Woman Cut in Half by Train in Bidadi, India

Woman Cut in Half by Train in Bidadi, India

Here we go again with Indians and their love affair with trains.

This happened in the town of Bidadi in Karnataka, India. A young woman was run over and cut in half by a train at what looks like a train station. Even though many people who get cut in half survive the halving, this woman appears to have died, quite possibly because of visible trauma to her head, and halving higher up across her chest, and not along the waist.

I do not know for sure if the woman was involved in an accident or committed suicide by train. Suicides by train are not unusual in India.

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49 thoughts on “Woman Cut in Half by Train in Bidadi, India”

  1. That damage is insane but at least it seems to have been a quick kill, I’m surprised they even have proper train stations there I thought they would just jump on when it goes past aha

    1. India has one of the longest rail networks in the world and hundreds, if not thousands of railway stations. Some stations are very large while others in villages are tiny. But the system works, even with all its flaws.

      1. haha!! would be funny to have those “fuck by XXX (date)” or “fresh before XXX (date)” on em. An auctioneer yelling: “200 rupees going! going”, then a sikh from the crowd yells out “500 rupees”…

        If Modi and his team really wanted to stop train suicides by girls, they’d make this legal. Just to think of it, no girl would wanna be an auctioned cunt after they’re gone

  2. Dr Nasty’s PhD thesis suggests that Indians are drawn towards trains, and train tracks, in much the same way as gamblers are drawn toward slot machines.

    The colourful lights, electronic sounds, music and rhythmic sound of coins paying out are mirrored by the evocative smoke, spinning wheels and the ‘toot-toot’ of the train whistle.

    Dr Nasty’s next project is to set up the Holy Church of the Abyss.

    A donation drive will begin, shortly.

    Girl Guide cookies, made with real Girl Guides*, are available from the Church Shoppe.

    *Produced in a kitchen that also processes nuts. May contain small bones.

  3. I always look b4 I ride my bike across the rr tracks sometimes the gate doesn’t work right? Same with crossing the street I look several times like I have ocd about it after kooking at BG for so long. And no I had no mental disorders that I know of haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. @Belle; protecting the tracks from wandering Indians is low on the priority list. Fences and barrier crossings exist only in the cities and, then, only in the more modern parts.

      The amount of noise in India is overwhelming (re-listen to some of the posted videos originating from there), add in that there may be multiple tracks makes crossing them a game of train and mouse (track crossing bridges and tunnels are, again, mainly for cities). Additionally, there are communities living, literally, within feet of railway tracks e.g. Kolkata.

      Whilst suicide by train is not uncommon, the main methods revealed by a retrospective study Oct 2008 – Jan 2012 in Lucknow (capital of Uttar Pradesh and one of the largest cities in India)*:

      5204 cases with 2946 male (56.61%) and 2258 female (43.38%) cases aged 20 – 60 years.

      Male: poisoning 31%, hanging 26%, firearms 16%, burns 11%, drowning 10%, jumping from height 6%.

      Female: poisoning 48%, hanging 24%, burns 12%, drowning 7%, jumping from height 6%, firearms 3%.

      The government provided figures are believed to significantly under-report the actual numbers of suicide as many deaths e.g.trains are recorded as accidents.

      I’m sure that Hindustan will be arriving, on the next Express, to add his perspective.


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