then ultimatley does not matter if you died as a friendly guy or a flipflop murder in Brazil. There is no ulitmate justice and argueing for objective moral values is difficult to hold to)

    If you, on the other hand, believe in an afterlife or some force or entity which created us, its getting more difficult but basically lets break this down to two options.
    – Afterlife exists, in form of reincarnation principle: different religions hold to that believe. This can be viewed both ways, either positive or negative, depending on the religious believes in detail (in example in buddhism reincarnation is negative because it is the journey to nirvana, to be freed from dukkha, the suffering)
    – Afterlife exists, in form of monotheistic religions:
    Here details again depend on the specific religious believe but basically, the idea can be generalized to a God, a general term to describe a higher entity which created us; this God as prepared some kind of paradise and to get their our earthly deeds will be judged upon to decide if we are worthy to go to paradise. Christianity kind of glimps out of this, since it is the only religion where our destinty (afterlife) does not depend on our deeds, rather it offers redemption and salvation already on earth, a sort free ticket to heaven.

    Philosophy Berserk Mode still on:
    Wouldn’t it be weird to find ourselves on this earth with a drive for sex but no satisfaction? A drive for eating but no food to consume. A desire for love but no one to share it with? In the same way, we find ourselves as humans around the world with a drive and sense of ultimate justice, and an afterlife. Would it be weird to believe in it?

    To love somebody we need the other person as object of the love and moreover, we need the possibility of choosing to love or not to love. Having this choice means to be able to choose otherwise and opens to way to the opposite of love, namely hate. A world without free choices would mean that we are only puppets in a big maskerade.

    Hope you find this take on your question interesting. Fact is, here at BG we share nice moral values (killing an innocent is cruel, torturing is bad, child porn is nasty stuff which we dont want to see etc.) but its interesting to think about WHY you call it bad/evil and where your morality and values come from.
    If you say there is such a thing as evil, you have to agree to possibilty of good. How do one differentiate? On the basis of a moral law. But how can you argue for this moral law if you don’t believe in the moral law giver?
    All arguments would break down to subjective argumentations and/or trivilizations of the problem.
    If their is such a thing as ultimate justice and afterlife, we better be prepared because options are raw then. Either we didnt prepare and are doomed. Or we believed all ways lead to Rome, but then this turns our to be wrong and we are also doomed, or we followed the right track and are lucky. 🙂
    I believe in a moral law giver, as I believe that we humans are different from animals because we are created beings, namely created in the image of God; giving us destinct differences like possibility of self reflection and talking about such questions, capability to create things out of matter, possibility to go for the good or bad road in life, the longing for ultimate justice, peace, love. And so on.
    If their is an afterlife and ultimate judge, we be
    Damn….now I get BG’ers probably all over me for going totally of topic. Taking the pure interest in death and what humans are capable of doing to others and go crazy berserk in philosophy style. Not what this site is intended to, still, I grabbed my balls and had the guts to post it anyway. No offence intended. Think however and whatever you will.
    Philosophy 301 closed for today….lets go to the Q&A

    1. No morals exist. Like you said, personal opinion there.. What does exist is a vast network of energy that our true “selves” can access if we’re lucky, or truly desire and seek connectedness.. The truth of this energy is the ultimate giver and taker of life. This isn’t space cat is it @acneska?

      1. @Kill to think you may be right. I’ve seen the crimbo/creambo reincarnation so who knows. Sucks to think African shit skin, I mean angel could just as easily reappear.

    2. I have the sense that we just rot and get eaten by the worms. The alternative sounds like fantasy and wishful thinking. A lot of people are walking around in a fantasy land in their own mind. Trust your eyes. I see it, I believe it.

      1. I hear you on that POZ.. I fully surrender to the possibility that I may be living within a self created illusion. Perhaps it was the way I was raised, what I have perceived to be real, or an erroneous personal conviction. However, I personally will never be able to dismiss the undeniable existence of the unknown.

        1. True @Kill . I personally wouldn’t discount anything , my mind is completely open . Until a verifiable truth / reality , is discovered , showing me what either does or does not exist after we pass , I am open to any opinion on the subject , however far fetched or downright crazy those opinions may be .

          That’s the thing with opinions and influences , we’ve all got em .

    3. Quoting you:

      “But how can you argue for this moral law if you don?t believe in the moral law giver?”

      I believe that WE are capable of defining moral law… That WE are capable of absolute good (ProtocolsOfZion, note I am not capitalizing here). I have greater faith in the Fleshy Virus than many here. The sad reality is that there is no divine power. How could there be given the profound evil so well documented on these pages? And if there is no ‘God’ then we are equally responsible for the profound good that surrounds us every day as well. We, as a people, have to choose that good and act on it. We can. We simply don’t.

    4. @Sandworm,

      Philosophy, from the Ancient Greek word philosophia means a love of wisdom and therefore, despite the hijacking of the word by various other groups, should only be used in a rational investigative sense.

      Natural and moral philosophy can be said to be existent to the physical self due to tangible properties whereas religion based philosophies can not.

      Speculation based reasoning requires some form of feedback to be acceptable, example, I do not know what it feels like to have a vagina because I was born a man but I can ask a woman this question and gain feedback, or spend a night in a police cell, which ever comes first I guess.

      I can?t however ask a corpse in a graveyard what it feels like to be dead and buried for obvious reasons, not unless I team up with Herbert West of course.

      Therefore the end result is that speculation about the afterlife is pointless regardless of moral, religious standpoint because of the lack of tangible feedback and we human beings only exist from a physical standpoint anyway, we may speculate that we exist outside of the physical realm but speculation is all that it is.

      Hope however is an extremely interesting concept to behold because it has both physical and psychological properties and is speculative in both a logical and emotional sense.

  2. I met a homeless man today looking through garbage bins for cans.
    I gave him 8.00-all the money I had on me, and a handful of smokes.
    He asked if he could hug me because he was very dirty and filthy. I said yes without hesitation. The true warmth and gratitude I felt from him was proof enough for me that God exists.
    Proof of God is found in the most simplistic of ways and things. I believe we over complicate Him, put Him above and beyond our reach because that’s what We “expect” God to be like.
    The whole time We never stop to realize He’s right there beside us the whole time.
    I have been in several very serious car wrecks, laid in a hospital waiting to die from a rare form of leukemia, been abducted by a nutcases and held prisoner for 5 days, over-dosed a few times, and yet here I stand-healthy, whole, and alive.
    God is that bit of strength when We have none left, that determination when We don’t know how much further We can go, and the part of us that can still stand strong and even smile when life tries to beat us down.
    Don’t look so hard, and then you’ll see Him…

    1. @Concussive Maintenance Glad you are posting again. You are a kind soul as I told you before you will journey well my friend. Most look the other way when it comes to the down and out. I hope that guy bought a warm meal with the money you gave him. I had a guy come up to me about 15 yrs. ago on the street while I was on a pay phone with my boss he was wearing fatigues and had a beard it was cold out and he had frozen snot all over his beard. Had to put one hand in his chest to keep him back while I talked to my boss with the other. This guy had huge bumps on his head leaking clear fluid like he had been beat up bad or had kissed the curb a few times. He asked me for a dollar I told him to wait until I was off the phone but he kept asking. My boss was a very good man he kept telling me to give the guy a dollar, but I told my boss about his condition and told him the last thing this guy needed was a dollar to buy more booze. MY boss said buy him breakfast when we get off the phone. When I hung up I said okay lets go get breakfast he looked at me and said, you ain’t gonna give me a dollar ? I told him the last thing he looked like he needed was another drink. He turned and walked away.

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