Whole Family with Small Children Dies in Car Accident in Malaysia

Mother Ended Up with Boobs Partially Exposed

Malaysian family with two little children didn’t make it the day this accident occurred. Both children died a horrific death and so did their mother. Judging by the presence of baby walker, I’m guessing they were walking alongside the road, rather than driving, unless mother had the walker in her car too. But they are also barefoot – you’re more likely to walk barefoot than drive, right? Hard to tell. Too many dead kids for one traffic accident, if you ask me. Malaysia doesn’t seem like the safest country to stroll up and down the road with little kids.

To add insult to injury (as if two dead children were not enough), dead mother is lying there with pants rolled down to partially expose her underwear and with her top rolled up to partially expose her breasts. Shitty day for entire family.

Gallery of pictures of two small, dead children and their mother who died in a traffic accident in Malaysia is below. Warning, images obviously contain depictions of dead children:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Whole Family with Small Children Dies in Car Accident in Malaysia”

  1. Interesting. I don’t see why a mother would be walking bare foot with 2 small kids with that baby walker. That is not a stroller, just a walker, something you put a kid in while you are in the house. I have never known anyone to take a walk down a busy road with their kid in one of those things.

    Regarding bare foot, I would be more likely to drive barefoot than walk down a busy road, but at the same time, there is no car in the pics to indicate they were thrown from a car. Just a car bumper. Not much blood either. Maybe they were dumped there to make it look like a crash. What do you guys think?

  2. Good observation karma! Dat baby chair seems so outta place I don’t understand it. But then again its malaysia.

    Its jus unpredictable in sum of these azn countries. Traffic deaths happen so often azn ppls are not even bothered by it. They jus keep on goin like its no big deal if there’s a dyin person on da street. Weird *_*

  3. Mannnnn… I don’t EVEN know what to think about this.
    Pedestrian or thrown from auto?
    I’m sad for the babies. I have a real soft spot for the little guys.

    BUT… pics 4 and 5 shows the woman’s leg twisted in WAY the wrong direction. Man… that is some break to do that.

    Weird set of pics. Can you imagine being in the traffic and driving by this one and see those babies in the road like that? Although, I thought the baby by the walker was a doll at first. Mannnn. Brutal and totally Grue.

  4. Wow!!!,, that is one TWISTED meas of “Carnage” This time I do have to say here I feel sorry for all of these people in the photos…

    Looks like to me a Truck side swipe all of them…

    Damn,,, Oh well if it was not for this site Well might have never seen these ??? Golden moments here..

  5. I noticed the head rest behind the mum too and i also thought she was pregnant. The baby walker looks too out of place though, how did it land so perfectly there? The little lad in the red also has a twisted leg, bits of a car but no car and were they all thrown out of it? No seat restraints used? Very strange senario. I do feel very sad for the little ones too.

  6. Looking through the pics for a while I think maybe the reason we don’t see the wrecked car is that the car may be on the OTHER SIDE of the median rail… Looking at the direction of traffic and direction of the “Curve” in the road… I think maybe they were thrown over the center railing. don’t know,,, just a thought.

  7. i think they were really bumped by a car because of the car bumper, which is obviously present in the scene. I think 8s a Hit and Run scenario. The driver must’ve lost his control because of the wet road. Judging on the position of the bodies i think the mother was actually standing on the leftmost corner of the street seconds before they died and i think the mother is carrying the male baby and the girl in red who is probably positioned on the right is pulling the stroller because the stroller wasn’t damaged at all and she was probably behind her mother.. the only thing that bugs me is the 3rd thumbnailed pic as u can see on the 3rd pic there is a disfigured railing, so lets assume that’s where the car bumped the family and ass u can see there are cars on the left which are facing north and cars on the right which are facing south and they are separated by railings, but if u’ll try to look at the 7th pic u can see the family on the right side of the Road which, i repeat IS SEPARATED on the left side BY a Railing, now the question is… Why is there a disfigured railing on the left side on the road when the family that was bumped was in the right part of Hi-way. The driver just can’t bump the family members and then U-turn to the other part of the road because of the railings… and the setting of the 3rd and 7th pic are completely different, the leftmost part of the 7th pic has a cemented road on it while the leftmost part of the road in the 3rd pic has soil in it… kinda bugs me…. any suggestion on why those pics are lyk that??

  8. aaand… baby guts. must have been one hell of a smash. having said that, the gust do seem neatly laid out, a true splatter would be everwhere…. dunno which i prefer to be honest.

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