Woman Crushed Under Bus Flipped on its Side in Indonesia

Woman Crushed Under Bus Flipped on its Side in Indonesia

Video from Indonesia shows a minibus flipped on its side and a woman crushed under it. You can see her legs sticking out which at one point move. At that point, onlookers start to scream and the crowd flips the bus back on its wheels. The woman is freed, but there’s blood coming out of her head and she doesn’t show any further signs of life.

There is also another body of a man who looks rather dead. Not sure if he’s the driver of the bus or what. The video appears to be looped so if you hear the crowd screaming for the second time, it’s a rerun of the same footage you have already seen. That’s the way the video was delivered to us.

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  2. At the 2:15 mark, it appears that a mother offers comfort to one of her children. Instead of walking a safe distance away from the disaster, she decides to stick close to the carnage.

    Thanks lady, you blocked my damn view!!

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