Vietnam Police Officer Cut in Half After Bad Accident (extremely graphic video)

Vietnam Police Officer Cut in Half After Bad Accident (extremely graphic video)

This is quite easily the most extraordinary video I have posted on Best Gore yet. A police officer from Vietnam was run over by a truck. As he got caught between the wheels, his body was literally split in half through his midsection, leaving motionless legs laying separately from upper body. Now – this for sure is not the first nor last video of a man cut in half after a bad traffic accident, what makes it extraordinary is the way this police officer is still aware of himself and how he calmly speaks to bystanders.

If you look at the video closely, you will see how he attempts to sit up a couple of time, but an attempt fails cause he doesn’t have any lower body. So he just kind of picks at his skin that’s ripped just above his stomach lining. He’s nervously rolling his innards like you would roll a boogie between your fingers when you’re waiting in doctor’s office for a painful injection. I don’t speak any Vietnamese, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was telling everyone to just stare at him while he stuffs his guts back inside. I can’t believe noone even tried as little as to comfort him by wiping sweat off his forehead or holding his hand.

I can’t believe how he’s still conscious and talking. He should be fainting and unable to speak as blood pressure must have gone to shitter after he was cut in half. Brutal video, likely ranking as one of the most graphic videos we have on Best Gore. A true hall of famer right there. Video is not for faint of heart. Do not watch if your stomach can’t handle extremely graphic content:


Below is the picture of one Peng Shulin from China. He was cut in half by a large truck in 1995. Miraculously, Peng Shulin survived despite severe trauma and after he went through hands of 20 doctors, they actually put him together and mounted him atop of device that allows him to walk again. I do not know for sure whether the video and this picture are related. Everything suggests that they are not, for apparently the video really depicts a Vietnamese police officer, whereas Peng Shulin is Chinese. Either way, it’s astounding how much human body can endure:

Peng Shulin of China was Cut in Half in an Accident but Survived

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yeah that disgusted me too how he was laying there playing with his torn guts. Jesus I wonder what is going through his mind. The thoughts… And my 1st thought was how the fuck is this guy going to piss again? From being cut down from 5-9 or whatever to about 3 feet in height. Sick video though. One of the best Ive seen on BG no doubt. Id tell someone to shoot me in the head immediately and put me down. I could never live like that.

  1. Intense video. I wouldn’t want to suffer from major injury in Vietnam. Instead of assisting me in any way, everyone would either drive by or stop to take a picture of me. No comfort from people whatsoever.

    1. I am a vietnamese canadian. Have lived in Canada since I was 5 years old. People have to understand certain things in third world countries. The #1 thing is they are crooked as hell. I think there is two main reasons why no one helped and even enjoy the man in pain. #1 He’s a cop and most likely a comunist. When you get into an accident there or anything that involves the cops bribbing you out of money, you can be sure it’s gonna take place. Beautiful and cheap place to visit but us tourist needs to be careful in respect to being bribe. Oh you bumped into me? just give me $5 and were good. oh you step on my shoes and now it’s dirty, just give me $5 and were good. oh you crash your car into mine , although it’s my fault just give me $100 and were all good. #2 all these cops are crooked as hell! Like I said, gorgeouse ,cheap place to visit but just don’t break no rules. You won’t go to jail, instead just dish out some money. After saying that, it’s still cheap. You get into a serious accident, $100 US will do it. Beers are about .50c, a bowl of pho’ soup is around the same, A clean girl for 24 hours is about $20-$40 for you horny basturds. You bring about $2500-$3000, you can party,buy and vacation to your content ( full out party rocking all day and night). Did I mention the plain ticket 2 way is included in that. I myself can never stand and let someone suffer no matter who they are but I can kinf of understand if you live there being poor and cops are always finding ways to even milk the poor. Over time you slowly loss your kind streak.

  2. Amazing video. Hope the guy survived, but he’s gonna have a pretty difficult life if he did.

    Seeing as the video has people with modern cellphones in it, I don’t think this is video of the Chinese guy from 1995.

  3. Watching this video, I am hugely disappointed and saddened by both the Vietnamese government and society.

    What they’re discussing and arguing over and over is that someone should call “a number”, which I assume would be a 12-digit phone number equivalent to the 3-digit 911. From what I understand is that the ordinary people seem to be quite pessimistic about this man’s chances of surviving. You also hear a guy saying in the background that calling (the ambulance or whomever) is not worth it since he’s dying at some point sooner or later. The woman towards the end asks the man for his home phone number to which he replied angrily: “I don’t know, I’m about to die here.”

