Video of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

Video of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

Video of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

I got this video with a claim that it shows the helicopter crash in which basketball player Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gianna Maria Onore Bryant died on Sunday January 26, 2020 in Calabasas, California. The vocabulary of the people behind the video is limited to three words, so this does indeed suggest it was filmed in America.

There were nine people aboard the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter and all nine reportedly died.

Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was the top three all-time scorer in the NBA and won five NBA championships, however not even a full day before his untimely death, LeBron James broke his scoring record. Two days before that, LeBron met with Bill Clinton – interesting coincidences…

Props to Best Gore members @shegone707 and @prany7 for the video:

Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash was predicted on Comedy Central in 2016:

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180 thoughts on “Video of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash”

        1. I’d never even heard of this guy. But from what I’ve heard since his death has been on re-run of all MSM since it happened hasn’t really impressed me.
          Needing to take a helicopter to a kids basketball game in the same city? WTF.
          It makes me annoyed (not envious) that someone can make millions upon millions of dollars by bouncing a ball up and down a court. Seriously?
          What about the scientist that worked hard for decades developing a non fossil based fuel that could save the planet. No one will ever know his name…….

        2. Yeah but he was flying the white chopper with blue stripes that day. Tail number N72ex , it was a Sikorsky S-76B built in 91. Bought from Illinois auction. He wasn’t in the dark chopper. Kylie Jenner had also rode in this helicopter with Dream. And the same pilot. Kobe wouldn’t allow any other pilot to charter him. Hmmmm. And he kills him. Also he and his wife had a pact never fly together in a copter. Good plan.

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        1. Yes, FaggotNiggerball. Grown men wear $100 Jerseys with the names of other men on their backs or fronts all the time, and in typical circumstances, and think it’s normal. Ironically the millionaire players who wear the jerseys with their own names only wear them while playing. The Jews are one thing, but we need another holocaust for sports fans.

      1. Myself, i will save my condolences for the other 7 people who are un-named/unreported [And so, by that implication, it seems, do not matter as much as Bryant and his daughter]
        Yeah, they may have not been “American Heros”, but they had families and friends who loved them JUST as much as Bryants family and friends,… and who will be equally devastated by the deaths of their loved ones.
        No offence is meant to you @hoxkuldur Sir-Hoxkuldur.
        It is just a point that i felt it necessary to make.

    1. Yeah fake video, definitely speaking some camel language. I’m so sick of hearing about this false idol fliver lipped monkey fuck WHO GIVES A FUCK!!?? I hope his charred mangled corpse surfaces somewhere I want make a t shirt of it and watch all the retard lemmings cry. I live in commiefornia about 30 min away from the crash and that is all people are talking about. Fuck basketball and fuck Kobe Bryant rest in piss

      1. I know he touched many peoples hearts and a hotel janitor lady in the 2,000s
        So a lot of people loved him.
        He was the hero of many men without father figures. Don’t worry it will die down in a couple days after the corona virus kills another couple hundred then another star will die to distract the public once again.

      1. False sensation of movement or rotation (vertigo)
        Feeling dizzy
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        Other sensations like floating or swimming, she didn’t die she just threw up everything she had eaten for breakfast

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  2. LeBron passes Kobe for 2nd on the list of all-time scoring leaders on Saturday night in Philadelphia, which happens to be where Kobe grew up.
    About 40 minutes later Dwight Howard goes on to say “we should appreciate people while they’re alive”, when asked about LeBron passing Kobe.
    “Passing Kobe” Then dies 12 hours later.
    Ok I’m just creeping myself out now.

  3. @badanddy: this one’s for you.

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          1. @empty-soul

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    1. Unfortunately he bought a helicopter at an auction with an “as is” sign on the windshield. No warranty, in other words. The pilot probably had little to no training and got his license to fly through correspondence courses.

  4. Was he some sort of elite sacrifice? Is there some sort of connection to Whitney Houston’s death before the Grammys in 2012? Did they have time to rehearse and make changes to their Grammy awards to mourn Kobe Bryant’s death?

  5. Hellihoopter… ok… so Kobe passed away unfortunately with the rest as well… R.I.P … I’m no Basketball fan at all, but it’s a headline news anywhere in social media such as FB.. etc. First of all an example on FB .. everyone cried like a little btch.. about Kobe saying R.I.P we will miss you blah blah.. b’ches.. he wasn’t the only one on that choppa! Then media saying regarding his wife how much she has to go through w/o the father will go through such hardship/traumatize… b’ches, that man just plays basket ball sports making millions just whatever logo’s, then how he was so important from a fan of his how he was so special getting an autograph on his jersey, to me it would of been different helping out his community get their shit straighten out… then maybe maybe i’ll give him that to be much of a legend! However, we have fallen SOLDIERS that are Hero’s that died/sacrifice for this country… a basketball that they play on! Do they get same recognition? By the way, R.I.P his daughter and the rest of the passengers!

  6. Ugh. I feel for anyone who goes down in an aircraft…except KB. I feel for the kids and their families but…Ugh…The networks spent ten, TEN minutes on a filthy rich entitled arrogant SPORTS figure…While we have a planet full of real trouble and at least a billion ‘not-filthy/rich/entitled/arrogant sports figures; fellow human beings, dying, starving, being maimed and dispossessed as fatass Americans are watching the evening “news”…all obsessed with…KB.
    The world has moved on.
    I want off.

    1. @laurawrzewski
      I was working Laura, I shut off my tv 8 years ago.
      & I do NOT’ have a fAt aSs*, .(… but I did listen to the radio at noon today, and i too was confused by the news about so many people mourning the death of a dark skinned rapist,… that was skilled at throwing a ball into a hOOp !!
      Just relax & go for a walk
      , then turn off your interweBz*

  7. I hope you all know that Kobe was a Satanic Sacrifice. Look up their calendar and do your research. These people sell their souls for fame, money, and sex, and his contract with Satan expired.

    He has been replaced with Lebron because Kobe is no longer relevant and refuses to bring the elites income by being a sportscaster or wearing women’s clothing to aid the genderblurring agenda.

  8. Yes, the video is fake af, but at least here we can say whatever we feel without YouTube’s ADL/SPLC -approved censorship. So sick of all these ƝℹᏵᏵΣƦ lovers virtue-signaling everywhere. At first I didn’t care about this ƝℹᏵᏵΣƦ’ჽ death, but now I’m so sick of hearing about it , that I am thankful that he’s been made good. Good, as in dead.

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