Woman Crushed and Smeared by Semi Truck in Maicao, Colombia

Woman Crushed and Smeared by Semi Truck in Maicao, Colombia

A woman fell under the wheels of a semi truck trailer and got brutally mangled. The video shows her torn to shreds body still trapped under the wheels, trailed by a very long blood smear which paints a grizzly picture of a long grind she had been put through before the truck came to a stop.

It would also appear that her head was scalped clean, and her skull smashed like porcelain vase. There is barely any part of her body that wouldn’t have sustained major damage.

The incident happened in Maicao, Colombia.

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the video:

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    1. Some reason? You’re a member of the human race… Such losses should bum us out.. My bet is this woman went from daydreaming about her next orgasm to road pizza in under 2 seconds…

      Yep, tragedy.

    2. I’m not knockin ya @ all what so ever, I’m only curious cuz i see this sorta comment on here always, but, do hot girls lives matter more to men? Like is it,not sad if the person is female, but not very attractive or not have a very good body or old or something?? Interesting

    1. @sakshiloveslions
      Have you ever steamed whole tomatoes just to remove the skin.??press down on a tomatoes the pulp simply pops out..just like the semi tire did ..since her head was laying right in between both tires.im sure both tires ripped her skin off..

    1. That is an excellent gore photo. An exposed skull with a little bit of face left.
      The fact that both eyes were still in tact and in place and relatively undamaged lends a very creepy aspect.
      One of the best video posts in my opinion.

    1. My mom loves that movie, her favorite scene is when the aliens attack the nursing home and they slowly sneak up behind the old lady listening to her music with a giant death beam laser.

      1. Their guns were brutal… I also want a ray gun that turns people into skeletons… πŸ˜† I just found recently that it was Tim Burton directing it, so, hell, im starting to like this Tim Burton director guy that im figuring out that has been making all my childhood movies that i loved, like Beetlejuice and Edward Sissor-Hands, and now Mars Attacks too… πŸ˜†

          1. What the… Tim Burton directed Batman!?… 😯 Now thats unexpected… πŸ˜† I had to search that one up to see if you were bullshitting me or not… πŸ˜›

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      i wanted to tell you last time if you dont mind,is this possible to talk to you in somewhere more private

  1. I seen some crazy stuff in my time, this isnt on that of a crazy level but its something ill never forget..Kinda creapy. Its like her face was boiled off! To think a Fast and heavy semi could clean her skin off her face that good is interesting..slow motion of that like someone else said in diff video would be worth a lot of money i would think!

  2. I have seen so many people (beautiful women) getting run over squashed like a bug by a truck, it doesn’t even surprise me.

    Nice cleanly shaven skull. I imagine the sounds of that skull getting cracked, and the lines used for getting skull fucked. .

    Everything but the eye can be destroyed. Its been proven from time and time again.

  3. y guess is that her skull (because of the skin slip and slide factor)found its way between the dual tires, in the narrow void and got peeled like a peach. The arm up over the skull makes me think she might have seen it coming and tried to cover her head in a feeble attempt at protection. It was over in the blink of an eye lid

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