What The Hayl – Privileged Female Driver and Redneck Trucker Meet on Road

What The Hayl - Privileged Female Driver and Redneck Trucker Meet on Road

The awesome “What The Hayl!?!” takes place at 0:34 – I could listen to that whole day 😀

This video demonstrates what happens when two extremes meet on a road. On one hand we have a privileged blonde female driver in a Passat. On the other we have a redneck professional truck driver in an 18 wheeler.

The female driver, used to driving in an entitled fashion and get away with it because she’s a female, expected the trucker to change his driving so she could merge in front of him even though it was unsafe to do. She’s used to preferential treatment, because that’s how it goes in pussy-whipped, female privilege societies, but the trucker clearly doesn’t come from your typical feminism plagued, Iphone owning, Facebook account possessing, Google Chrome using, liberalism retardised urban area, so to him a bitch behind a wheel, is just a bitch behind a wheel.

As a professional driver, the trucker failed to hold himself to a higher standard, which should in all fairness be expected of him regardless of who was in the other vehicle. He did go as far left as he could to avoid being clipped by the peripheral vision blind female driver, but made no attempt to slow down, and closed the gap to lock the blonde out. Part of being a professional driver, in my opinion, is foreseeing stupidity of other drivers. She was the one primarily in the wrong, but he should have taken measures to avoid accident.

Unbeknown to female drivers is the fact that truckers leave a gap for safety reasons. Female driver sees this gap as something that needs to be filled (unintended double meaning here). I can sympathize with truckers who spend much of the day on the road, and watch hobby drivers force themselves into their safety gaps over and over. There’s only so much of this bullshit a guy can take. At some point you just gotta say to yourself: “What the hayl?”

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      1. Automatics are for pussies. I drive a 99 Mustang GT with manual trans. I learned to drive on a stick shift, have never driven anything but. Also, that driver was acting like a total idiot, and the truck driver did all he could to avoid that mess. But, you can’t fix stupid, and sometimes you can’t escape from it either.

        1. “Automatic are for pussies”.
          Someone is extremely judgemental.
          Or you have not been driving for long. Living in a larger town, driving manual is pain in the ass with constant shifting. Fun when you’re a newbie but then it becomes increasingly boring and tedious.

          1. You release the gas pedal when you clutch, then you release the clutch and hit the gas. If there is a wall in front of you then you use the third pedal, the brake.

          2. Who’d of thunk it? I learned how to drive with a manual in a hillside cemetery of all places and driven them most of my life. Except my last car, a mustang constable with a rollcage made of steel a lot was an automatic. I wished it would have been a manual, but in a way, it’s kind of nice having an automatic for once…pretty much a no brainer way to drive

          3. Who’d of thunk it? I learned how to drive with a manual in a hillside cemetery of all places and driven them most of my life. Except my last car, a mustang convertible with a steel rollcage made of steel a lot was an automatic. I wished it would have been a manual, but in a way, it’s kind of nice having an automatic for once…pretty much a no brainer way to drive

      1. Automatics are a dime a dozen in the north. Not many new stick.
        It used to be cheaper to buy a stick when buying a new car. Now you’re even lucky if they can order you one from across the country.

        1. Awww i pissed of a fat, koolaid drunk retard… Whats the matter little one? You ran out of sugar in your sugar filled slushies? 😆 Yeah you can try to lift your fat middle fingers all you want, but you still need a crane to do it… 😆

    1. how should that truck have attempted to slow down.. you don’t know what was behind him . he did a decent job trying to go to the left shoulder rather than have cars end up in his backside, jackknife etc the VW driver is an idiot and hopefully learned a lesson , glad he had a camera on

    2. Hi Dennis great first post, Im going to hijack it now. Couple of reasons, first off I am a truck driver. At least some of the time in this capacity. What happened here is the truck driver just had enough. He is like military (which I was for 8 years) enough is finally enough. Yes she was a dumb bitch but this is his profession, he has to hold himself to a higher standard. He knew what she would do before she did. Its part of being a proffesional driver, we know how dumb you are well before you do. Right on Ate about leaving
      the safe distance. He knew better about it and shouldve just slowed down and stayed in the right lane. Especially in a heavily traficked area, Whats 5 minutes of delay on a 13 hour run? He straight up had enough and in that instant decided to teach her a lesson. Money and time lost be damned ive been so close myself but well money and time lost. I usually just settle for a smash on the brakes, lay on the airhorn and tailgate them a mile or so to scare the bejeezus out of them. But on to my second point…

        1. What the Hayl? How do I set my profile pic to one of me and my son? Only then can i make my second point. Pleaze furgive meh, im just a truck drivah and dont understand these intranets.

