Woman Dies with Neck Snapped Next to Bicycle

Woman Dies with Neck Snapped Next to Bicycle

Woman Dies with Neck Snapped Next to Bicycle

I have no backinfo, but I see Policia Militar in the video, so maybe it’s from Brazil?

In the video, an apparently dead woman is shown next to a bicycle with her neck snapped. How did she managed to get so twisted out of shape, I have no idea, but what do you expect from a creature whose rightful place is in the kitchen, not on a road.

Everybody knows the valid stereotype about female drivers, but do you actually know why women are so seemingly incompetent behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether motor powered or otherwise? It’s the inherent female privilege.

Since the moment she’s born, a woman is treated like a princess. She gets doors held open for her, she gets told she’s beautiful, she gets told boys can’t hit girls, but she can hit boys, she gets told boys can’t talk like that to girls, but she can talk like that to boys, she is always agreed with and defended by manginas and white knights, everybody laughs at her jokes even if they are not funny – basically, she just needs to exist and things get done for her.

When you sit behind a wheel of a vehicle after you’ve got the right of way your entire life by virtue of having a cunt, you’re not gonna stop when you see a red light. Or a stop sign. Or another vehicle… You’re used to being privileged, so you’ll expect everyone to stop going wherever they’re going and give you the right of way because you got the cunt.


Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. Had her head not weighed 30+ pds. she’d be alive today dodging all those ghetto gunfights? Either way that’s a fucked up way to go out of this place. Then throw her memory picture in for good measure! Damn girl you fat!

          1. The profile pic is in remembrance of The 1838 battle of Blood River(Slag van Bloedrivier) and The vow (Gelofte) made that day. The battle was between the Voortrekkers/Afrikaner/Boer or Afrikaans speaking white South African and the Zulu nation or Black South African. The emblem is the emblem of the Boervolk with the Old Transvaal flags(known now as Gauteng) on its side. It is of great cultural heritage to the Afrikaner.
            I live in the old West Transvaal now known as North West Province in the “new” South Africa

    1. @John
      You got that right B-G Brother!
      It’s funny how everybody Including (The Cops Themselves) just stand there, and shoot the shit while watching a twisted dead body just lying on the street. They could At The Very Least put a small Tarp/Blanket over her, like W.T.F?? But they would only be allowed to do so, and cover her up after we have the full video first, right, lol??? πŸ˜‰

      Here in Canada, the very first person that would see come across something like this, they would immediately cover the body up, in case small kids see this, as it would surely fuck-em-up. πŸ™

        1. @dutchy84
          You fucken smart-ass, lol. No but they would grab anything, or even put their own jacket on it, or whatever. There is no way that with all of these people standing around, that not one of them was living in that same building that she was in front of could not have thrown a sheet on her.

          And furthermore we Cathy & I Do keep an old blanket/comforter in each of our 2 vehicles in case of a breakdown or whatever else can happen. My son for example fell in a lake getting into a kayak and trout fishing this spring. Lucky that daddy had that old coffee stained comforter in the trunk of my Taurus. πŸ˜‰

  2. The thing about breaking your neck is that you die from suffocation while fully conscious. When your neck snaps at a high enough vertebrea ligament, everything below is paralyzed. Including your diaphragm. But your heart will always keep beating (as it is fully autonomous). So you die after a minute of 3 , of simply not being able to breathe. While you experience the whole ordeal. You can also tell by her blue face.

  3. Weird accident. How many times have most of us biffed on a bike…Might get some abrasions/road rash…But somehow she fell off the bike AND that curb and died in an instant of a broken neck.

    And she peed herself. No dignity in death.

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