Woman Crashes Motorcycle and Shreds Her Leg, Child Also Injured

Woman Crashes Motorcycle and Shreds Her Leg, Child Also Injured

I don’t know where the video is from, but to my ears the language sounds Spanish.

The video shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The woman apparently crashed, and shredded parts of her leg and foot. Later in the video, a boy is shown with similar, but less severe foot injuries. I presume he rode with the woman.

No backinfo otherwise:

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63 thoughts on “Woman Crashes Motorcycle and Shreds Her Leg, Child Also Injured”

  1. “I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ’cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me!
    I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ’cause germs don’t stick on me!
    ‘Cause they hold on tight no matter what on fingers, toes, and knees.
    I am stuck on Band-Aid brand ’cause Band-Aid helps heal me!”

    Just put a damn band-aid on that shit………

  2. Why would a mother put her kid on this kind of bike, no helmet no nothing.Im trully amazed that 3 guys went to help her instead of the crying/screaming boy.
    On the bright side… She wont be able to drive scooters no more ha ha ha

      1. You can tell who’s intelligent enough to know about the economics of another nation.
        But these other retards that keep commenting about bikes are even too stupid to know about their own economics and they miss the point.
        These people don’t buy bikes for the same reasons you do in your nation.
        It’s not to feel free while the air hits your face or to do stunts for dirty skanks.
        It’s a way of cheap transportation.

  3. I feel for that little innocent boy. Everybody concentrates on the bitch, and the little dude is left alone to suffer with nobody to console him, cause he has no tits or pussy. Fucking sickening!

    1. It’s odd to me that the woman’s first thought is not for the child but for herself. Maybe there’s a part we didn’t see and I don’t understand the language, so I could’ve missed something……!?…
      Heartbreaking to see that little boy alone with no one to support or comfort him. He is unable to move but will be horribly distressed by her screams, no doubt! (In all fairness I would probably be vexed to look at my foot and see it de-gloved, not to mention her thigh…!).
      A child should always be priority though. Poor kid, I hope he recovers well.

  4. God damn, I think I would have just rather been permanently out for the count then deal with that. I live in severe pain every single day and have for coming up on 13yrs at a young age (a mere 33) and I tell you it is no fucking picnic what so ever. I can’t tell you the amount of times I went to bed praying I would be spared the task of waking up the next day. Some may call it weak but it’s where you get quite often when you’ve dealt with more than enough n your fair share and for a large portion of your life. I suppose her best option is going to be complete amputation and deal with the ‘phantom pain’ and try and manage that way rather than try and lose half of your skin elsewhere attempting (if it even can be done in this situation) skin graft. Which I highly doubt given the severity of this. I do feel for the kid but no offense to him, his injuries don’t seem anything in even a small multitude of comparison. Though some fucker should give him a little attention considering the crowd around big jugs. They can certainly spare at least 1 person to help the kid.

  5. This is indeed Spanish and accent is from the Dominican republic.

    Here, Laws are ignored by most people. Even more so by motorcycle drivers.
    So it ain’t strange to see that around here.

    No need to translate, it is just the big tits lady screaming in pain and cursing… nothing important.

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