Woman and Child Run Over, Brain Puree Smeared on the Road

Woman and Child Run Over, Brain Puree Smeared on the Road

Video from Indonesia shows two people – I believe they are a woman and a child – after they had their heads run over by a motor vehicle. Their brain matter and blood have spilled into a large pool of thick goo, with chunks of brain smeared along the road by the vehicle that ran them over.

The video is over 18 minutes long. It’s basically a non stop recording of the aftermath of the accident with pick up of the corpses. The video was filmed from the side of the road so there are often passing vehicles getting in the way. Indonesia is too overpopulated so roads are always stuffed with traffic of all sorts.

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  1. From Thailand to Indonesia! What the fuck with these countries that we have to see the spilled brains always. Sorry for that child.

    Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papa New Guinea are all fucked up countries with full of shit. The only normal country in that region is Brunei although its Islamic!

      1. @TheProtocolsOfZion>>>If Africa is messed up, then I blame you guys for invading our beautiful land and impose your rules which are some how difficult to cope up with.

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          3. @African, I have seen more than a handful of members on this site express their religious status. Many of these members were Christian.

            On the topic of Africa, last time I checked there was around 11 wars, civil or not, going on. Don’t forget Africa has the highest numbers in poverty, starvation, and disease.

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          1. extincted. lol. yes, @Angel what a marvel of civilization is Africa and the epitome of intellectual evolution. i guess that’s why you always refer to Africa as “our country” instead of naming your actual country. you do realize Africa is a CONTINENT?

          2. @JotunheimPrincess Since you know all these hundreds of “red skins”, you should know that calling us “red skins” is a racial term that most Native Americans find offensive. So i hope you’re not actually friends with any.

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    1. In 2012 alone, 34 thousands people die in US due to road accidents. Don’t tell me that your scum country is safe too. Pretty damn sure that your people are not allowed to capture all the spilled brains in your shit country because your fuckin gonverment are not allowing it. And how bout the recent shootings in your scum country? Where are the footage of the victims? Not shown? Now tell me what’s wrong with your scum country? Its the same shit.

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      1. Only about 10-15 minutes total. But, I have an advantage there, I am very flexible, so I have no problems reaching my toes, lol. I can’t imagine spending even one hour trying to do my toes. If it takes that long, they’re doing something wrong, and just need to go pay someone to do it for them.

  2. Do these people not get educated as youngsters regarding the perils of road traffic accidents !? .

    Population density is high and the roads busy as hell here , but accidents of this nature are a rarity .

    They could do with a Green Cross Code Man .

        1. Dave prowse did play Darth Vader and James Earl Jones did the voice, he was mighty fucked off (Dave) but Darth sounding like a west country farmer wasnt really giving his character any creedence. And to add insult to injury Darth was played by a third man, when he dies and takes off his mask

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  3. I know everyone likes to bash other countries ect. But i think (my opinion) that there is good and bad to everything. This site just focuses on negative (not complaining about that at all :)) so if you have lived somewhere forever u know good and bad, and only hear bad of other places. So i think alot is just opinion, not fact. Not hating on anyone. πŸ™‚

      1. She’s not new that I know of just one of the few who doesn’t come on here to spew racism and hate and seems actually like a nice person. Unfortunately most the people on BG just seem (and not just on BG but anywhere) self absorbed without thinking twice that what they say or write might just actually be detrimental to another. But everyone should be able to have that free speech whether its hurtful or not too. Either way I like coming here

        1. And i totally agree. Im a nice person with a wicked set of interests. Im goin to school to be a forensic pathologist. I love it! πŸ™‚ ohh and im all bout some smily faces πŸ™‚

          1. Lol secretsk I’m sure you do agree your a nice person! Haha kidding. That’s a good career choice. I’m on here because I think one day I will see some of this stuff for real and I will be ready for when it happens. Though I think it will be differentiin person. You can do anythingyou put your mind to girl.

