Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident on Avenida Regional in Medellin, Colombia

Ripped Off Fresh Colombian Leg

Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident on Avenida Regional in Medellin, Colombia

On February 4, 2020, a fatal accident occurred in the city of Medellín. Colombia. A motorcycle that traveled along La Avenida Regional near La Minorista, collided with a dump truck.

One person reportedly died and one was seriously injured, but is out of danger. The victim – a young woman, got ripped to shreds and smeared on the road.

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71 thoughts on “Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident on Avenida Regional in Medellin, Colombia”

        1. @Jr
          Hehe, smart woman. They are. I won’t drive one again on city streets unless it’s an emergency and I have no other mode of transportation. At least in a car if some jackass runs a red light or rear ends you, you have a chance.

          1. I know in a motorcycle it’s awful when it comes to wrecks I took my motorcycle classes ..and most of the accidents aren’t even caused by people riding the motorcycle its caused by other people on the road

          2. @Jr
            I had my own motorcycle roll over the top of me once, and nearly smashed my head open on a huge rock, just about broke my leg, I don’t plan on having it happen again.

          1. I wouldn’t say homo …but definitely a little butch ..like she likes to be the man in the relationship but doesnt mind to the little spoon as well

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