Woman Crossing Street Hit by Truck

Woman Crossing Street Hit by Truck

Woman Crossing Street Hit by Truck

A short video, sadly not a bloody one, of a female walking across the street, to her biker boyfriend. She is all smiles and flowy dresses until her pussy pass is revoked by a truck minding its own lane. I’m not sure what she was thinking, her blind spot must have been huge. You can see her looking around as she steps, figured that she would have seen the approaching vehicle, but maybe she is too busy adjusting her rose-colored glasses.

The Truck slams into her body full force and the biker boyfriend immediately drives off in the direction that her body flew, but quickly turns the camera off mid ride, making us wonder why he even started recording in the first place.

Props to Best Gore member @vigked for the hilarious video:

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          1. Can anyone tell me what the heck the filmer was filming? Stalking with a cell phone? Am i the only one seeing something weird about the way this video worked out?

    1. She stops , looks , sees the truck coming , and STILL crosses ? The UK just caught a break , cos its now one less Asian woman thats gonna cross our border to get pregnant so she can stay .
      One less fucking mong as well

      1. Note the large bus in front of her. She carelessly tiptoes in front of bus not seeing the speeding truck until too late.
        I don’t think they teach their children to look both ways. SPLAT!! you can hear the impact

    2. Because in the dune coon nations. Looking both ways doesn’t apply. In fact it’s just in dumb sand nigger culture to ignore the obvious and fuck themselves over. Probably couldn’t even avoid walking into a brick wall if they tried.

    1. she knew she was being recorded, and her mind was focused on how she was looking for the camera rather than looking out for traffic. The man filming her knew her and was either family, friend or sex partner. Could have been a heck of guilt trip ( assuming the recorder i human enough to have both guilt and awareness of his causality in her death ) killing your woman by distracting her with her own vanity so much she walks out in front of a speeding truck. But on the bright side it got him lots of views when uploaded to social media, at least in this respect this woman’s death by vanity was not entirely in vain.

  1. Haha love that look she gives him just before she gets slammed, they should do this in love movies as the pretty woman crosses the busy street to meet her true love. Die u stupid bitch.

  2. Here we have a dual carriageway divided by a black & white barrier designed for 24-hour safety purposes for 50 km/hr roadways.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a marked and posted crosswalk is a mere 30 meters away. Perhaps these crosswalks should have supplementary chalkboard signs stating “Except for __morons” where the public can pencil in updates.

  3. Maybe he was secretly filming her (seem like the phone was hidden) to show it later to his retarded friends, saying some shit like :”Do you guys want me to show you the bitch I’m fucking and what she tells me when we meet???”.

  4. Can anyone tell me what the heck the filmer was filming? Stalking with a cell phone? Am i the only one seeing something weird about the way this video worked out? It waS almsost like he knew what was going to happen.

  5. Long time lurker, brand spanking new member here. I gotta say though, combing through some older execution stuff, a lot of sources are broken or no longer available. Which is a shame, because when I’m feeling down or just plain ol dealing with insomnia driven sleep deprivation, nothing puts me at ease more than watching some poor fuck get straight up murdered. The father/son combo I saw was great, because after daddy died, the kiddo got hacked and flayed, then had his heart ripped straight out of his chest. THAT’S what the fuck I’m talking about. Anyway, nice to be official here and I hope to get to know some of you in excruciatingly stomach churning detail.

  6. Parents- “kid’s Look both ways before crossing the street and give you’re self space.

    Lmfao she walks across the road and doesn’t even look to see if anything is coming her way, she got nailed hard by that truck. I bet she died.

  7. Haha…defiantly one of the funnier videos I’ve seen. However…all joking aside since viewing this video a few months ago…it does make me double check my surroundings while I’m out walking my dog…even when I’m just using the cross walk! “Zebra.”

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