    My aunt died a few years back due to a collision that seemed harmless. She was fine until 3 days later when she went into a coma and died from a gradual developing head trauma. Helmets would’ve surely prevented this.

    1. Hi Gipfeli,

      I concur with you, and it saddens me that no one is helping him. I don’t agree with the Vietnamese society and the government, either.

      I also hear another women mid-way and towards the end telling the officer to say out loud, “Jesus, please save me”, over and over again. This video shocks me way more than others that I have seen.

      I am sorry to hear about your aunt’s death.

    2. That bitch at the end was yelling at him. I wanted to know what she was saying. I fugured it was his wife. Thode Vietnamese bitches always sound like they are yelling at you. Whether if its to say I love you or I love you long time.

  4. This is so disgusting, sickening, I got sick after watching this and poor man was video taped for the world to watch how tragic he died. Nobody was curteous enough to cover him and call for help. Do you want your love one to die this way, like a commercial show?

  5. Where is the moral and privacy? This is not a show for public, it’s tragic enough to die this way, and no one tried to help or do anything other than walking around or taping him; even put it on internet.

  6. Uhhhh, Kat- If you object so vociferously to the “public show” of this awful accident, WHY THE F___ are you on this site WATCHING such things? Kinda hypocritical if you ask me. Of course nobody asked me, but there ya go. You sure have a right to your oppinion as much as anyone, but- uhhh- oh, never mind.

  7. Pain must have been awful, the guy was trying to get up and knowone helped him! sure he was probably going to die but helping and fullfilling his commands in his last moments of life could have put him in at rest/peace, but then that would have made it look like someone cared, nice cellphone guy!!!!

  8. He’s not half the man he used to be!

    My first post here. I’m glad there’s a place people can be objective about what’s happening. That’s the way to progress. Those people a little pessimistic around him. They don’t know much about modern medicine. Unfortunately in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, when something this serious happens, you realize the emergency services are like in the Middle Ages. Very pitiful.

    I’m surprised there’s not more blood. Maybe it has started clotting. The pain may be awful or there may be none. In such wounds either there are no pressure pain cells where the damage is or the body shuts them down at times. Even with a simple broken rib, you have to wait for people with medical equipment, that’s all these people can do after alerting an emergency centre. Maybe there should be billboards all over saying “somebody SHOULD call an ambulance as soon as they see such an event, somebody SHOULD answer the phone and dispatch an ambulance with a medical team and and somebody SHOULD pay their wages.” It’s not so hard to accomplish what’s done in Europe and North America. It’s just politics and some expensive equipment maybe. As Gipfeli says, there’s no telling what damages may have happened. People get brain trauma that after an accident isn’t apparent and they feel fine for hours. Helmets, seat belts, very important.

  9. A few things I left out:
    The blood I was expecting to see more of was on the exposed internals. It seems to have all rolled off.
    I wonder how it smells.
    This should make us think about what we do to animals in the wild, in slaughterhouses and in our homes, like whales, seals, sharks, endangered species, cows and sheep, etc.

    1. i bet it smells like meat =], and fuck the animals and whales, they are delicious and fun to kill.

      If you are wondering, it probably smells like blood, blood usaly overwhelms everything, this is especially more so to head explosions. It first smells kinda like electricity, then pure iron.

  10. Hey OUCH- I can’t believe you actually “left something out” of your first post. Do you always talk this much? And don’t equate people with animals. ANIMALS ARE FOOD AND CLOTHING. Kill ’em, gut ’em, skin ’em, EAT ’em. Sometimes you can even “Cook ’em” first. I love the flesh between my teeth.

  11. hey licky-louie, why not? Animals have the same feelings as people. They hurt as much. Have you heard of endangered species? If you keep eating whale and shark fin soup, there’s not going to be any left for you to eat and the ecosystem will change. You don’t have to eat every last one. There are other species too. I’m sure you can wear cotton clothing instead of leather and fur. See what’s happening to Kenny Glenn? He didn’t even sratch the cat or even hit it, but was slapping it. Animals are protected against cruelty by law and public opinion too these days. Watch what’s done to seals and the live skinning of dogs and vicious handling of cats for fur and food, primarily in China.

    1. Not everybody knows what to do in a situation like that and only a few people actually know what to say to someone who’s suffering. We are here on the internet watching this and we are horrified, this video is actually labeled as “the most extraordinary”… so, watching it live is definitely much more intense. Those watching were probably in shock too and they didn’t now what to do.

