Woman with Face Torn Off and Eye Ripped Out Due to Accident Caused by Car Jackers

Woman with Face Torn Off and Eye Ripped Out Due to Accident Caused by Car Jackers

Woman with Face Torn Off and Eye Ripped Out Due to Accident Caused by Car Jackers

On June 16, 2015, in Nova Cidade, in the north of Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil, four car jackers – three men and one woman – stole a car and caused a serious, multi-vehicle accident. While all car jackers survived without notable injuries, a woman passenger in one of the cars had her face literally torn off, and an eye ball ripped out of the eye socket.

The population quickly proceeded to lynch the bandits, but the police showed up before they could deliver proper street justice, and took them in without major harm.

The woman victim reportedly survived, but is in serious condition. She underwent plastic surgery for facial trauma, and awaits eye surgery for the plucked out eyeball.

Props to Best Gore member @brunoousado for the video:

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    1. Fucking wow. Yes , I agree this is the sickest shit on BG. I bet that woman wishes death right now. There should be an option for you to decide to put you to death by lethal injection after you gain consciousness. I know I wouldn’t want to live going to the hospital having multiple surgeries and still end up looking like a freak and everybody pulling out their cell phones just to take a video or a pic everywhere I go. JUST NO FUCKING WAY.

      1. naw, i think the doctors can fix that up pretty decently… minus saving the eye. the guy who blew off his face but survived is worse, this most of her face is still intact , I think doctors can fix that up so she at least still has a face.

        1. Yeah, they can fix it @Persian, but for a woman a severely disfigured face means a life of hell, probably especially in Brazil. I agree with @galaxy on this one. Particularly if she was able to rip the rest of her face off like she seemed to be trying to do on the video, lol.

    2. Nope , for me it was the video i saw on bg yesterday still haunting me now…….when a mother n baby were gunned down in brazil in a back of a car, the baby is still making heart wrenching painful noises and all people can do is film the scene. Both mother n baby died, i believe the video is now probably old.

          1. I just watched the video you provided a link to. It is pretty disturbing to watch the little girl die.
            Did anyone who watched see the scumbag at about 1:15 reach through between the front seats and steal the mother’s shoes that were on the floor by the little girl’s feet? You can see an arm reach through and take the shoes one at a time.
            Now that is fucking harsh!
            Welcome to the 3rd world….

      1. That was the video that made me take a serious break from this site. Nothing at all disturbs me. The rest of this shit is fucked up…but nothing bothers me anymore. THAT video of the mother in baby in the cab tore me apart. Especially because I have two small children and the little girl was the same age as my daughter back when I first saw it. Crazy how fucked the world is. This video is brutal too. I feel bad for the woman.

        1. It is hard to accept that this is the reality of our existences; that such things can and actually do happen to us all depending on our luck and witts in life.

          If it was only about witts and being wise it would all be more palatable. The random component of luck, or chance, in life, makes living scary at times. Being alive is wonderful, but the fact that such horrific things can happen in an unannounced moment is too horrible to keep in mind – so we don’t. That is what drives the curiosity of sites like BG. The choice to at least acknowledge that such things exist and to make an attempt to wrap one’s mind around this part of reality.

      1. As bad as those things are, I agree, they have always happened. They are not something out of the norm. Having your face and eyeball literally ripped out, hanging by a thread, while being fully conscious and in complete agony, trying to pull that shit out, is a different ball game. It’s a type of suffering no one should experience. I’d prefer a bullet to the head if something like that happened to me, and quick.

      2. What is “crazy” is someone thinking that human suffering, especially to this degree, is less disturbing than some useless animal getting tortured.
        I suppose you would find that if this happened to a friend or family member, it would be less disturbing than if it happened to your pet. ?

          1. Whoa!!, okay, so now your stupid story has been changed from watching this innocent car jack victim not being as disturbing as watching animals being tortured to “cartel members or similar assholes being ripped all day” is not as disturbing…I guess you realized how asinine your first comment was and decided to change your story….

        1. Missing your point?
          If I was missing your point then I wouldn’t have commented on it. You seem to have trouble with English comprehension. I know that animaltards aren’t the brightest, but…
          The only good animal is one that is on my grill or in my belly!

