Vietnamese Man Merrily Walking Down Road at Night Destroyed by Passing Bus

Vietnamese Man Merrily Walking Down Road at Night Destroyed by Passing Bus

In Vietnam, a man walking merrily down the middle of the road in the middle of the night got hit and destroyed by a passing bus. The CCTV footage of the accident makes it look like the bus took the guy for a bit of a ride, and tossed him into the ditch a distance from where it first hit him.

It looks like the bus driver continued on his merry way. It could have been one of those sleeper buses, and seeing that the accident occurred around 3am local time, the passengers were probably asleep. Nobody saw anything, so we’re not stopping.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Vietnamese Man Merrily Walking Down Road at Night Destroyed by Passing Bus”

    1. i can tell u modern buses are far aways from being safe in general,,,
      their flat front are deadly for pedestrians ,,

      the manufactures could easily make the front part more aerodinamic in order to kick the pedestrian out of the way with out running thme over,,, and many other safe mecanism that should already be implemnted

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      This Gook was Maximum Overdriven.

      1. Me: “Why is the bus so late? I’ll call the driver and see what’s taking him so long.”
        Bus Driver: “Herrow?”
        Me: “What the fok was that!?”
        Bus Driver: ” Sorree gotta go”

  1. does not look real to me, he does not acknowledge the bus at all nor does the bus attempt to swerve or even acknowledge him. cant see anything of him afterwards on the road or whatnot. Just my eyes and too many beers?

  2. Totally the pedestrians fault. Walked right out on the road with an on coming bus about 500 yards away. The bus had to be going 60 mph.
    He appeared to be waving for the the bus to go around him. Now the bus driver has to take time out of his driving to peel his corpse off the front and wipe off the splattered brain matter.

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  4. You can see him on the side of the rode after the hit. It is small and barely noticeable. I bet if you zoomed in you could see him flicking the bus off while on the ground.

  5. There he is!!

    You hear a smack, then you see his body resting alongside the meridian on the road. If you look just to the left of the whited out road sign, (just above the smaller sign that reads “rea,”) you can see his lifeless corpse kissing the meridian.

    At least the poor bastard has the possibility of having an open casket. However, his balls are probably lodged up against his tonsils.

  6. Brutal.
    Gives a new meaning to ‘sleeper bus’.
    A sleeper bus is not an overnight bus with sleeping facilities for passengers, (you fools), it is a bus where the driver is literally asleep whilst driving haha.

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