          1. How to Upload Avatars

            Avatars are hosted by a third party service located on Gravatar.com. Upload a custom picture there using the same email address you used to register on Best Gore. Your custom avatar will display on Best Gore, as well as on other blogs that use WordPress automatically.

          2. Judging by the majority of avatars its a well kept secret. I have seen every video on this site and read almost every comment but I still have no idea how to change my avatar and become a vocal member of this community. Maybe thats what they want?

          3. Cool thanks 3rd eye rotten ill check the link and give you the benefit that it gets me somewhere. Love the name btw. Ill admit extreme laziness on my part I guess. Im jusa trucka and its hard enough just to log in and post a comment. If I cant change my pic from the profile page i all kinds of rage. Forget FAQ’s id make this bitch roadkill before I read one of those

          1. Trying to stop a gender debate by colloquially dismissing their claims as “balls needing to be grown”, comparing their urging that you should read more to “bitching” like that of a female reproductive organ and then bringing up race.

            Yeah, not going to happen, buddy.

      1. So because I call someone out of their blatant misogyny I must automatically be a misanderist? Sorry try again fucknuts, I am a proud man and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just don’t like bigotry

    1. Usually I agree with any comment that questions the views of the mainstream best gore member, but on this occasion, I don’t. We live in a society where having a vagina means you get treated better than if you have a dick.

      1. I agree that there are biases towards men in certain circumstances (such as divorce courts, child custody, etc) but I don’t think that justifies being a misogynist. This article unfairly assume a lot about someone the writer (of the article) doesn’t know.

        1. We have every right to be angry considering modern society runs on gynocentrism non-stop, meaning men are always getting the short end of the stick.

          And seriously, because there is a bias against men in only “certain” circumstances(also going far beyond matters in the family court to matters like the military draft, male representation in the public school system, male reproductive rights, etc) we are not allowed to get angry? Aren’t you getting to breed resentment every time you get deprived of something you hold dear? Isn’t everyone going to feel the same?

          Let’s face it, even beyond the confines of this site, men are slowly catching on one by one and calling the system out on it’s viewing of the male sex as human doings to be disposed of when they are no longer useful, and no matter how many times you say “misogyny” or any variations of the word, the message will and is spreading rapidly at such a pace censorship from the shills can’t keep up.

          Frankly, the only reason I feel you’re against calling out full scale gender exploitation of the male sex is because you seek validation from the female sex, a sex the male sex feels entitled to out of reproduction despite heavy indifferent to the suffering the males and there the females sex’s major interest being the acquisition of resources. This isn’t about hatred of women, this is about bringing notice to the behavior of females, particularly western females, in the hopes men can decide for themselves if females are really worth the trouble or not. If you can’t understand this, then I feel pity for you.

          And about the assumptions, well, you’re assuming he is a misogynist because of the tone of the article regarding this one incident. But feel free to go a lengthy tangent of why you feel he is a misogynist, though I’m going to assume it’s because any criticism of the female gender is automatically misogyny.

        1. The word “Bigotry” is used by liberal, left wing, self righteous people, who behind the scenes are far worse than the people they label with it.

          Nothing against you, but that word is so fucking irritating!!

  1. Merging in front of that truck instead of behind it probably would of saved her two seconds, two seconds she could of easily made up with nothing but open road in front of her. Truck driver is no brain surgeon either, see yall both in hayl.

  2. I wonder if she knew that she was in the wrong, highly doubtful. Something tells me she would have gotten out of her car and given that man a good roasting for something she caused herself. That has to be one of the most stupid acts of driving I have ever seen from anyone, I hope to god she doesn’t ever have kids travelling with her.. do they just let any fucker drive a car in the US? over here in merry old England it costs the average person about 2 grand for lessons, and can take some people a year just to pass their driving tests, it seems in the US you can get on the road pretty quickly compared to here.

    1. How times change eh !?. I learned back in 90 , cost me 200 quid including the test. It’s beyond ridiculous to have a minimum of 120 hours of driving lessons. Driving instructors must be rubbing their hands together, while folk like myself have to delve deep into the sky rocket to ” help out ” .

      1. Being from the UK you will probably have had the experience of being cut off by some orange skinned hairdresser driving an Audi TT. I once had a woman drive her husbands Porsche into the back of me while I was waiting at a junction. Luckily for me she admitted she was at fault and paid for the repairs to my car without involving insurance companies (well, her husband did…)

        1. Funnily enough, I did get hit from behind … yeah yeah !!, by a woman once. We were pulling away from the lights when she rear ended my motor. Fucking bitch denied it, but the law of the road states that the driver who hits another vehicle at the rear, is 99.9% to blame. Luckily there were plenty of witnesses and she paid out. I got the feeling her motor was indeed her fella’s, it was a Mitsubishi Shogun.

