Victims of High Fatality Ferry Accident in Tanzania

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Victims of High Fatality Ferry Accident in Tanzania

Passenger ferry MV Nyerere capsized in Lake Victoria a few meters from the dock as it was heading to Ukara Island from Ukara, Tanzania. Up to 200 people are believed to have drowned, but so far only 42 have been recovered.

The ferry had a capacity of 100 passengers, but in addition to cargo, carried somewhere between 400 to 500 passengers.

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    1. if YOU are INSIDE a wagon or a ferry is almost impossible to get out specially if the doors are blocked you will only have around 5 minutes max before loosing conscience for being submerged in water besides that people will just tumble inside the train like lottery balls while hitting the water. If you look at the army training they do train in similar circumstances I mean they are submerged in a helicopter upside down in a pool of water , and watching the videos of that training you can see that only around 35 percent(1 in 3) make it out the rest gets first disoriented and second they only have a very few minutes of air so they will just pass out, now add on top of that if they where actually injured too.

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  1. With all the continuing Newscasts pertaining to People drowning because of overloaded, & capsized Ferry’s happening on a regular basis. Why the Fuck do Captains, and the dummy’s on board still decide to take a chance with their lives and agree to go across in it when they damn well know that it is way too overloaded to begin with??? And when having 4 times the capacity to safely operate.

    1. @thedre

      The night before:

      “Now tell me young lady, if all of your friends jumped onto a ferry, would you jump too?”
      “But if I don’t, I’ll be friendless.”
      “If they’re all dumb enough to get on board a quadruple-overloaded boat, you’re not gonna have any friends left before much longer anyway. If you’re smart you’ll live long enough to make new friends, preferably the kind with an IQ higher than the sum of all their fingers and toes counted together. Now go to your room, you’re grounded for the next twenty-four hours.”
      “I hate you!” *slams door*
      *sighs* “What will it take before she wises up?” *looks out the window to where the ferry is docked for the night* “Hmmm…”

    1. I thought you could be wrong and checked the numbers. I wish I did’t do it. 100 boats with 100 people a day will come down to 3.65M a year. African population growth is currenly around 32M a year. Expected to double by 2050 and then probably double in another 50 years. Thanks god I’ll be dead by then.

      1. Both of you have forgotten to take into consideration the future children that will not be born due to a single boat sinking. This single boat could = many tens of thousands of future generations not being born. You have underestimated the positivity from a single boat sinking, trust me.

    1. ahhaha, if you sit and wait for the ferry “with a few people” you will NEVER get to your destination, there is a reason why they are overcrowded, just like new York train system sometimes, people need and want to get to their destination, so if its crowded is crowded otherwise you will have to sleep at the station and never get home

  2. They all look wonderfully peaceful now. I highly doubt that they have ever once in their lives been peaceful… I can imagine them shouting when they talk “LOOK AT ME, I WANT, I WANT I WANT” lmfao

    On a side note, many of they are overweight. Isn’t there supposed to be a famine in Africa? WTF is Bob Geldof talking about?

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  4. what they don’t tell you about ferry accidents is that they INSTANTLY flip over, unlike regular ships, because they have so much vehicular weight down below. In one second you are under the boat, and all the cargo is falling down on you from above, preventing your rise to the surface. Hence, the number of fatalities.

    I remember taking the night ferry to Bali from Java, and they just kept us inside the bus down below, their engines still running to keep the AC working…and I was just thinking, as the storm started buffeting the boat around, how totally fucked I was if it started taking in waves.
    From that point on, I flew instead…extra cost and all.

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