Vintage Photos of Women Dead in Car Accidents

Vintage Photos of Women Dead in Car Accidents

Gore is as old as human race itself. We’re just a bunch of fragile, vulnerable pieces of worthless flesh wrapped around mind that likes to draw blood. While photography has not been around all that long, given that we’re still those worthless pieces of flesh, it’s only natural that right from its beginning, photography has been used to capture whores and gore. This is a small collection of vintage photos featuring women who died in car accidents. These were quite possibly high class whores serving men with status. They are all dressed up in outfits that would have been deemed skimpy few decades back and happen to be casually located inside poshy automobiles.

If my theory is right, then they died the way they had lived. Filthy! They were quite possibly good in bed, though. The golden age of blowjob is the thing of the past. Finding a slut who can blow without going chainsaw on your junk or one who can take it deeper than half through the head is a tricky bit of business. Back then sluts would even die on your crotch. Ahhh well!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. In the main photo this page or very last photo in group, look at the back of her hand. She has a tattoo. It says “Ric… something” Is that Ricky, or Rick?”

    Anyway, way back then, if a woman had a tattoo she was either a back-ally sailor’s whore or a slave… maybe both.

    Just some old whores that didnt’ live to be grandmothers.

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