Woman on Bicycle Crushed to Death by Truck in The Hague, Netherlands

Woman on Bicycle Crushed to Death by Van in The Hague, Netherlands

Woman on Bicycle Crushed to Death by Truck in The Hague, Netherlands

On Monday, 9th of March, 2020, a truck ran over a woman on a bicycle on the Groot-Hertoggingelaan – a busy throughway in the city of the Hague, in the Netherlands. The woman was crushed to smithereens.

Best Gore member @landagirl says the local news stated (literal translation): “The impact was huge, but the truck had no visible damage.” No shit.

The woman was reportedly 67 year old. In the video it looks like she dressed up to ride more than the bicycle, despite her age. Who rides pedal bikes in high heels and short skirt?

Props to Best Gore members @eelco, @boevennieuws and @landagirl for the video:

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