Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child

Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child

A couple with a child rode a motorcycle and collided with a car. Both adults had their legs fractured, but the child was held safely by the mother and did not suffer a scratch.

The video shows the mother breastfeeding the child while she sits on the road with her leg visibly broken. An exemplary woman who puts the wellbeing of others before her own right there.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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142 thoughts on “Woman with Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Child”

    1. She is not exemplary or doing a good thing because she is feeding the baby with a broken leg, what the fuck was she doing on a moterbike with a fucking baby!! Poor example of a mother, i couldnt care less if thats how they live where they are etc.. she put the child in danger, he could have easily died!!

      1. unfortunately, believe it or not, there are many places in the world where a huge proportion of people can barely muster enough money to live week to week, never mind afford to buy a child friendly 4 wheeler.

        This is common almost everywhere in Asia where families all ride together.

        More than likely it was a case of motorbike or no work which means no food – whats more irresponsible?

  1. That woman knew pain before breaking her leg. She suffered more while giving birth than that flesh wound… her husband behind her is trying to cope with his broken leg, just to not feel inferior to her, because that would be embarrasing… 😆 Zero fucks given…

      1. when you travel little bit in poor country like india or brazil…. to see the whole family on a motorcycle is very commun…. up to four or five persons… of course with flip flop and no helmet ^^

    1. What is this crap about childbirth being the worst pain ever? I’ve read many times in different places over the years that testicular torsion is worse pain than childbirth. I should fucking know, I’ve had it since I was a child but no attacks for a few years thankfully. No Gas and Air for me, I walk like John Wayne and sing like Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees! #Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!

      1. I thought kidney stones were worse than drug-free childbirth. I’ve experienced both. Then I experienced childbirth pains and hemorrhaging AFTER an emergency C Section. Nothing touched that pain. Nothing like it.

      2. @kevinh67 how could anyone possibly compare the two?? Yes you know that testicular torsion is awful pain but you’ve obviously never felt childbirth? I would say though that the pain of childbirth varies hugely between pregnancies… I’ve had 2 babies and the first was a very painful experience as contractions went on for soo long but the second was definitely not as bad as getting a rib tattoo haha!

        1. You cannot know that pain because you dont have sausage and balls….So tell us share with community….did your pussy hurted you very much,,,,maybe that pussy was very tight…..second baby was easy because she was smashed first time hehehe

          1. Shows how much you know (and understood, again I suggest English lessons) about childbirth. the real pain is the contractions. Hopefully a woman will never have to worry about you fathering their child with an attitude like that!!!

  2. Kudos to that Mum for holding on tight to her spawn, and feeding it while not showing any signs of pain, or shock. But ANTI-KUDOS, for her riding 3 on a motorbike, especially with a newborn, onboard! But either way,,, she is one TOUGH Mama.

      1. Indeed, my good man. I betya her Husband is going to get an earfull once back from the Hospital for his reckless driving. As i am sure that he could, and should, have avoided any accident at all cost, seeing that his Wife and kid was on board. Fuck, i would drive slowly, and super carefully, staying a good distance away from any, and all, vehicules on the road. He Fucked-up big-time, in my books.

  3. Hehe camera dude a little bit shy at first to film the breastfeeding mom and pretend to direct the camera to other objects. But he couldn’t resist, after all it is a great tit. And the husband just sitting there nothing he can do about his wife’s tits being filmed 😀

  4. To be honest, I would do the same. Its not just good for the baby. It bonding and it makes the mommy feel good too. I miss breast feeding 🙁 lol.. That poor woman. I hope she was okay, or at least not completly fucked out of a leg.

      1. I know @helenfale. I mean I am young and not that experienced in the bedroom haha.. But in my past relationships I was always thinking “How many orgasms am I going to have to fake?!” Sometimes I can’t blame the guys though. Females are like fucking sea creatures somedays 😆 If I was a guy, periods would confuse the crap out of me also haha. The sad truth though is that no guy I have been with has acctually touched my g spot or whatever the hell you call it, youd think they would have a Google maps to locate it by now… Although I haven’t even touched it yet so I guess I cant judge haha. I wonder what magical powers it holds lol..

        1. LOL whilst I agree with everything you’re saying Brandi and you never fail to give me a giggle with your comments that’s not really where I was headed with that comment. I meant the guys see her breastfeeding and just think of sex but the girls all see a mother looking after her baby, bonding with him and helping him relax 🙂
          Anyway as you say maybe we should get together and invent a ‘sexual locations’ app for the boys available in the app store hehe

          1. Agreed! We can charge them $1.99 for the app hahaha.. Yeah I feel like maybe I got carried away on that last comment.. at least you laughed at it haha. I feel a liittle bit closer to you now 😆

        2. @brand-wall hell Brandi….I’m in my *ahem* forties *choke* and I have never found this gspot or been with anyone who could….. as far as orgasms go….I have only ever been with one guy who could shake me down to my knees just by his touch….MAN! such awesome memories………..
          K back to whatever we were talking about….I got a bit off topic …i can see this abstinence idea isn’t going to last long with me..lol
          But yeah… we kinda got the shit end of the deal when it came to bodily functions but hey, I wouldn’t give up my tits for all the tea in china….

