Woman and Child Run Over by Truck in Romania

Woman and Child Run Over by Truck in Romania

A mother and her son were run over by a truck in the town of TΔƒlmaciu, in Romania, while crossing the street on a pedestrian crosswalk. The truck had just come to a full stop on a stop sign, which makes the video all the much confusing – how did the woman not head the sound of a massive diesel truck accelerating in her immediate proximity? And the same goes for the truck driver who was not traveling at a speed, and should have had enough time to properly check his blind spot to ensure nobody was on the clearly marked crosswalk.

Both woman and the child were taken to a hospital. The child suffered severe injuries and was in a critical state when accepted. Doctors don’t expect him to survive. The woman was in hemorrhagic/hemodynamic shock with severe injury to her leg, but doctors could not operate on her because her blood doesn’t coagulate.

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      1. So the posible death of an inocent woman and a child is beautiful to you, huh? And you say we romanians are the least evolved ones… afraid that a gypsie with no education, no skills and who doesn’t speak a word of english is going to steal your job? Or are you just retarded?

        1. What if the grim reaper decided you or me deserved death for typing “that mum deserves death” ?

          I’d never type “that mum deserves death” myself cause I’m very superstitious and i ride a bike……

          1. I don’t believe in that non sense. And if it wasn’t today it would have been tomorrow. That mom is one dumb bitch for not paying attention and because of that got her kid killed.

      1. Oh shut up you generic prick, do you think it’s cool to say ”Darwin award” and celebrate the death of an innocent mother and child? Only one who is deserving of anything bad is not her for being absolutely useless, but you for saying such reprehensible bullshit.

        Hopefully this disgusting attitude of yours is simply an internet persona because if it manifests in real life, I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with you.

      2. It was a zebra crossing you fucking moron, the woman was well within her right to be walking there, as well as the fact the truck was coming from outside of her peripheral. The guy in the truck is the dumbass for not following the rules of the road and not paying attention.

      3. Its sad either way but mother is largley at fault. You should never ever assume people around you are going to do the right thing. Your life is your own responsibility and death does not care if you had right of way or not.

      1. You again? Yo, Johny Boy… so all of us romanians are on wealthfare? From a guy who is comming to Britain to get his Masters Degree… i’m not coming there to collect benefits… i’m coming to take your jobs :))

          1. Yet you can’t even string as sentence together, he’s more literate than you are and English isn’t even his native language. Maybe you should fuck off from Britain you degenerate.

    1. This is a stark contrast if the incident happenned in China.
      1) no one would stop
      2) no one would help
      3) the victim could stand the chance of being run over again.
      Someone help me — I don’t understand how a culture can sustain not being compassionate to others.

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      1. Your first post? I’ve been away for about 4 years, just joined again yesterday, I was just looking at some old ‘caption’ contests, I won once(twice) couple of times, runners up, what I said wasn’t even funny! Must have been back then?

    1. It’s not like the truck could have went straight! Its a T ! Lol. Only right or left. I’m baffled as to why a mother would not at least look to see what way the truck was turning. Complete moron! Poor kid. Senseless .

  1. Something seems off about it…like neither the mom or the kid didn’t see or hear the truck at all, why the truck didn’t stop or anything…it feels staged. Maybe even faked. And not to mention those ragdoll physics when they got hit.

  2. I drive a truck for a living and it seems to me as the driver was making his right turn he must have glanced to the left to make sure he was still clear. Notice how tall the window of the truck is compared to the pedestrians. Could the driver even have seen them so close to his truck? She should have headed the engine rev up as it started into the turn. Sad outcome due to lack of attention.

    1. its fucking obvious..

      its a stop, not a damn red light.
      its obvious if the truck restart, it not gonna stop in middle of this way for let them pass.

      imo its not attention. its stupidity, pedestrial thinking they have all right to pass in this situation. big mistake

  3. Inbred cocksauce hillbilly flour bag pig-fuckers!!

    (It was stated earlier that when white people do stupid shit in the videos posted no one spews for anathemas towards the white race, and I just wanted to rectify that.)

  4. Sorry for being completely off topic,but i’ve been seeing the news about the UK pilots who have been supposedly bombing Syria.On mainstream media they say that its ISIS that’s being bombed,but weren’t they funding and training Barry’s moderates not very long ago.It wouldn’t surprise if they are actually bombing Assads troops.Does anyone have the name of a news source that actually seems unbiased?? All the alternative media I’ve seen seems to be Counterintelligence Psy ops of some sort.

  5. i fucking hate place like that.
    all dat neighboor with nice house, little garden and child play around.

    and in the fucking middle … an big road where thousand of fucking truck pass each minutes…….

    fucking place like that make me sick

  6. The mother’s been dragging under the truck and she suffered less injuries? Fuck logic… πŸ˜†

    As for the idiots claiming that romanians are gypsys, what if we call every ‘murican a nigger too? Does that make sense? Romani is not the same as Romanian, nor they are people from Rome, so stop mixing that shit up. Gypsies came from India through the middle east (especially Egypt, hence the name “gypsy”).