    3. I don’t agree there are worst stuff. You probably say that because she survived and was having a hard time breathing but there are very similar accidents here in which others weren’t so “lucky”

    4. They should drag the carjacker over to the woman and force him to hear her cries and look at what he did to her face and then proceed to do the same thing to his face. Then pour some salt on it. Because kicking and slapping this douchebag is not enough. This really was the most horrific video I have ever seen and I was eating a fruit rollup when I clicked on this one. Christ.

    5. I completely agree. This is maybe the worst thing that I have seen on this site. Although I couldn’t watch that video of those two Ukrainian boys torturing that man on the bike. the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, they were called.

  1. Fuck,..i didin’t think anything could bother me anymore. I haven’t felt much emotion from any best gore/bad vid ive seen online in years but i had to pussy out and exit after the first couple seconds and feel disturbed right now.

  2. Hahaha! Her face was like a mask! It ALMOST comes close to my dream of seeing someones face peeled off like a mask… just the fact she is holding it herself is awesome to me. Then there is the part of me that is sorry for her. I do wish they could have slowly peeled the fuckers faces off. Of course eye for an eye is not dished up often enough.

      1. No bath salts. Lol just lots of coffee and ciggs. In any case if I do ever end up in a situation where I am the one peeling my face off someone is there to film it and I would hope that I could still see to watch it.

  3. I saw this on another site and had to stop it once I saw she was alive still. I had to have a drink. I can watch most gore but this one was disturbing. It ranks up there with the 4 women getting chopped up alive with axes.

  4. It’s always disturbing that the greed of a man could cause other suffer so much and the law that would have protected the innocent from these low life maggots is often dodging the “second harm” to be brought in the name of justice and vengeance of the ones who suffered.

    No matter how a “civilized” society should execute its legal system to grant “rights to the ones who victimizes” I vote for a public lynching of these bastards and they should be burned with the tires of the car they tried to rob.

  5. Longtime fan,first time comment… Dude in gayish pink shirt had a perfectly good helmet to whack him with but resorted to lame kicks!!Oh and now she wont have to worry about people staring at the horrible hairy birthmark on her hand.

  6. I’m laying in my bed alone right now, ready to go to sleep, and I can’t believe I fucking brought myself to click the video….. But it’s cool, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyways ;-;

  7. Although it looks gruesome I bet a good plastic surgeon can fix that up pretty nicely….. not sure if they could save that eye she may have to have a glass eye…..

    also wonder how the fuck her face turned out like that and the rest of her looks fine…. wonder if she got any head injuries as well.

  8. Ugh…Her sounds and her face, I literally cannot take this shit…This is the first time a video has really caused me stress. I’ve been on bestgore for quite some time now and I’m actually contemplating on leaving because of this.

    I really wish I wasn’t human, we’re so fucking weak, we’re just loose cells that can easily be affected by most things in this world. It’s sad

    1. Yeah, our frailty as humans makes me miserable sometimes, because it is so easy for us to suffer horrific injuries like this poor lady.

      However, one thing I do gain from seeing this terrible outcome is a healthy respect for those people in life that are cautious and that try to navigate life by avoiding pain. (I am not blaming the poor suffering woman for what happened to her.)

      I have just noticed that there are people that are much more cautious than I in how they do things, and now I think I know why. They understand the price for a mistake can be huge and painful and can happen in an instant – and unexpectedly. It’s that last part that really gets me. In an instant and unexpectedly – due to some small error on my part.

      I look back at my recklessness over the course of my life (for example speeding) and I think “this could have happened to me or to some innocent person due to my recklessness”.

      These uncensored images of life on BestGore can serve a purpose. Now, because high school students and young men with only a few years driving experince are never shown these horrific outcomes, I have to risk driving around a swarm of young reckless drivers that are exactly as I was – before seeing this woman’s suffering.

  9. I’ve seen worse here on BG. The only disturbing aspect was probably that she’s still alive and actually realizing the extent of what had just happened to her.

  10. Hockey class is going to be a breeze for her now. She ought to get extra credit for her depiction of the start of play.

    This also reminds me of the Ren and Stimpy episode A Yard Too Far with the hog jowls.

  11. This reminds me of the scene in White Chicks where the girls arrive at the hotel room and the two guys are stretching the masks over their faces, creepy as fuck.

  12. Holy shit. Clicked on this on the off chance that it might be an okay post and hooooooly shit. She’s alive and gripping onto her face! Her fucking eye man, that eye! And that sound of her struggling to breath, ohhh man, this is definitely in the top 5 most graphic I’ve seen yet!

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