          2. Aww well thanks. I know we are all bound to see some of this. Ive seen plenty of gore in person, but never a murder in progress. Given, i wouldnt mind watching a child rapist be tortured. Or do it myself lol

          3. @secretsk- I’m sure there have been a few killers lurking among the comments on BG. Awesome screen name btw. Ha. πŸ˜‰

        2. I agree to a point . Personally , I always bear in mind that people can have moods , tend to over elaborate on line etc etc . And the most important thing I believe, is that many comments are designed to continue fruitful debate .

          I wouldn’t get too hung up on racial comments tbh .

          1. Yeah, behind a keyboard your (evrryones) balls tend to be rather large lol i wonder if there have been any killers on the comments

          2. I mean yeah true. But I don’t know if I made clear in the point if my previouspost. We grow up in a culture of ‘sticks and stones’ when that is the one of the biggest lies humanity has bought into. Words are more hurtful than a punch to the face. We gotta realize that our words pack more punch than a punch ever will.

          3. @secretsk. yes, we say it online so that automatically makes us all little bitch-ass pussies in real life. yes. i hype up the hate on here just because i can. so what? i spread even misanthropy so the pussy detectives can’t charge me with hate speech. how can they when i talk shit about my own race? and believe me, you would not call me a bitch to my face.

            @bloodbath. i don’t know, to me people who kill themselves because someone tells them to deserve to die for being so goddamn weak minded.

          4. I dont get a rise out of arguing, not my atyle. My point was everyone has opinions, and that its easier to state them online. And i would not call anyone that. On here or in person. I have a reputation to uphold. Calm down man. πŸ™‚ no hate from this girl.

        3. too true @bloodbath, some people here make it personal, its easy because of the anonymity (had to check that one) just have to work out who is who there are some here with an opinion rather than an agenda.

          1. @secretsk, really good points you made, you really seem like a sweetheart. Just curious, does your screen name mean secret serial killer?? Just an errant thought I had. . .

          2. It does πŸ™‚ i didnt think anyone would get it. Great minds thinl alike. And i try to be sweet. In a do unto othets kinda girl πŸ™‚ thank you πŸ™‚

  4. This seems like such a common occurence- does it even phase the families when they find out they had loved ones run over or do they just shrug it off? It doesn’t seem to phase Indonesians. Like running over a turtle here.

    1. Are you serious? How do you even have an opinion on that?

      Exactly how many Indonesian families have you been in close proximity to when told that a family member has been killed in a terrible accident?

      Fuck me….

    1. Ill write some poetry of my own : in this life is death what will take my last breath or will I be invincible to what is visible or the incomprehensible. That’s a long word have you heard that this earth is full of murder violence against woman by men who say I would never hurt her. You say that’s poetry well I write rhymes which is poetry lets let the people decide ….all original yo sup hit me back with some real poetry.

  5. “i don’t really care about the race, country or creed of a people. it doesn’t affect my life in any meaningful way. the hate builds up in me and this is the best and only place i have in which to indulge. verily, i will indulge

    i am the true misanthrope.
    you humans are folly
    you do not deserve the gifts which have been bestowed upon you.
    the virus and the rabid beast are more pure than thou
    for they operate on instinct, in tune with nature
    but man refuses to be in tune with nature
    man seeks only to control nature
    but how can you, human, when you can’t even control yourselves?
    Evolve. this is your last chance”


  6. Not too much sympathy, They seem to have tried crossing in the middle of the road; a life risking lottery that was bound to fail at some time with a great big splat, bit like that old computer game where you had to negotiate a road (?Frogger)

  7. Must have been quite a smack they got to open their skulls up. Isn’t it weird that brains, which are so complex in function and somehow harbor people’s character, looks like a load of pink meaty shite when it’s smeared across the road? Brains are mad, and look like they make good pate.

  8. Hello again good people of best gore! This is only my second(or third?) comment post ever because as of 3 o clock today I’m new to best gore! If u want to see my first comment, it’s on the bloated Brazilian woman too fat to fit through door 1st and 3rd picture.She’s the fattest cadaver I’ve seen in my life! I look forward to our future interactions! But for now, I’ve got to bounce!

  9. Lol they’re picking the gooey with a bag,I bet they’re taking the corpses to the closest McDonald’s to make some happy meal,anyone else notice the face of la se?ora looks like a screaming skull with deep dark eyes looks cool πŸ™‚

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