Woman Carrying Children on Motorcycle Crushed to Death by Concrete Mixer

Woman Carrying Children on Motorcycle Crushed to Death by Concrete Mixer

Nice to finally see pictures from the Philippines that don’t involve the extrajudicial execution of alleged drug runners by President Duterte’s execution squads.

This happened on October 11, 2016. A woman named Janet Eludo, a resident of Camella homes in Lawaan, Talisay City, Cebu was aboard a modified habal-habal motorcycle to pick up her two sons from school.

While on their way back home, a 10 wheeler, fully loaded concrete mixer truck accidentally hit the motorcycle, running over the mother. Both boys got off unharmed, as did the truck driver and other habal-habal passengers.

The mother was not the habal-habal driver. There were 4 people on the overloaded motorcycle. She was sitting at the back as the motorcycle attempted to overtake the truck, but another motorcycle was coming from the opposite direction, so in an attempt to dodge, the mother fell and was run over.

See the photo in the gallery for what habal-habal motorcycles look like. In general, they have the seat extended on both sides to accommodate several passengers.

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31 thoughts on “Woman Carrying Children on Motorcycle Crushed to Death by Concrete Mixer”

  1. Why can’t they have their Habal Habals with the seat Belts for as many passengers as it can take . …………..fuck they ride it like a small taxi but the point is if the bikes that are used to ply that overloaded how much of a guarantee it can offer in terms of overall safety and an extreme wear and tear to the bike itself to which it is subjected on a daily basis .
    Here is showing how some of these countries pay scant regard to safety norms

    Now what was the need for her to dodge she would’ve been alive if only that reflex could’ve waited a fraction of a few seconds more .

  2. Update: The trunk driver and the motorcycle driver are apprehended.

    > Motorcycle driver – No license and no registration on the bike, and is in Prison with charges.
    > Truck driver – in prison charged with man slaughter.

    Been to the wake of this woman, closed casket funeral. The kids were constantly crying out their ma.
    Sad to see the reality of life and death.

      1. Don’t really have the details on why he was charged though. Think they’re working the stuff out as we speak.
        Cops are looking at the bike driver as the cause of the accident. Reckless driving, overloading and licensing/registration charges.

        So far, that’s all I know πŸ™‚

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