  12. impressing, his body must have being very numb to not feel and stay so calm, asides that, must be the shock too,its so amazing how he is still conscious and awful at the same time, cause I wouldnt like to be conscious and with my hands discover that my lower half is missing, most be very horrible. And people where just staring, it was so cruel when he reached his hand like asking for help. Maybe those could have being that mans last moments, fortunately not, but still,no one cared to accompany him. >:/

  13. I’ll say this, at least he wasn’t in Cambodia. Those people would have stood there, taken pictures, and they probably would have taken all of his belongings and left him to die without a shirt on. That either has to be the most painful thing ever Ever (that’s including the heartache of seeing your ween hanging out in the street and detached from you) or the most oddly painful way to go (meaning you think it would hurt more but somehow the body has stopped sending pain signals cuz it’s obvious you’re broken). Dag yo.

  14. you last few sick fucks should die by having your flesh burned from your body but 1st you should have all limbs cut off.. and fed to ya.. think hostel, old school texas chainsaw, and hannibal.

    1. I heard that is possible since there is a type of surgery out there…where they cut you in half (basically to stop the spread of a cancer…things like that) and you’re put back together. I forgot the name of the surgery…all I remember is that it began with an H. In this guy’s case, there really is no hope if he was like that for an hour.

  15. “Dong Nai traffic officer killed by truck

    A traffic police officer was hit by a truck and killed at work early Friday in the southern province of Dong Nai.

    Nguyen Thanh Trung, 24, was finalizing a traffic ticket when a truck driven by Duong Ngoc Thao, 26, from the south central province of Ninh Thuan, sideswiped him.

    Trung was rushed to a nearby general hospital but soon succumbed to the injuries.” – source VNA

    -There, now he has a name. Heres the link to the actual news article about this:

  16. Amazing video….and yes, extremely sad. I don’t agree with the self-righteous boneheads who condemn people for putting stuff like this on the Internet. I think people NEED to see this stuff….because accidents like this occur when idiots are talking on their cell phones, changing tunes on their iPods, or drinking and driving. If people will realize that MOST OF THIS shit happens because of drivers acting irresponsibly, there wouldn’t BE so much to watch on the ‘net.

    Keep it coming, BestGore! People NEED to see this stuff!

  17. DAMN….Blood and Gore doesn’t usually make me cringe, but watching this definatley made me, It also brought bck some bad memories, this happaned to one of my friends at school, she was crossing a rail road bridge as a shortcut home and the train came hurdling down the tracks splitting her in half, sadly like the man she was still alive after impact, i dont know how long she lived but it must haed been an excruciating death. the crash also killed 2 of her friends.

  18. Officer Nguyen Thanh Trung, my sorrow and condolences to you and your family. I thank you for your service to the community as a police officer and wish I could have been there by your side to help you and comfort you. Rest in poeace my brother.

  19. Officer Nguyen Thanh Trung, my sorrow and condolences to you and your family. I thank you for your service to the community as a police officer and wish I could have been there by your side to help you and comfort you. Rest in peace my brother.

  20. I’m not sure what research you did to uncover the story here but I had to do my own to see if the two are related. I have no absolutes but I think that these are infact the same people from what I uncovered. There are a lot of sites that relate these two photos and there is no mention of this being an vietnam officer other than this site. Regardless, whatever country this guy is from, I’d like to go there and smack a few people around. How can noone even bend down to comfort this guy? Stupid!! I am so proud to be an American.

    1. 1. Chinese Egg Cup Guy (1995 accident) is NOT the same person as this Vietnamese police officer (2009 accident).
      2. For those denouncing the actions of the bystanders, perhaps you need to realize the various conversations taking place. This is what I’ve interpreted (I’m Vietnamese) as conversations amongst the bystanders:

      “Do you have the phone number of your house?” (asked of the officer)

      “What’s the phone number at your house?” (asked of the officer)

      “His internals are still intact…”

      “Check his pockets (for the phone number).”

      “Does he know the number? (Another bystander responds, “He said why need the number, I’m not going to survive.”)

      “They’ve already been called.” (I’m assuming emergency responders.)

      “Have you called them? They’ve already been called.”

      A woman shouts to the officer, “Make a prayer to be saved! Make a prayer to be saved! Say it loudly!!!” Officer responds, “I’m dying!”

      SO, for all you passing judgment, shame on you! The bystanders aren’t heartless; they’re just limited by what they can actually do to help.

      1. Yeah…I admit I was passing judgement. The first time I watched the video I was so disturbed by it. Ever since looking into Elizabeth Short’s death I’ve been disturbed by anyone getting sliced in half. I just jumped to the conclusion that the bystanders weren’t doing anything. So…last week I watched the video again and I was more observant. I saw one of the bystanders with a phone and asking a question…also in the background I saw someone controlling the traffic so there wouldn’t be any future problems. My bad. :-/ Thanks for translating though!

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