          1. I don’t have boobs 🙁
            Haha. But my guy does promise to make me squirt (even though I’m not totally and completely sure what that is) ……. As soon as I can actually see him in person anyway.. I trust him, he sure knows what he’s talking about at least.. Jeeeezz, the phone sex is amazing!!! or should I say. Jiiiiiizzzzz, the phone sex is amazing! Haha. I have never had someone talk to me so descriptively and vividly. All I need to get off is his sexy voice telling me all the really kinky stuff hes going to do down to every last detail, yum. Okay okay, Now I’m getting off of topic.. Im just caught up in my own feelings of love for him haha. Honestly I dont care I could tell the world all day how much I love him… But Ill stop for the sake of the members @alicatt 😆

  5. guys making sexual comments? lol you people are fucked up beyond my ability to comprehend lay off BDSM porn, you can notice in her eyes, that she is in shock and her consciousness is slightly impaired due to trauma, imagine the amount of adrenaline that baby is sucking in that milk.. lol enough to turn him into a super sayan da silva.fuck you guys this is horrible.

  6. I think this is a beautiful video. Despite being hurt she still was being a mom and caring for her baby. Not many women like that anymore. She is a true mother. So many bitches now a days have kids, use the government as support and don’t give a shit about their kids until something bad happens then have the nerve to play “mom”. True mother’s are hard to come by but at least there is a video of one as proof.

    1. Yes , I was thinking the same, regardless of what was going on, she didn’t even care for her own leg and the pain she must have felt, but keept on breastfeeding her baby…I would give this woman a gold medal as the best and toughest mom of the year! Still don’t get why getting around on a bike holding a baby, but probably being in a poor country it was likely the only way to get around for this family. Great woman for me.

    1. Also impressed. You could see determination in her eyes. If I was on her position I would be crying like baby from pain and horror. Their driving baby around on moped without helmets was because of poverty, not as choice.

    1. Well said…
      Couldn’t care less. Of course you breast-feed your child!
      However, you never, EVER go on a bike with your baby if you love him / her so much. It’s too late to show it. I’m not gonna cry for you…

  7. dumbass parents…putting their childs life in danger like that riding him on motorcycle with no safety helmet no nothing …if they are stupid enough to put their own life danger then so be it but dont be putting in danger the life of those who cannot consent

  8. Sorry (not sorry though) but “An exemplary woman” would not have had her child in her arms when riding pillion on a motorcycle whilst non of them wore helmets, both adults are retarded cunts and don’t deserve to have children, that child escaped death – how is anyone’s guess.

  9. a mom like that is rare indeed like a ghetto girl friend that fights for her man dont mess with that baby youll near your end i bet wow got to love it my hats off to her

  10. @african-angel ……….woman thanks to ya for your video uploads .
    Often times it just so happens that every gore subject has everyone commenting ; but looking at the way how this couple came up to face a bad day doesn’t leave me with any other choice but to show my total respect how this tough woman stood her ground and thought of nothing else but her baby first.
    Her leg isn’t in any bad shape either and I’m sure Doctor’s will have it fixed and I am not this sentimental because she has such lovely contours to show . Oh she looks beautiful and I want her on back on her feet .

  11. thats the spirit !

    keep the baby safe and die for them , bring them some wonderful futur at our price.

    well, thats what humanity is supposed to do normally, but some make exception…

    good to see some good peoples like that

      1. will you ever shut the fuck up man,German people are the best,and so are the English people,its not their fault they have scummy leaders that dictate every fucking thing they do,we are being attacked from all sides by different fucking groups that are hell bent on destroying us,us as in the white people of all these countrys,it wont happen,we will hit rock bottom and then the fight back begins,the take over will fail because every couple of hundred years the savages of the world try this shit and they get pushed back..this time we should make sure and wipe them from the face of the earth..

      1. Dont know about serbians… but i can assure about brazilians, they are the most resilient people in the world, brazilians live in constant attack by all sides, gov in brazil is the worst and more corrupt in the world, brazilians have to work six months per year just to pay taxes (brazil have the highest taxes in the world) brazilians are slaves during six months per year, no one can defend himself from any kind of violence (there is no self defense laws) no one can legally buy a weapon, there’s laws against disobey any kind of public servant, no matter what they told you to do, if you disobey you will be arrested, and if you complein about your rights… they say “you have the right to “fuckyourselfanddie”… probably be brazilian is worst than be serbian… but i think each one have their resilient way of life…

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