Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident Twisted Out of Shape with Skull Cracked Open

Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident Twisted Out of Shape with Skull Cracked Open

In the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, a middle aged couple riding on a motorcycle crashed. The woman died twisted out of shape and with brain matter exposed through the crack in her skull. The man seems to be alive. His flip flop rests next tot he woman’s corpse.

I don’t have any specifics about how the accident happened, but the woman’s head looks to me like it was run over by a large vehicle. Perhaps a collision of sorts with a truck?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Woman Dies in Motorcycle Accident Twisted Out of Shape with Skull Cracked Open”

      1. I reported to police …two middle age people on a Harley harassing me because I wanted to move into the passing lane that they were hogging….I hated people on motor cycles and hope they all die a horrible death by an accident. They are loud and obnoxious at best

          1. Lighten up buddy. People deal with gore in their own way and humor seems to be the most predomenant angle. What I don’t tolerate are people on this site that make racist comments….all those freaking white supremisists that linger around BG. There is a special place in hell for them. There is a joke about standing on your head for all of eternity on a marble floor = Hell. Special hell for The white supremisists would be standing on your head in 3 feet of shit and having to breath shit in and out like air for eternity.

  1. Every. Fucking. Day.
    People dying left and right in the streets of third world countries.
    You can’t even drive to the store to buy aunt jemima pancake mix without getting hit by a truck or something.

    1. Hey stupid. I think that’s your name, have you seen the accident stats in the USA? They are very similar to brasil or Thailand per capita.
      But I wouldn’t expect you to know. Since your comment shows how useful you are to an advanced, intelligent society.
      I hope you don’t have children And ruin the gene pool.

      1. All because he mentioned people die left and right in third world countries, you’re hoping they don’t reproduce? Oh come on.. There’s a lot more things/people to fear of reproducing than someone commenting something about the deaths in other countries.

          1. Hmm “you’re stupid” is very obsessed with defending places that aren’t North America. Several times now, get very heated over these countries. What gives?

          2. America is shit and all but brazil and India have the highest homicide rates in the world so I would agree that’s much scarier. I also have to consider I would likely be shot to death in America where as 3rd world places there is more chance of me being raped and hacked to pieces or something painful.

          1. Her twisted body is why I said pretzel but no I didn’t know you meant brain cheese lol I just know cheese is yummy with pretzels haha :p

  2. As for nobody helping, I’d be interested to know cultural norms when it comes to providing aid. It seems like in the USA, people come running in every direction to help a stricken person. However, in many other countries, its as if there is a taboo against touching the injured. You see it almost every day on this website regarding people just standing around and the injured and dying suffer, ALONE!

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