  3. what a lucky chic this video could have gone several ways.
    kinda wished for a little bit more. action like her window down showing off her tits something. saying I have TIT hear my plea. then sucks trucks cock and rolls out.

  4. I like how the OP is able to approximate her life-story and political leanings, based solely on this video. That’s some real talent. Without his guidance, I would’ve never guessed that she was an evil feminist liberal man-hater.

          1. Well, as a registered feminazi, I took an oath not to bump the ugglies with men. Instead, I lez-out, play with BOB (battery operated boyfriend), and conspire to kill all men and boys. Don’t blame me though, my ungovernable malice toward men and desire to have a penis makes me this way.

  5. the VW one was a stupid reckless unaware of his surroundings driver, the kind one that must not drove anything never.

    trucker also acted as an asshole, believing in control of the situation, to give the VW a lesson, but he played with uncertainly fate and that stupid stubbornness of him easily could have ended by the VW crushed in the wheels of the other truck of his one, and with that video on hand, directly to jail.

    1. I don’t think the courts would of seen it that way. Yes he COULD of moved over more, or braked to let her in but ultimately he didn’t have to. SHE was in the wrong and if she lost her life it was entirely her own fault. If the truck slammed his brakes on it could of caused an accident behind him. No excuses for this woman, she fucked up and she got lucky!!

      1. I’m glad the Trucker had a camera. The passenger car was at fault. The fact that it was a female should be irrelevant, but what the hayl.

        Considering the situation, the Trucker didn’t even really cuss like a trucker. It appeared to me the passenger car was trying to edge out the truck, and make the truck back down.

        Seriously? I drive for a living. I do not argue with trucks. They’ve always been most courteous to me. I don’t care if you’re ahead of me or behind me, I just want to be in the same lane. Usually I slide in behind; it’s easier and cuts the road rage. (How dirty did that sound? And I wasn’t even trying!) I don’t like females driving like they’re privileged, either. The Miyata and sportscars I’ve seen are usually very courteous, they don’t want to scratch their pretty car.

        Passenger car brought on her own karma.

    1. Bet your ass he sped up and if i was driving that truck i wouldn’t have given an inch either! People need to remember something. You like to bitch because a truck is slow moving of the line but, that which is slow to get up to highway speed is also slow to bring to a stop!
      Its a simple matters of mass and momentum. Anybody that wants to defend her should go out and play marbles in the middle of the freeway! At commute time please, you’ll look like a bug on the windshield and give us all something to laugh at. Thank you very much eye Dr

  6. And now: in defense of retard in auto A; had she waited for tractor/ trailer A to make a complete overtaking of tractor/trailer B she could have been on down the road merrily on her way but, Nnnooo,O. So the point here is unless you’re in a bigger vehicle give these guys a break. In return they might just be the one that lends a much needed hand in desperate time of need.

  7. So the driver made the mistake of not staying on the gas and tailing the fuck out of the car in front of her. But the trucker also didn’t seem to let off the gas as he realized she was passing him… He just stayed on the gas, hum!

  8. I currently live in an area of the US where people have an issue leaving space between cars. If there is a gap they feel the need to cram themselves into it and it pisses me off.

    This area has the worst drivers in the country. I see it happen to truckers constantly and I can only imagine if that person has to stop suddenly and they will end up occupying the same space as the truck and the trucker will be pretty much fine while they will be road meat.

    I could rant about this forever because all of the fuckers out here have the worst habits and this is only one of the many. I will always leave at least three car lengths between me and the car in front and people are constantly cutting in, or I will be driving on the right lane and someone is riding my ass and they can pass me if they were so inclined by they prefer to make out with my bumper. If I was a trucker I’d have so much more road rage, and I’m already a pretty terrible person.

  9. I frequently have a desire to find the site of the videos posted on here… usually impossible, but this one was southbound I-45 in Texas, USA, near exit 109.

    Now I can go be OCD something else, or another video… 😀

  10. Funny thing is, had the redneck truck driver just slowed down and let her over this wouldn’t have happened. Sure, she was at fault but the redneck was clearly trying to make a bad situation worse.

  11. He says she don’t know it’s on Camara. Well he better hope they watch the tape with volume down cause even though she was clearly in wrong he should not have been yapping on the phone while driving a large killing machine on 18 wheels. Bet the Rich Bitch will think twice before trying that move again! Bet the space between her but cheeks was filled with brown stuff as she was pushed down interstate facing the big rigs grill for at least 100 yards. That would suck ass!!

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