Wait For It – 4 Minutes of Boring Traffic Video Concludes with Head Crack

Wait For It - 4 Minutes of Boring Traffic Video Concludes with Head Crack

Here we have four minutes of rather boring traffic footage which ends with a cherry on top in form of a really nasty motorcycle accident aftermath. Wait for it!

Two accidents occurred on a short stretch of highway in EspΓ­rito Santo, Brazil on November 29, 2013. One of the accidents was fatal.

A passenger in a car filmed the video with his low resolution cell phone camera and most of it is just footage of bumper to bumper traffic in the opposite direction due to an accident on that end, but then their vehicle comes to the scene of fatal accident in their lane and even though of that one there are only a few seconds of footage, the severity of head trauma makes up for it.

A motorcyclist managed to crack his face wide open. His helmet is right next to him, which tells me he either didn’t wear it, or did not have it properly secured. He must have run into something at a high rate of speed face first. I think his brain is next to his motorcycle seat. Poor fucker even wore proper footwear, not flip flops for the ride.

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          1. @reality I went to medical school for almost 2 years until I decided it was too boring and depressing for me, I wanted to do something more with gore…

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            Until next time, stay safe during this silly season πŸ˜†

      1. @ Rotten Stench…… Good to see you.

        I have a shit load of favourites and always suggest to new members to start from page 1 and form their opinion from there πŸ˜‰

        It really is quite confronting.

        1. @spider
          I’ve read that you suggest reading from page 1 when someones new.
          Its not easy to bookmark a page and get back to where you left off. I know because I read whole back cataloge before posting.
          You can’t even search the page no.

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  1. why the fuck is it that in 90% of our motorcycle death scenes they spend just as much, if not even MORE TIME videoing the fucking bike??? WHO THE FUCK cares about a broken jap-job, when there’s (in most cases) a VERY interesting looking leaking broken jap lying there to video.

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  2. Sooo glad a fast forwarded to 3:21 instead of watching that whole shitty quality video…blaaaaaah..I’m too hungover..possibly drunkover to watch that blurry wobbly looking thing….wait..maybe that’s just my vision..ehh anywho nice ending sucks that it was sooo short..definitely worth it though…ooof..the street ate his face…ikkk…

  3. Picture said it all so no need for video eating my bandwidth :mrgreen:……….. Yeah righto πŸ˜€

    Off topic……..

    Best Gore is the only place where I can say what I like and not get banned so gotta love that.

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      1. Political correctness is a form of totalitarian mind control I say. Fuck political mindncontrol. When I was a jailguard I’d discuss the problem of islam and other issues concerning race/ immigration. Some were lib, some conservative. They generally are in favor of gun control which I dead against.

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  5. crutch of fuck… worse goddamn bike luck right there.
    ..full face kevlar/ fiber helmut perfectly intact looks like the handlebar grips perferated right thru eyeshields and into kid’s head

    stories in the body bike AND HELMUT l that look unscathed

    1. meh, its not like that
      in some of them you gonna find other things like alive thieves, predators, corrupt officers, sometimes you even going to runover a horse or any other animal in the road
      almost lost a friend last year but the horse ended in his passenger seat

  6. Looks like his brain ejected out of his face. That’s an interesting image.

    And yeah, this is why I don’t drive a motorcycle. No matter how good of a driver you are, you just can’t trust the other drivers around you. I’ve had 2 accidents in the last year that were the fault of the other driver, and just today I had 3 different people pull out in front of me who I definitely would have hit were it not for my snow tires. They pull out when there’s not a big enough gap in traffic, then madly spin their tires like an idiot trying to get going. Every year it’s the same shit too, people seem to forget what fucking snow is. The sky is falling… ahhh!

    1. Ever hear if spanky Spangler? Dropping In a car from a crane down into other cars. I loved that shit. One of my b day presents was a vhs called car wars. All manner of racing mishaps and cool stunts. It had rally, drag, stunts, old stock car, even the dakkar ! Got me into the world of motors. Fuck , I still wanna race and I’m 30 lol.

      1. never heard of him! i’ll have to yutube and torrent the shit outta that name now πŸ˜‰
        i love, live and breath cars
        *rather jump into my dirty overalls and build rat rods with my uncles and guy friends than get dragged to “lunch or mall and listen to fucking boring earload of gals clucking about clothes…
        #metal under my ass -vrooom
        #metal music in my ears- Booom

  7. I think we should start taking bets on the next famous person to die and appear on bestgore. It’s always a generic average Joe (not that I’m complaining) killed in a stereotypical (by bestgore standards) way. And I don’t mean Paul Walker famous. I mean someone political or something, killed in an insanely graphic and interesting way. Any suggestions? I know there are enough wayward and creative minds to come up with a few that would be amazing.

  8. Whoever filmed this must have had Parkinson’s disease or something.
    The video stabilizer filter didn’t help and just killed the quality of the video. Probably filmed vertical too so got to crop that out further reducing the resolution.
    (In a Jon Lovitz voice) “It stinks!”

  9. It would be interesting to see if a mortician could reconstruct his face for an open casket funeral. If that’s what his family wants. I think it could be done, but the undertaker would need a lot of good, quality, pictures to work with. Money would be a factor, too. I have a feeling his family is going to settle for a closed casket, or cremation.

  10. Holy shit!!..everytime i see this guys face i just keep thinking craterface…ugh..I’m sure this was incredible to see in person..yes its tragic..but i find it intriguing..how the fuck did this particular injury happen..this norcos kicking my ass……..zZzZzZ…

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