Violent Crash Between Motorcyclists and Car Happens Right in Front of Cameraman

Violent Crash Between Motorcyclists and Car Happens Right in Front of Cameraman

A motorcyclist standing on the side of the road was filming traffic, when a pair on a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed collided with an oncoming car right in front of him.

The cameraman did a good job capturing the crash, and the trajectory through the air the bikers followed before landing at a distance from the crash site.

By the sound of it, the language spoken in the video is Russian.

This happened in Belarus. 17 year old girl died, boy was taken to hospital in critical condition, but there has been no further update on how he’s doing ot whether he survived in the end. Props to Best Gore member @iartemx for the info.

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70 thoughts on “Violent Crash Between Motorcyclists and Car Happens Right in Front of Cameraman”

    1. what bikes did you own? 🙂
      What is the difference between the motorcycle with the go pro and the car? The motorcycle was clearly waiting for the “going to crash” motorcycle to pass. But the car fails to see the bike.

        1. but please answer me , what bikes did you own. You missed my point..The “camera man” saw the bike so he waited but the car didn’t see it. Watch again , the car moved suddenly after stopping. The incoming biker might think “okay the car stopped for me” but then suddenly the car makes the turn. causing a crash. This whole time the car driver didn’t see the motorcycle at all and was slow to turn.

          If he really stopped to check the road before making the turn and failed to see the biker then maybe he needs medical glasses.

          1. I own five motorcycles myself and I have the intelligence to know when to watch out for dumb-fucks on the road… especially when you’re not surrounded by metal as you are in an automobile and if you have a pair of ears… the jackass on the motorcycle obviously accelerated as he approached said dumb-fuck…

            This a random act of stupidity on both ends of the spectrum…

  1. The girl’s helmet wasn’t a perfect fit/tightened up. Her pretty hair is all over the asphalt with no helmet. That is why boys and girls Get a perfect size helmet.

    You can see the black helmet flying in air , lmao.

  2. Seriously, no doutb thats the reason russia just down the drain.. they just look like kind of retarded people… just look at all the videos of car crashings on youtube and 99.99999% of all the accidents are for very stupid driving reason

    1. because they are legally required to put a camera onto their vehicles. Other countries don’t. So most videos come that way from russia.

      More over most motorcyclists from around the world always use a Go pro to record their experince/ ride and just incase if an accident happen they can prove they were not wrong.

      1. I know what your point is, I drive every day for more than four hours, I have seen tons of accidents, “accidents in the whole sense of the word” no some non sense russian dude making a u turn without looking what’s coming or no stopping on a cross walk even when there is people “crossing” among many other things…

  3. The biker looked for troubles….way too fast
    The car driver has the sun in his eyes…..difficult to see anything….
    Riding a bike has nothing to compare with a 4 wheels vehicle…….
    One gold rule for a biker …….do not trust anyone(same in life)
    Assumptions……..are not welcome….the risks are enormous……
    A good Biker thinks…. Instead of guessing

  4. Both at fault. Another d-bag rice biker going way too fast thinking he owns the road, and the blind driver of the car who pulled in front of the idiot, even though it was a straight stretch of road where he could not miss seeing the biker coming.

  5. Madness that screen cap. you can clearly see both wheels on each vehicle folding under the force, but the dudes arms are as straight as an arrow and have yet to catch up. a millisecond of life and death captured in all its glory.

    1. I totally agree. You can tell by the bikers reaction to the driver. They BOTH knew the bike was coming but A) car had no indicators and B) it slllloooooowwwwwllly pulled out.
      Even though the bike was travelling at light speed he could see that people were waiting for him to pass. Its the Car drivers fault 100%.

      And thats coming from someone who hates poxy road-hoggin, lane-weavin death-wish bikers.

    1. Yeah doesn’t matter the bike was way over the speed limit, if that’s the case. To me the car driver should be able to see anything oncoming no matter what speed. Depends on how good their eyesight is. Anyway taking a risk on a bike with the amount of retards on the road IMO. It’s probably 50/50 bike speeding and cars incompetence.

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