  7. Town planning is obviously not one of their strong points over there, backed up by the fact that the crossing is positioned in the most ridiculous place.
    30 mph speed limit wouldn’t go amiss either.

  8. That was one long ass video and the women just got dragged I guess because people just seemed focused on the child plus that guy in yellow shirt seemed to do all the work others just looked on mostly

  9. I cringe at watching children suffer. I may be an asshole…wait… I AM an asshole and likely the most racist white guy ever but children, of any race, are my soft spot. This was hard to watch. Being a fixed camera position, the majority of the video was the child lying in the roadway.
    Be a single parent is as much a curse as it is rewarding at times as this video will stay with me for a long time.

    1. “I cringe at watching children suffer. I may be an asshole?wait? I AM an asshole and likely the most racist white guy ever but children, of any race, are my soft spot.”

      I’m exactly the same way @nutsnack…
      Though… I wouldn’t call it “racist”… REALIST is more like it… πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh cmon who doesn’t watch the street WHILE crossing. I cross a major four lane (each way) road every day to go to lunch. This lady is incapable of making a smart thought if you judge her on this video. And someone has to explain how she got hit and it’s because she’s an idiot. Truck driver TOO. Not putting all blame on the woman but that was easily avoidable. She didn’t even know there’s a truck until .001 second from hitting her. W T F.

  11. It’s fortunate that in civilised cultures, we don’t pick up a hand held phone and document the tragedy instead of helping the injured. Why do you think we don’t get a lot of video from the sincere civilised nations? It is not that it is a common occurrence. I didn’t see one person in this video using their Iphone to document a damn thing, and I’m sure at least 90% of the witnesses had a hand held device on them. It’s respect people…… just common every day respect.

  12. The pedestrian and the truck played chicken. I always see this while I drive and I seriously doubt they are not paying attention. The mother clearly saw the truck, she saw the oncoming traffic before she crossed, there’s no way she missed that big red truck about to take the turn. But knowing that the truck also sees her, she knows the truck would stop for her, not!.
    The truck driver most likely saw her but it’s hard to tell, he’s not running that fast so considering he’s an experienced driver, you’d look at your proximity before you accelerate from a stop. But both played chicken feeling they both had the right of way. So instead of waiting for the truck to just pass on by, she’d rather be run over along with her child. Truck always wins versus pedestrians, and no, the walk way will not save you from trucks, you still have to be aware of your surroundings. If this mother was in the middle of a jungle and that truck was a Lion, she’d be an easy kill. I have the utmost respect for mothers, but in this case, the mother thought she was above everyone else in that intersection, including that red truck, serves her right for teaching her child to be undaunted.

  13. That’s fucked up. And the guy kept going? Maybe the driver really didn’t see the woman and child, a blind spot maybe? but damn, he had to have felt the truck running over them. I guess they don’t have street crossing signals in Romania.

  14. Good lord it felt like it took forever for the help to get there. Yea the guy in the yellow will have ptsd it happens. Even though he was scared I comend him for staying and holding his hand I’m sure the kid was screaming for his mother and vice versa. It ishard to keep and injured person from moving around but pls pls pls talk to them and make them stay lying down!! As for wbo was at fault I think the city is for not having dang stop lights so they can have those crosswalk lights especially if big dadgum trucks are always going by. But thats just me. Jus sayin.

  15. The most shocking part of this video, to me at least, was when the cyclist at the beginning actually used the crosswalk properly. She stopped, dismounted, checked for traffic, and cleared the road again quite efficiently. Here in America I’ve seen a half-deflated helium balloon and even a rooster use a crosswalk properly (yes, everyone in the car made the mandatory ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ jokes), but never once have I seen a cyclist manage it. Well done Floppy Hat Lady!

  16. Seeing mangled bodies on the net is one thing but seeing this shit in real life is another. I give props to the guy in the yellow tee, comforting the boy in spite of being traumatized by the accident.

    I am new here and have been reading the posts as entertainment. I am not taking anything anyone says too much to heart. We are, after all, entitled to our own opinions. And a lot of the comments I find very funny come from the most unlikely users.

    But I have to ask the question to those of you who seem be BG trolls: How many of you have actually been in the grips of the reaper, or seen a person’s mangled, dead body after smashing their vehicle in a traffic accident or, better yet, seen somebody get gunned down at point blank range and having to decide to run or hide?

    I doubt any of these trolls have. Life is no game. We can laugh and say things and all is well but the moment any of you go through any of the things we are watching, you may have a change of heart about how you comment.

    I am not trying to be a bust or look down on anyone at all. I am posting this with sincere and full respect to all BG users, even the trolls.

    Everybody on the Earth has the right to a happy, fruitful life even after this life is over.

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