Woman Distracted by Cell Phone Ran Over by Reversing Van, Forklift to Rescue

Woman Distracted by Cell Phone Ran Over by Reversing Van, Forklift to Rescue

Woman Distracted by Cell Phone Ran Over by Reversing Van, Forklift to Rescue

By the looks of it, this could be from China or a similar country. The CCTV video shows a woman distracted by her phone share the road with an Asian type driver. The driver reverses the van/truck thingy into the woman, pausing when he hits her, but continuing on to go over her.

Somehow there was a forklift on site, so the witnesses use it to rescue the woman from under the vehicle. She seems OK. But then again, being a woman, she’s used to, from the cock carousel, getting her legs behind her head.

Props to Best Gore member @the-captain for the video:

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56 thoughts on “Woman Distracted by Cell Phone Ran Over by Reversing Van, Forklift to Rescue”

    1. Incredible. She is unbreakable. Looked like she was perfectly rolled under. I don’t doubt she lives after how she reacted when she was taken out. I don’t think she will ever use a phone while walking again.

    1. Yeah, with it being land of the bandy legs actually I fully expected the Fuck lift driver to fall asleep or blackout, spear the vehicle’s driver through the windscreen with the Forks, the dead driver hits the gas pedal in reverse, finishes the tart off under the vehicle which then continues down the street at 60 mph in reverse killing 25 little nip school kids crossing the street.
      But it didn’t.

  1. This is undeniably China . The pony tailed bitch with the Cell Phone thought she was in her room and seconds apart she realized she was for real under a vehicle getting laid by its humongous weight .

    Was it a stunt they were trying to film where the last take went horribly wrong as how come even the bugsy forklifts were right there when the stunt had failed to rescue her out in one piece . Even the film crew came out enacting as some lousy tourists .

    What’s impossible for the others is possible for the Chinks but the video smells of being surreal. If it was the real thing ; then the pony
    tailed hip shaking bitch must be twice shy rubbing her thighs too much to her clit , and stop using smart phones when traversing down the road .

  2. Male use main view for anything they watch, for easy prey catch, sharp focusing on one sight for survival of the family. Women use peripheral view along with main. It helps them to take care of children’s safety, it’s all natural but… When they don’t have children’s and play multiple games in male-female relations like today, -you are unwanted.
    Cunning creatures by nature, females abusing peripheral view by often pretending using the main. Even with phones, they instincts forcing them to check safety almost all the time. That’s why they look like they watching something else but in fact they watching you, checking if you’re danger to her.

    -Here we have a total zombie female, using both-Main and Peripheral vision 100% given to a fcn’ phone and full ignorance of everything around which is almost incredible but we just saw it.

  3. Thought she’d be a little out of shape after getting squashed under a 4×4. Here in the UK we don’t call the jeeps etc ‘trucks’ as Americans & Canadians do. Lorries & trucks are different than jeeps, suvs & 4x4s

    Their lunch just walked past them to cheer her up

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