Woman Cut in Half by Train in Guadalajara, Mexico

Woman Cut in Half by Train in Guadalajara, Mexico

A woman was found cut in half on the railways tracks in Jardines del Bosque neighborhood of Guadalajara, Mexico. She had no identifications on her, so it is not know who she was, but in her ears, she had earbuds, so it is believed that she was listening to music so loud, she didn’t hear a train approaching and got run over.

Daydreaming and listening to music while crossing active railway tracks can have potentially deadly consequences. Trains are not to be fucked with, as has been documented at Best Gore many a time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Woman Cut in Half by Train in Guadalajara, Mexico”

    1. As long as you think of her……she is here around….
      it’s Sunday night midnight……and nothing????
      They were great lately……like they were on a mission or
      Something……the vids were galore.
      What’s going on…..are we back to a crisis….
      Again……hope not.

    1. He certainly did. It was a bloody and mangled corpse left on the tracks. This kind of communication is called a “narco-loco mensaje” . Essentially its warning the do-gooders that nobody can stop the cocaaaaine traaaain……..

  1. i dont know if you couldnt hear it youd feel the ground rumble and shake before it was close as the way many tons? its possable but doubtful if that makes sence mexico is still dangerous.

  2. Iv been on coming here once or twice a week for a many number of years now it means alot to me, not for the gore factor alone, its the honesty about what happens around this rotten globe, I never comment, i didnt even want to sign into an account but i have to say, its good to read the words “Published by Vincit Omnia Veritas”

  3. That “cut” is so clean and no other apparent damage to her body suggests she was laying on the track or tripped and fell somehow. Either way it doesn’t look like she was standing or walking when she was hit or there would be massive damage to her face etc.

    1. i agree. she killed herself while listening to that shitty narco music that we hear on most mexican drug cartel videos. hopefully the narco videos return now that mark is back. minus the music of course.

      1. Hahaha!! I’m just hoping some of the old videos get reloaded that were stolen by their old server. There are some I really wanted to see that are gone! I get pissed every time I see “video removed”. LOL

  4. Hey ! She looks like the chick on that late night TV talk show last night…..you know, she was the guest’s, a magician’s pretty assistant that he asked to climb into the box so he could saw her in half……but something weird happened as he was sawing…….she screamed and then a lot of people ran on stage, and then suddenly the show just ceased and one of those annoying test screens filled the TV for ages…….TV station is obviously sick of paying compo for all the fuck ups………

  5. I say no way to earphone thing. She was obviously laying down on the track and committed suicide. If she was walking and was hit, there is no way the two pieces of her body would remain so close together. I’ve seen many suicide by train posts and its obvious again she was laying there straight across the track and was sliced in half because if she was hit while walking, she would have been thrown hundreds of feet from the tracks.

  6. Love will tear us apart, again.
    Definitely a suicide that. another soppy git who thinks its the end of the world because her old mans “Split up with her.

    Iv got a tune for her. listen carefully, can you hear it?… Yep! its the sound of the worlds smallest violin.

  7. Looks like she was doing her make up and listening to music? On the train tracks! I see a make up kit which could have flown about during the collision. Only god can judge me ” playing on her iPod would make since for a suicide.

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