Woman Carrying Child Hit by Van While Crossing Road in Thailand

Woman Carrying Child Hit by Van While Crossing Road in Thailand

Video from Thailand shows a woman crossing the street while carrying a child in her arms. The woman didn’t look both ways and was struck by a van. Luckily both the mother and daughter survived the accident.

It would appear that the reason the accident was caught on camera by a person standing on the side of the road, is because they were filming the large statue of Buddha.

It was pretty reckless of the woman to just make a dash for it while only checking one direction of traffic, especially since she had the child (her daughter, apparently) with her, but the place doesn’t look like it has any crossings for pedestrians. Luckily, the van wasn’t going too fast and stopped right after hitting them (instead of hitting and running them over) and the witnesses quickly stepped in to help.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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    1. Have you seen the video on here where a mother walks onto the street with her two little girls and they all get hit by a car and everyone, including the mom, runs to the youngest girl and leaves the older one just standing there crying.

    2. I noticed that too. I think that protecting a child is instinct, for most.
      Also, this woman chose the absolute worst place to cross the street. Practically every driver is distracted by that 50ft tall woman waiting at the bus stop. So, naturally nobody saw her normal sized ass jaywalking.

  1. It could be the the pollution from the cars that makes there brains go funny that makes them cross roads without looking or the government puts something in the water to make them commit suicide to thin out the population, but then again how many Asians do you see wearing glasses?

  2. I thought I was seeing things before I read the story. I thought about the movie ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ because everyone and everything looked as if they had been shrunk with a shrink ray and only the Budda was correct size.

  3. thai 1 – hey , hey ! look somebody gonna try to pass througth the road , bring up the camera and get ready for some blood .
    thai 2 – 100 bucks she not pass the third line !
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